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福建省级机关医院治疗阳痿早泄福州泌尿专科前列腺炎多少钱福州什么医院可以割包皮 95:Set realistic goals第95单元:制定切合实际的目标OK.so youre one of those people who y and willing to put in some serious exercise eft.好了,你现在已经是一位准备好而且愿意努力运动减肥的人了That great,but be realistic.Rome wasnt built in a day,and neither were you thigh muscles.这是很棒的一件事,但是要实际一点罗马不是一天造成的,你的大腿肌肉也不是一天就能练好的If the only exercise youve had lately is putting a tape in the VCR,dont expect to run a marathon tomorrow.如果最近你唯一做过的运动就是把录像带放进录放机里,那就别指望明天便可以去跑马拉松 starters,take it slowly.刚开始减肥的人是要慢慢来的Do what you can and stop when youre tired or if it hurts.做你能做的运动,感到累了或疼痛时就停下来This may mean taking an aerobic class two minutes or walking an hour,depending on your level of fitness.这里所指的也许是上个两分钟的有氧运动课,或是走一小时的路,完全看你自己的健康状况而定 369180Beijings vast army of plastic-bottle scavengers will get an automated rival later this month, when the city introduces its first reverse vending machines that pay subway credits in exchange for returned containers, the Guardian reported.据《卫报》报道,本月,北京的大批塑料瓶回收小贩将迎来一个自动化的竞争对手。首批引进的空瓶回收机将可以用回收的瓶子抵换交通卡储值。More than 100 recycle-to-ride devices will be installed. Donors will receive between 5 fen and 1 mao on their commuter passes for each polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle they insert into the machine.北京将安00多台这种设备。用户每往机器中投入一个塑料空瓶,就可以在自己的交通卡上收分或1毛;It will be as easy to use as an ATM,; said an employee of the operating company, Incom. ;We hope to put one at every station on the route [subway line 10] and later expand to other lines, bus stops and residential areas.;“它操作起来很简单,像自动取款机一样,”盈创再生资源回收公司员工表示。“我们希望在地铁10号线的每一站都装一台,今后将它推广到其它地铁线路、公交车站和居民小区。”来 /201207/189250福建省福州泌尿专科医院男科预约

南平市妇幼保健院男科福州市妇幼保健院治疗男性不育多少钱 88:Cook up a low-cal storm第88单元:低卡美食亲手做Turn cooking weight loss into a creative challenge.把调理减肥食物当成是一项富含创意的挑战Dont be a reluctant cook. Experiment. Start a recipe collection. Invent recipes.别当个心不甘情不愿的厨师勇于实验创新开始四处搜集食谱或干脆自创食谱Invite friends and relatives over to try them. Enjoy the applause!邀请亲朋好友到家里来试试你的手艺享受他们的掌声吧! 3690福州治疗尿道炎多少钱

福州妇幼医院男科咨询Buying a ticket 购买车票Please pass the ticket. Thank you.请帮忙递一下票谢谢How much is the fare?车票是多少钱?Your tickets, please.给你票Any more fares?还有没买票的吗?Please tender the exact fare.请准备好零钱No change will be given on this bus.恕不找钱All the fares are one yuan each.车票一律一元Put your money into the slot of the box, please.请把钱投人投币箱 19 Russia denounced Ukraine’s interim leaders as dictators and blasted the western governments that it said helped bring them to power, in a sign that the toppling of Viktor Yanukovich as president is triggering a regional stand-off.俄罗斯指责乌克兰过渡政权的领导人是一群独裁者,并对其所称的帮助他们获得权力的西方国家予以严厉批评。有迹象表明,维克多#8226;亚努科维Viktor Yanukovich)总统的倒台可能引发地区对峙。The Russian foreign ministry claimed Ukraine’s new leadership was infringing on the human rights of Russians and other minorities in Ukraine. “This is headed towards the suppression of dissent in several regions of Ukraine by dictatorial and sometimes almost terrorist means,the ministry stated.俄罗斯外交部称,乌克兰的新领导层正在侵犯乌境内俄罗斯和其他少数民族的人权。“局势正走向利用独裁、有时近乎恐怖主义的手段来镇压乌克兰一些地区的异见,”俄罗斯外交部表示。Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, said Moscow’s bailout for Kiev would remain on hold until a “normal, legitimate governmentwas in office.俄罗斯总理德米特里#8226;梅德韦杰Dmitry Medvedev)表示,俄罗斯将暂不对基辅方面提供紧急援助,直到一个“正常、合法的政府”上台执政。“If you consider people who plough Kiev in black masks and with Kalashnikovs a government, then we will have difficulty working with such a government.”他说:“如果你认为那些带着黑面罩、手持卡拉什尼科夫(即AK-47突击步——译者注)在基辅街头横行霸盗的人是政府,那么我们很难同这样的政府打交道。”Russia’s furious statements came as Ukraine’s new authorities intensified their hunt for Mr Yanukovich, who has not been seen since Friday, and as tensions rose in Crimea, the Russia-friendly peninsula on the Black Sea.俄罗斯愤怒表态之际,乌克兰新政权加紧对亚努科维奇的缉捕,他自上周五以来一直下落不明。与此同时,黑海沿岸亲俄罗斯的克里米亚半岛紧张局势上升。Ukraine’s parliament voted to remove Mr Yanukovich on Saturday after a crackdown on three months of anti-government protests had left more than 70 people dead.上周六,乌议会投票决定撤销亚努科维奇的总统职务。此前,政府对持个月的反政府示威进行了镇压,造成70余人死亡。EU officials said they were ever more concerned at how Russia would react and were reining in some of their more aggressive diplomatic and financial efforts.欧盟(EU)官员表示,他们越来越关注俄罗斯会如何反应,并将收敛欧方一些较为咄咄逼人的外交和财政努力。The European Commission, for example, said it would await a “legitimate governmentto be produced after May’s elections before reviving talks over its integration treaty with Kiev.例如,欧盟委员会(European Commission)表示,在乌克月份选举产生“合法政府”之前,它将暂停与基辅方面有关入盟的谈判。来 /201402/277263福州哪家医院治性病专业仓山区治疗男性不育哪家医院最好



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