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Grooming and Personal Hygiene 美国人的仪容整洁与个人卫生 Grooming and personal hygiene have been around for ages. It's hard to imagine a time when people weren't concerned with taking care of their appearance and their bodies. Perhaps these practices started when Adam first took a bath and combed his hair before going on a date with Eve. Or maybe they began when Eve put on some herbal makeup to make herself more beautiful. No matter where they started, grooming and personal hygiene have become an important part of everyone's daily routine. 仪容整洁和个人卫生的讲究已经行之有年了。很难想象一个人们不在乎打理外表和身体清洁的时代。或许这些卫生习惯始于亚当第一次洗澡梳头去赴夏娃的约;也可能始于夏娃第一次搽上青草制的化妆品使自己更美丽。无论是从何时开始的,仪容整洁与个人卫生已经成为每个人生活例行事务中重要的一部份。 You might think that all modern societies would have the same grooming and personal hygiene practices. After all, doesn't everybody take baths? Most people do recognize the need for hygiene, which is the basis for cleanliness and health-and a good way to keep one's friends. Grooming practices include all the little things people do to make themselves look their best, such as combing their hair and putting on makeup. However, while most modern people agree that these things are important, people in different cultures take care of themselves in different ways. 你可能以为所有现代社会中的仪容整洁与卫生习惯都是一样的。毕竟,不是每一个人天天都要洗澡的吗?大部份人的确肯定卫生的必要性,它是清洁与健康的基础,也是维持友谊的好办法。仪容整洁的工作涵盖了所有可以使人看起来体面的琐碎小事,像是梳头和化妆。虽然大多数的现代人都同意这些事很重要,但不同文化背景的人打理自己的方法也不一样。 There used to be an old joke in America that people should take a bath once a week, whether they need one or not. In fact, though, Americans generally take a bath-or more commonly, a shower-every day. But in contrast to some cultures, most Americans get their shower in the morning, so they can start the day fresh. And instead of going to a beauty parlor for a shampoo, many Americans prefer to wash and style their own hair. So if Americans have a "bad hair day," they have no one to blame but themselves. But most people in America do head for the beauty parlor or barber shop occasionally for a haircut, a perm or just some friendly conversation. 以前在美国有一个老笑话,说不管人们需不需要,他们至少每个礼拜该洗一次澡。不过事实上,美国人每天会洗一次澡,或者更普遍的作法是每天淋浴一次。但是不同于某些文化习惯的是,美国人在清晨淋浴,以使他们展开清新的一天。而且美国人不上美容院去洗头,他们宁可自己洗头和整理发型。所以美国人如果有一天头发很丑,除了怪自己之外就没什么好抱怨的了。然而大部份的美国人偶尔会到美容院或理发厅去,剪头发、烫头发,或是去跟人聊聊天。 Americans are known for having very sensitive noses. In America, "B.O." (body odor) is socially unacceptable. For that reason, Americans consider the use of deodorant or anti-perspirant a must. Ladies often add a touch of perfume for an extra fresh scent. Men may splash on after-shave lotion or manly-smelling cologne. Another cultural no-no in America is bad breath. Americans don't like to smell what other people ate for lunch-especially onions or garlic. Their solution? Mouthwash, breath mints and even brushing their teeth after meals. 美国人的鼻子是出了名的灵。在美国,体臭在社交上是不被接受的。因此,美国人会认为使用除臭剂或止汗剂是必须的。女士们通常会再抹点香水以增加清香;男士则拍一些刮胡水或是男性古龙水在脸上。在美国文化里的另一项禁忌是口臭。美国人不喜欢闻别人午餐后留在口中的味道--尤其是洋葱或大蒜。他们怎么解决这问题呢?漱口、吃薄荷糖、甚至饭后刷牙。 Some of the cultural variations in grooming practices result from physical differences between races. Whereas many Asian men have little facial hair, Westerners have a lot. As a result, most American men spend some time each day shaving or grooming their facial hair. Beards and mustaches are common sights in America, although their popularity changes from generation to generation. Most American men who wear facial hair try to keep it nicely trimmed. American women, on the other hand, generally prefer not to be hairy at all. Many of them regularly shave their legs and armpits. 有些仪容整洁方面的文化差异是源自于种族间生理条件的不同。亚洲男性面部的胡髭长得并不多,但西方人却长得多,因此美国的男性每天得花些时间去刮除或整理他们的脸毛。在美国,男人在下巴部份或嘴唇上方留胡子是很普通的,不过不同时代胡子受欢迎的样式不相同。在美国大部份留胡子的男性都会试着将胡子修剪整齐,但另一方面,美国女性通常不喜欢毛茸茸的,很多人会定期地刮除腿部和腋下的毛。 Americans put great value on both grooming and personal hygiene. For some people, taking care of themselves has become almost a religion. As the old saying goes, "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Whether or not being clean and well-groomed brings one closer to God, it certainly brings one closer to others. Americans look down on people who don't take care of themselves, or who "let themselves go." To Americans, even if we don't have much to work with, we have to make the best of what we've got. 美国人非常看重仪容整洁与个人卫生。对某些人而言,打理自己几乎成了一种信仰,如一句古老的谚语说:清洁是仅次于圣洁第二重要的事。不管整齐清洁是不是能使人更接近上帝,但它的确能拉近与人的距离。美国人轻视那些不在乎打理自己或让自己随随便便就好的人。对美国人而言,就算我们没有非常好的先天条件,但至少该尽力将已有的好好发挥。 /200803/32738。

Tencent, China’s largest internet company by market value, reported lower than expected profits in the third quarter, although net income rose 43 per cent to Rmb10.6bn (.54bn), driven mainly by increases in advertising and revenues from social networks.中国市值最大的互联网公司腾讯(Tencent)报告第三季度利润低于预期,尽管净利润增长43%,至106亿元人民币(合15.4亿美元),主要受到广告业务增长与社交网络收入的推动。While the figure slightly undershot the Rmb10.7bn estimated by a Bloomberg analyst poll, overall revenues exceeded predictions at Rmb40bn for the quarter, a 52 per cent increase year-on-year, compared with estimates of Rmb39bn.尽管这一数据略低于接受彭(Bloomberg)调查的分析师估计的107亿元人民币,但该季总收入超过预期,达到400亿元人民币,同比增长52%,之前估计为390亿元人民币。Tencent also reported that growth eased in online advertising revenues, in line with guidance earlier this year predicting a slowdown in spending on ads, as China’s slowing economic growth made brands more cautious.腾讯还报告,互联网广告收入增速放缓,这与今年早些时候发布的指引相符,当时腾讯预测,随着中国经济增长放缓促使各品牌更为谨慎,广告出将放缓。Brands “are keeping more of the budget for the year until they see a clearer picture around the macro economics, said Martin Lau, the company’s president, in May.今年5月,腾讯总裁刘炽平(Martin Lau)表示,各品牌“在看到更为明朗的宏观经济前景之前将会保留更大一部分年度预算”。Online ad revenues grew 51 per cent to Rmb7.4bn, compared with 60 per cent in the second quarter and 73 per cent in the first.今年第三季度,腾讯互联网广告收入增长51%,至74亿元人民币,相比之下第二季度和第一季度分别增长60%和73%。Among the bright spots, however, were performance-based advertising revenues, where customers pay according to measurable results. They were up 83 per cent to Rmb4.4bn compared with 80 per cent growth the previous quarter. The company attributed this mainly to smartphone messaging app WeChat, the most popular internet app in China with 846m monthly active user accounts, according to Tencent.然而,效果广告收入是亮点之一,在这种广告模式下,客户根据可衡量效果付费。该业务增长83%,至44亿元人民币,较上一季度增长80%。该公司将这主要归因于智能手机即时信息应用微信(WeChat),据腾讯称,微信是中国最受欢迎的互联网应用,月度活跃用户账户数量为8.46亿。Another high growth area was revenues from social networks, up 58 per cent to Rmb9.8bn, compared with 57 per cent last quarter.另一个高增长领域是社交网络收入,增长58%,至98亿元人民币,而上一季度增长57%。Hong Kong-listed Tencent’s share price is up 30 per cent this year, and its market capitalisation has surpassed that of its closest rival, New York-listed Alibaba. Tencent is worth 9bn, compared with 7bn for Alibaba.在香港上市的腾讯股价今年累计上涨30%,市值已超过其在纽约上市的实力最接近的竞争对手阿里巴巴(Alibaba)。腾讯市值为2390亿美元,阿里巴巴为2170亿美元。 /201611/478970。

Google Inc is in discussions with NetEase Inc, China#39;s second-largest online games provider, to bring its Google Play mobile app store to the Chinese mainland, according to The Information, a US news portal, which cited people familiar with the matter.美国新闻门户网站The Information近日援引知情人士消息称,谷歌公司正与中国第二大在线游戏提供商网易公司磋商,欲将谷歌旗下的移动应用商店谷歌Play引入中国大陆。Google and NetEase did not respond to requests for comment amid the buzz that Google may be mulling a comeback in the world#39;s largest mobile internet market.谷歌和网易两家公司目前均未对有关谷歌可能会考虑在全球最大的移动互联网市场东山再起的置评作出回应。Sandy Shen, a Beijing-based research director at technology consultancy Gartner Inc, said forming a partnership with local players could help Google get a green light from the Chinese government.技术咨询公司高德纳北京研究主管沈哲怡表示,与本土公司合作有助于谷歌获得中国政府的许可。The Cyberspace Administration of China issued a new regulation in January saying app store operators need to register with the local government before rolling out services.网信办今年1月发布新规称,应用商店运营商在推出务前需在地方政府处备案。;That#39;s perhaps why Google is reportedly considering a joint venture. NetEase can offer lots of help in government relations,; she said.沈哲怡说道:“这也许是有报道称谷歌考虑开办合资公司的原因。网易在政府关系方面能提供许多帮助。”Wang Xiaofeng, a senior analyst at Forrester Research Inc, says any relaunch of Google Play will be welcomed by Chinese users because the app store still has a strong reputation in the country.弗雷斯特研究公司的高级分析师王晓峰表示,谷歌Play的重返肯定会受到中国用户的欢迎,因为该应用商店在中国仍旧有着出色的声誉。The move also came after Apple Inc raked in millions of dollars from China. In the third quarter of 2016, Chinese consumers spent .7 billion at Apple#39;s iOS mobile app store, more than five times what they spent just two years ago.这一举动也是在苹果公司从中国市场获得数百万美元收益之后开始进行的。在2016年第三季度,中国消费者在苹果的iOS移动应用商店共计花费了17亿美元,这一数字为两年前的5倍。 /201702/493344。

Wisdom and humour can be found in the strangest places, and for many of us that#39;s the internet.网络里从不缺奇人怪事,还有许多充满智慧与幽默的段子。If that#39;s the case, these hilarious Facebook pages should give you just the lift - and life insight - you need.如果你是这样一个上网爱好者,那就一定不要错过这些搞笑的Facebook主页,不仅能让你开怀一笑,说不定还会在里面得到一些人生经验。From funny thoughts on parenting to cutting observations about office life, there really is something for everyone.这儿有为人父母者的搞笑念头,也有对办公室生活的犀利见解,总有一个合你胃口。Humour meets comics is filled with witty observations about everyday life, including our relationship with others.名叫“Humour meets comics”的主页有许多关于日常生活的幽默吐槽,有时也谈论人际关系。One post s: #39;A wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made. Choose your prison mate wisely#39;.有一则写道:“结婚戒指是世界上最小的手铐,在选狱友这件事上你可得放聪明点。”Another adds: #39;It#39;s hard to make friends as an adult because once you#39;re an adult you realize you f****** hate everyone.#39;另一则写道:“长大后发现交朋友很难,因为一旦长大成人你就会觉得每个人都是那么讨厌。”There are countless of #39;Overheard in Waitrose#39; pages out there if you want to have a good chuckle, including one centred around snippets of conversations heard in Waitrose.如果你想好好乐一乐,这里还有一些来自Facebook主页“Overheard in Waitrose”的搞笑段子,其中一个主页主要讲了顾客在Waitrose超市购物时的对话片段。Gems include #39;Darling, there are only two half lobster tails left#39; and #39;If you insist on egging Mr Robertson#39;s house, at least buy the quail eggs#39;.其中有如“亲爱的,这里只有两块龙虾尾了,各剩一半”和“如果你想丢蛋砸罗伯特森先生的房子,好歹买鹌鹑蛋吧”的段子。(嘲讽Waitrose超市价位太高)Any parent will know that raising children brings of a ton of comedy with it. Stacey Gill, posting under the moniker One Funny Motha, uses her experiences of motherhood to brilliant effect.每个家长都知道带孩子这件事可是笑料不断,斯黛西#8226;吉尔以“One Funny Motha”为绰号发了许多做母亲的搞笑体验。Stacey also uses the title of Marie Kondo#39;s hit book on tidying to quip: #39;What if your kids don#39;t spark joy? How do you get rid of them?#39;斯黛西还模仿近藤麻理惠关于收纳整理的热销书名来打趣:“如果你的孩子不能给你带来乐趣怎么办,你该如何摆脱他们呢?”Similarly, Mommy Needs Vodka also provides a comic account of parenting. One post s: #39;It#39;s ;funny; how my kids can#39;t find their shoes but they can find a tiny bit of onion in their dinner#39;.“Mommy Needs Vodka”也是一个有关为人父母的搞笑图片主页。有一则写道:“我的孩子总是找不到自己的鞋子,但他偏偏就能找出菜里的一丁点洋葱,这实在是太‘有意思’了。”Queens of Sass is another account that gives an extremely honest take on life.“Queens of Sass”则是一个对生活诚实吐槽的主页。One post s: #39;I thought I was in a bad mood but it#39;s been a few years now, so I guess this is who I am now#39;.其中一则写道:“我当时以为我只是心情不好而已,但好几年了还是如此,我猜我应该就是这样一个不开心的人吧。”Another recalls an exchange that plenty of us have had: #39; ;We have to hang out this summer;. Me: Yeah for sure.#39; Underneath is a picture of Pinnochio.另有一则回忆了一段大多数人都有过的对话:“‘这个夏天我俩一定得一起出去玩玩’我说:‘啊当然啦。’”下面配上了一张匹诺曹的图片。Meanwhile, Aunty Acid, from Liverpool, provides hilariously witty views from the perspective of a naughty relative.来自利物浦的主页“Aunty Acid”则以一个顽皮的亲戚口吻写了不少逗趣的妙语。One picture s: #39;When I asked God for a smoking hot body, the menopause wasn#39;t quite what I had in mind!#39;这张图片上写道:“我向上帝祈求性感火辣的身材,但更年期就算了吧。”(更年期会让人浑身燥热)The character also writes: #39;Sometimes I like the Facebook versions of people better than the real life version. Anyone else?还有这样一则:“有时我发现,比起现实中的人,Facebook上的人更令我喜欢,你们呢?”Facebook page Now Thats Funny S***!? certainly lives up to its name, posting a mixture of comic es, pictures and memes. One picture features a e from a three-year-old called Millie, who couldn#39;t quite get the words of Queen#39;s Bohemian Rhapsody right. It s: #39;S*** a moose! S*** a moose! Can you have a mango?#39;“Now Thats Funny S***!?”这一账号绝对是名副其实,其中不少内容都是将逗趣语录与搞笑图片结合在一起。比如这一张图片搭配上了三岁女孩米莉的话,她好像不太理解皇后乐队的《波西米亚狂想曲》,“驼鹿拉屎!驼鹿拉屎!你吃芒果吗?”Another photograph employs the use of visual comedy, with the caption: #39;Looks like someone threw caution to the wind#39;.另一张照片颇有视觉喜感,配上的文字是:“看起来似乎有人豁出去了。”The Yorkshire Humour account also uses observational humour to entertain its fans.“Yorkshire Humour”也是一个善于发现生活幽默、粉丝的账号。One post features a photograph with a urinal inside a cubicle - while the toilet is exposed for all to see. The caption simply s: #39;Lancashire Plumbing Services#39;.其中一张照片是小便器在隔间里,但马桶却在外面,配文很简洁:“兰开夏郡管道务”。Meanwhile, a photograph of a luxury sports car dragging a rusty trailer is accompanied by the caption: #39;When you#39;ve won the lottery but you#39;ve still got to clear the s***e out of your garage.#39;还有一张图片是一辆豪华跑车拉着一辆生锈的拖车,配文是:“你中了票,但还得把这些破烂从车库里拉走。”Someecards uses vintage-style cartoons to illustrate its humorous take on the world.“Someecards”这一账号是用复古风的卡通图片搭配幽默吐槽。Nodding off at work is a good thing, according to one of e-card. It s: #39;The only way I can follow my dreams is if I fall asleep during work#39;.某则电子卡片上写着:“只有上班睡着了我才能追逐梦想,”这么看来办公时间打盹也不是坏事。And one very honest card sends this message of affection to a loved one: #39;I promise to do a better job of how much you irritate me#39;.还有一则诚实的卡片对爱人表达了真挚感情:“虽然你很让我恼火,但我保不会让你看出来的。” /201609/464900。