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2017年11月21日 18:12:09 | 作者:飞度管家在线咨询 | 来源:新华社
国家地理:Halloween: Giant Bats 巨型蝙蝠As the sun goes down every evening in northern Australia, millions of dark, huge, winged creatures dominate the skies.They're an imposing sight, but these black flying foxes are just big harmless bats, the biggest in the world.Their wingspan can reach a whopping six feet. Given that the world's smallest bat species weighs less than a penny, that's pretty big.Nearly one quarter of the world's mammal species are bats. 160 of these are fruit bats and 60 of these are called flying foxes, for their unique looking, fox-like faces. The black flying fox babies can't fly for the first month, which means the moms have to carry them, even when they become airborne.At night, they search for fruit and nectar, mainly through sight and smell. Like other fruit bats and vampire bats, black flying foxes don't rely on echolocation. During the day, they live in huge colonies or camps housing up to 100,000 flying foxes. Usually they stay relatively cool by roosting in mangrove and paperbark trees that sit in water. But sometimes even this location isn't cool enough. Ever wore a black fur coat in the intense Australian heat? You can imagine why they fan themselves.Hey, when that doesn't work, they'll lick themselves. They cool down a little as their saliva evaporates. But with 100,000 bats in the same grove of trees, things are bound to heat up.Fights often break out over which branch belongs to whom. They defend their turf. But they rarely break skin. Mostly it's just a lot of noisy posturing. Posturing aside, this big black flying creature is nothing more than a fuzzy foxy looking vegetarian.New Words:roost: (v.) To rest or sleep on or as if on a perch or roost. 栖息mangrove: (n.) [植]红树林paperbark: (n.) (澳大利亚的)白千层属植物saliva: (n.) 唾液200708/16997OPEC to Boost Production Targets, Blames High Price on Speculation欧佩克计划今后四年提高石油产量  OPEC Secretary General Abdalla Salem el-Badri says the cartel plans to boost its oil production targets by five million barrels a day by 2012. He was speaking on the final day of the International Energy Forum held in Rome. 石油输出国组织欧佩克的秘书长巴德里表示,欧佩克计划在2012年之前把石油产量每天提高5百万桶。他是在罗马举行的国际能源论坛会议的最后一天说这番话的。Speaking on the sidelines of the international energy forum in Rome, Abdalla Salem el-Badri said that members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries are planning to spend 0 billion during the next four years to boost production capacity. 巴德里在罗马举行的国际能源论坛会议的会场外表示,欧佩克成员国计划在以后四年里拿出1600亿美元,提高产油能力。The OPEC Secretary General was speaking after crude oil futures rose to an all-time high, more than 8 a barrel, boosted by supply instability. He insisted that oil prices are decided by the market and implied that OPEC could do nothing to solve the current problem. 在这之前,由于供应不稳定,原油期货价格攀升到每桶118美元以上,这是有史以来的最高峰。巴德里坚持说,石油价格是由市场决定的,暗示欧佩克无法解决目前的问题。"This conference has nothing to do with oil prices; this conference is only a platform for producers and consumers to talk about many issues," el-Badri said. "But to decide on a price, I think nobody can decide the price, the market will decide the price." 他说:“这个会议跟石油价格无关,这个会议只是产油国和消费国讨论许多问题的平台。但是,要决定价格,我认为没有人能决定价格,价格将由市场来决定。”U.S. acting Deputy Secretary of Energy Jeffrey Kupfer said oil prices are clearly too high. But he added it is important to keep the market well supplied and that OPEC should ensure sufficient supply in the market.  美国能源部代理副部长库普福说,石油价格显然过高。但是他补充说,重要的是保持市场有充裕的供应,欧佩克应当确保市场有足够的供应。El-Badri has blamed a weak dollar and speculators for soaring oil prices, which are taking a heavy toll on economies worldwide. He has said OPEC members are investing to increase both production and refining capacity. 巴德里把油价飙升归咎于美元疲软和投机活动。油价飙升对世界各国的经济都造成严重影响。他曾表示,欧佩克成员国正在投资,以提高产油和炼油能力。In a separate development at the forum, Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani said again that contracts between the autonomous northern Iraqi Kurds and foreign companies are invalid. 在这次论坛过程中的另一项发展是,伊拉克石油部长沙赫雷斯塔尼再次表明,北部自治的伊拉克库尔德地区和外国公司签订的合同是无效的。"We do not recognize them and we have informed all the oil companies that these contracts have no standing," al-Shahristani said. 他说:“我们不承认这些合同,我们已经通知了所有石油公司,这些合同不具有法律效力。”The Kurdish regional government has signed more than a dozen exploration and export contracts with 20 international companies since it passed its own oil law last August, angering the central government in Baghdad. 库尔德地区政府自从去年8月通过了自己的石油法以后,已经和二十几个国际公司签署了十几个勘探和出口合同,激怒了巴格达的中央政府。Shahristani also announced that Iraq would shortly increase production of oil. He said 35 companies from 16 countries that will be competing in the first licensing round, which will be announced in the summer. He added that with the development of the fields through this bid, another 1.5 million barrels will be added to the 2.5 million barrels being produced.  沙赫雷斯塔尼还宣布,伊拉克很快将增加石油产量。他说,准备竞争第一批执照的16个国家的35家公司谁能如愿,今年夏天将会公布竞标结果。他补充说,通过招标带动这个领域的发展,原油生产将在目前250万桶的基础上,再增加150万桶。 200804/36181US Cautions Syria on Lebanon Border Moves美国告诫叙利亚勿干预黎巴嫩事务  The ed States is cautioning Syria against new intervention in Lebanon following a terrorist attack in Damascus late last month that Syria has blamed on Lebanon-based militants. U.S. officials say they have been monitoring Syrian military activity along the Lebanese border. 美国警告叙利亚不要在大马士革上个月底发生恐怖袭击之后再次对黎巴嫩进行干涉。叙利亚说那次袭击是以黎巴嫩为基地的激进分子发起的。美国官员说,他们一直密切注视叙利亚在黎巴嫩边界一带的军事活动。U.S. officials are expressing concern about Syrian military moves along the Lebanese border and the ed States is publicly warning Damascus not to use recent terrorist attacks as a pretext for re-entering Lebanon. 美国官员对叙利亚在黎巴嫩边界一带的军事行动表示关切,美国公开警告大马士革不要利用最近的恐怖袭击为借口,再次进入黎巴嫩。Syrian authorities blame al-Qaida-inspired militants in northern Lebanon for a September 27 car bomb attack in Damascus near a building occupied by Syrian security services that killed at least 17 people. 叙利亚有关当局认为,9月27号在大马士革的汽车炸弹袭击事件是黎巴嫩北部受基地组织指使的激进分子所为。袭击发生在叙利亚安全部门所在的一座大楼附近,造成至少17人死亡。Syrian officials said last week the explosives-laden vehicle had entered Syria from Lebanon a day before the attack and the driver, who was killed in the operation, was linked to a Lebanese radical group by other suspects. 叙利亚官员说,上个星期,这辆装有炸药的车辆从黎巴嫩进入叙利亚,一天后发生了这次袭击。车辆的驾驶员在袭击事件中丧生。袭击事件的其他嫌疑人说,这名驾驶员与黎巴嫩的一个极端组织有关联。Two days after the Damascus attack, a car bomb exploded near a Lebanese army bus in the northern Lebanese port city of Tripoli, killing five people including four soldiers. That attack was also attributed to Islamic militants from the area. 在大马士革袭击事件发生的两天后,在黎巴嫩北部港口城市的黎波里,一枚汽车炸弹在黎巴嫩陆军的一辆军车附近爆炸,炸死5人,其中包括4名军人。那次袭击也被认为是这个地区的伊斯兰激进分子所为。The ed States condemned both attacks, calling the bombing in Damascus particularly abhorrent because it came during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. 美国对这两起袭击事件都进行了谴责,声称在大马士革的那起爆炸特别恶劣,因为爆炸发生时正值穆斯林神圣的斋月。But State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood said Syria should not use it as an excuse for returning military forces to Lebanon. "Any intervention by Syrian troops into Lebanon would be unacceptable. The recent terrorist attacks that took place in Tripoli and Damascus should not serve a pretext for further Syrian military engagement, and should not be used to interfere in Lebanese internal affairs," said Wood. 但是美国国务院副发言人伍德说,叙利亚不应该用爆炸事件为借口,重新派军队进入黎巴嫩。伍德说:“任何叙利亚对黎巴嫩的军事介入都是不能接受的。最近发生在的黎波里和大马士革的恐怖袭击不应该成为叙利亚作进一步军事干预的借口,而且不应该被用来干涉黎巴嫩的内部事务。”News reports from Lebanon say about 10,000 Syrian troops have been deployed along the northern part of Syria's border with Lebanon, not far from Tripoli. 来自黎巴嫩的新闻报导说,在叙利亚和黎巴嫩的北段边界地区部署了大约1万名叙利亚军队,那里距离的黎波里不远。Lebanese authorities are reported to be considering their own crackdown on militants around Tripoli, where heavy clashes occurred last year between Lebanese forces and militants in a Palestinian refugee camp. 黎巴嫩当局据说正在考虑他们对的黎波里附近的激进分子自行进行镇压。去年,在的黎波里,黎巴嫩军队和激进分子在一个巴勒斯坦难民营附近发生激烈冲突。A senior State Department official said the Lebanese government needs to be able to sort out its affairs without Syrian interference, military or political. He said Damascus authorities know that if they want to return to the good graces of the international community there can be no return to its past role in Lebanese affairs. 美国国务院一名高级官员说,黎巴嫩政府需要在没有叙利亚军事或政治方面干涉的情况下,自己有能力处理本国事务。他说,大马士革当局清楚,如果他们希望返回国际社会的怀抱中,他们就再也不能重新扮演过去在黎巴嫩事务中扮演的角色。Syrian troops left Lebanon under international pressure in 2005 after nearly 30 years of occupation. 叙利亚军队在占领黎巴嫩大约30年之后,2005年在国际压力下,撤离黎巴嫩。U.S.-Syrian relations went into a deep freeze that same year after the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in which Syrian agents were implicated by U.N. investigators. 在黎巴嫩前总理哈里里被暗杀之后,美国和叙利亚的关系在同一年下降到冰点。But bilateral contacts have increased in recent weeks with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meeting briefly with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem two weeks ago at the ed Nations. 但是美、叙双方在最近几个星期增加了接触,美国国务卿赖斯和叙利亚外交部长穆阿利姆两个星期前在联合国进行了短暂会晤。The Syrian official also had a longer U.N. meeting with Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Welch. 穆阿利姆还和负责近东事务的助理国务卿韦尔奇在联合国进行了更长时间的会晤。200810/52055South Korea Says North's Nuclear Compromise May Be Near韩国就北韩核问题提出妥协方案 South Korean officials are suggesting a compromise aimed at reviving efforts to get rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons may not be far off. The ed States and North Korea have been negotiating intensively on a means of confirming the accuracy of the nuclear declaration Pyongyang made earlier this year. The potential breakthrough comes at a moment of brinksmanship by the North.韩国官员提出妥协性方案,目的是不让恢复解除北韩核武器的努力落空。美国和北韩一直在进行密集的谈判,以核实北韩今年早些时候公开的核活动清单的准确性。在北韩采取边缘外交政策的同时,这个问题有可能取得突破。South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan told reporters in Seoul Friday the ed States will probably announce soon whether it intends to remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations suspected of sponsoring terrorism.韩国外长柳明桓星期五在首尔对记者说,美国有可能很快宣布是否把北韩从美国国务院涉嫌持恐怖主义国家的名单上删除。Washington promised last year to take the North off that list, as part of a broader international deal that committed Pyongyang to declare and disable its main nuclear programs.华盛顿去年承诺把北韩从这个名单上除名,作为一项广泛的国际协议的一部分。根据这项协议,平壤宣布废弃其主要的核设施。President Bush delayed the scheduled removal in August, because North Korea refused to agree on steps for verifying the declaration it submitted earlier in the year was accurate. The North responded by ejecting international inspectors from the reprocessing facility at its main nuclear plant in Yongbyon. The ed Nations said Friday Pyongyang had informed inspectors they will now be denied access to any part of the Yongbyon complex. North Korea threatened earlier this month to resume deriving material useable for weapons from spent nuclear fuel.今年8月,布什总统推迟了原定的除名计划,因为北韩不同意采取措施,核实它今年早些时候提交的核清单是准确的。对此,北韩作出的回应是把国际核查员从它在宁边的主要核工厂驱赶出去。联合国星期五表示,平壤通知核查人员,他们现在不得进入宁边设施的任何地方。本月早些时候,北韩还威胁将恢复从废弃的核燃料中提取制造武器所需的材料。The South's Minister Yu says diplomacy may produce some movement on the stalemate soon.韩国外长柳明桓表示,外交手段对解决目前的僵持局面有可能起到某种促进作用。He says the US government is expected to make a decision on the terrorism list in the near future, and that discussions on a verification protocol are still under way.柳明桓说,美国政府预计在不久的将来会决定是否把北韩从涉嫌持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,而核实核清单的讨论仍在进行之中。Yu pointed out that even though international inspectors have been denied access to Yongbyon, they are still being housed in North Korean dormitories near the complex and not expelled from the country. He says a compromise deal would focus narrowly on the North's plutonium-related nuclear activities.柳明桓指出,尽管国际核查员被拒绝进入宁边核工厂,但是他们仍然住在靠近核工厂附近的宿舍里,并没有被赶出北韩。他说,妥协性协议的涉及面很窄,将主要集中在北韩与金属钸有关的核活动上面。He says other issues, particularly that of a suspected North Korean uranium enrichment program, will be handled later on, as it is impossible to deal with every issue at once.他说,其它议题,特别是北韩涉嫌提炼浓缩铀的计划将在以后处理,因为一次不可能解决所有的问题。Washington's chief envoy on the nuclear issue, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, met with senior North Korean officials last week in Pyongyang and is still conferring with his superiors in Washington. The Bush administration has not made any substantial details of the latest negotiations public.华盛顿核武器谈判特使,助理国务卿希尔上个星期同北韩官员在平壤举行了会晤,他仍在和华盛顿的上级进行商议。布什政府还没有把最新几轮谈判的实质性细节公布于众。Dan Pinkston, a Seoul-based analyst with the International Crisis Group, speculates Washington and Pyongyang may soon reach a verification compromise.平克斯顿是“国际危机组织”驻首尔的分析人士。他推测,华盛顿和平壤很快会就核实核清单的问题达成一项妥协性协议。"And that gets very technical and very detailed as far as environmental samples, and when and where they can take those samples, access to individual scientists and engineers for interviews, and records, and which kind of sites are available," Pinkston said. "And the technical people will have to work that out, and I'm sure there's been some lengthy discussions about that."“这是一个技术性很强的问题,而且就环境样品而言,内容也非常繁琐,例如什么时候以及在什么地方可以得到这些样片,能否接触到科学家和工程师本人进行访问并查看记录,以及哪一类设施可以接受核查等。这些都是技术人员要解决的问题。我相信,双方已经就这些问题进行了长时间的谈判。”Pinkston believes it makes sense to delay issues unrelated to North Korea's plutonium programs like the one at Yongbyon. He says other matters can be handled after next month's U.S. presidential election."Wrapping up this second phase, disablement, would be a positive step - and we could move toward the dismantlement phase with the new administration in the U.S.," he said.North Korea conducted a nuclear test explosion in 2006. Several international media reports have reported possible suspicious activity at the site of that test, suggesting Pyongyang may be planning a followup.北韩在2006年进行过一次核试验。几家国际媒体的报道暗示,平壤有可能计划再进行一次核试验,因为那个试验场地发现有可疑活动。200810/52538

美国原汁原味访谈录:你的理财方式属于哪种? Eric Schurenberg is the managing editor of money magazine in this August issue, in which this quiz appears, you are here to tell us what we might find. Why is it so important to come up with your money personality type?Eric Schurenberg: Well, you know because people are just not rational about their money, you can't just say well you are always gonna do the smart thing because you'll think it through, instead the way you handle money is governed by behavior patterns, by your irrational thought, by your emotions, as so knowing the kind of prejudices that you go into money decisions with will help you make the right decisions, and avoid the same old mistakes.Ok, so after you take this quiz, you should find out if you're a guardian, that's, this discipline is the key to security, is guardian the best thing to be? Well, It's the one that most people are, most Americans are, is it the best thing to be. Well,you know, like all money types, there are good types and bad types. You have a lot of self-discipline if you're a guardian, ohh, financial security matters a lot to you, on the other hand, you are likely to be a little too conservative , and make choices that don't get you sometimes you have to take risks in the market to get ahead.Exactly. And if you get mostly Cs , if your answer are mostly Cs to our short pop quiz there, you are a guardian. On to the next one, the next personality type is an idealist, I think that's probably what I am, because money just isn't the top priority . That's right, you are more concerned with helping other people, and that's a good thing too for lots of reason, and doing fun stuff matters a lot too. But you know that's a good thing , it' also a good financial thing, because if you are not that concerned about money you are not chasing every squiggle of the stock market, and making decisions based on really short term thing; on the other hand if you don't have a financial plan , you may not reach your goals, so something you wanna pay attention to.OK! So, if your answer are mostly Bs, you are an idealist. ok what's next, Brian? I couldn't hear you: Artisans, this is interesting, Artisans, which I wouldn't figure to be a money personality type , so if your answers are mostly As, you are an artisan , what's an artisan?Artisans are people who are...they're willing to take risks, they go on gut instinct a lot. That’s a pretty good thing too. Sometimes you can, if you are willing to take risk, you buy a lot of stocks, and that sort of thing, you do...it works out for you in the long-run, on the other hand, artisans are not the type to do a series of long term financial plan, and so sometimes they have to put things into place like automatic savings plans so that they get that kind of a regular financial planning thing going.Ok, Rational, what Chad?If you said A to one of those questions, that was the one that said you strongly agree that financial advisors, you know, are great or whatever the quest of term was, right?I think so , I can't remember though, but good point, Eric saying you are right, Chad, Chad's always right, isn't he?and it kind of makes me nauseated .If your answers are mostly Ds, you are a rational personality money type. That seems to me the best way to be.Well, it has its strengthes and it has its weaknesses too. Rationals believe cool reason prevails and it means that you take a lot of satisfaction out of putting complex financial plans into place. That's a good thing for obvious reasons. The bad side is that you tend to think that you can outsmart the market, and the market is not a rational place, so soon that can get you into trouble.Eric Schurenberg from the Money magazine, thank you so much. If you wanna know more, if you wanna take this quiz, it's in Money magazine and the August issue. And you can learn a lot about yourself and possibly make yourself some money too.200707/15222

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