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即墨/市第六人民医院妇科医生营上留村龙泉鳌山卫温泉王村田横丰城金口店集做孕检多少钱It seems wild elephants dont need a full eight hours of sleep every night to maintain one of the longest memories in the animal kingdom.野生大象似乎不需要每晚睡八小时来维持动物王国里拥有最长记忆的头衔。According to one team of scientists in South Africa, wild elephants sleep an average of just two hours a night,thats less than any other animal on record.根据南非一组科学家的研究,野生大象平均每晚只睡两个小时,这比其它任何动物都要少。Thats surprising because elephants are known for their incredible memories. And studies have shown that sleep and memory are connected.这是令人惊讶的,因为大象以其令人难以置信的记忆而闻名。研究表明睡眠和记忆是相互联系的。The team also found the pair of wild African elephants it tested slept in bursts. They slept both lying down and standing up. And sometimes, they didnt sleep at all.研究小组还发现他们测试的这对野生非洲大象睡一会儿就会突然醒来。它们躺着和站着都能睡。有时,他们根本不睡觉。Sleep experts are taking the study into account, but others say its possible wild elephants have evolved to thrive with little or no sleep. The enormous mammals are busy eating 17 to 18 hours each day.睡眠专家正在考虑这项研究,但也有人说,野生大象可能已经进化到需要很少或根本不需要睡眠。这个体型庞大的哺乳动物每天有17到18个小时忙着进食。译文属。201703/495654营上留村龙泉鳌山卫温泉王村田横丰城金口店集打胎哪家医院最好的 A 22-year-old Dutch woman says she was raped while on vacation in Qatar. Not only was her accused rapist taken into custody, but so was she.一名22岁的荷兰女子称在卡塔尔度假时遭强奸。但随后不仅被指控的强奸犯被拘留,她也被逮捕了。The womans lawyer says she was at a hotel bar when her drink was drugged and that the next day, she woke up in an apartment she didnt know and realized she had been raped.该女子的律师说,她在一酒店的酒吧,饮料被人下了药,第二天在一陌生的公寓醒来,然后意识到被强奸了。After she reported the rape, police arrested her. Her lawyer says she was arrested on suspicion of adultery and has been in custody since March.交代遭强奸后,警察逮捕了她。她的律师说,她因涉嫌通奸而被逮捕,自3月起一直被拘留。Qatar, which is ruled by Sharia Law, has very strict rules against adultery and drinking alcohol, though drinking is allowed at some hotels and with a permit. 卡塔尔由伊斯兰教法统治,有十分严格的规定禁止通奸和饮酒,尽管饮酒在一些酒店是允许的。The accused rapist reportedly claims the encounter was consensual, but the woman denies that. Dutch authorities told the press she hasnt been charged with anything yet. A court hearing is scheduled for June 13, when a decision on charges will be made. 据报道,被控告的强奸犯声称是两厢情愿,但女子对此予以否认。荷兰当局告诉媒体她还没被指控任何事情。法院将于6月13日开庭审理,到时会做出指控决定。译文属。201606/448997即墨/妇科权威医院

城阳棘洪滩马戈庄河套阴岛无痛人流哪家医院最好的TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201606/447643即墨/市做人流医院 Robotics, once the stuff of science fiction, is aly in economic reality for workers around the world.机器人技术,一种曾属于科幻的东西,已经成为了现实,帮助世界范围内的工人们进行工业生产。But automations ability to do the jobs humans do faster, better and cheaper carries a price, says World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.不过,世界行长吉姆·金表示,与人类相比,自动化能将工作做得更快、更好且成本更低,是有代价的。;Accelerations in technology are changing the landscape.“技术上的发展进步正在改变情形。We estimate that two thirds of all jobs that currently exist in developing countries will be wiped out by automation.;我们估计,目前存在于发展中国家的所有工作,将有三分之二被自动化技术夺走。”That represents millions of workers in countries that now provide much of the low price labour for consumer goods from clothing to smartphones.这意味着,在那些目前提供大量低廉劳动力的国家,数百万工人将失业,包括装制造、智能手机组装等领域。But the loss of livelihoods could have far-reaching repercussions including the mass migration of displaced workers.但生计的丧失将产生深远的影响,可能导致大量流离失所的工人进行大范围的迁徙。Its a situation of right for both opportunity and conflict, says economist Diane Lim at the conference board,在这种情形下,既能带来机会,也会引发冲突,经济学家戴安娜·林说道,a global business research organization.她是一家全球商业研究机构的董事会成员。;You know, some countries are gonna be capitalizing on that by saying Come here, we need you to do work here.“你们知道,有些国家正在利用这一点,说‘来这里,我们需要你在这里做工作。’And other countries are going to put up a stance and says No, we dont want you.然而其他国家可能采取的立场是‘不,我们不需要你’,And so its gonna affect the global economy.;所以会影响全球经济。”The World Bank says its an urgent issue, given the many serious conflicts around the world世界表示,这是一个紧迫的问题,因为世界各地的许多冲突十分严重,including the worst refugee crisis since the second World War.包括第二次世界大战以来最严重的难民危机。Lim says automation will force us to redefine human labour.林说,自动化将迫使我们重新界定人力劳动。;Just because we have automation replacing those types of jobs doesnt mean automation can replace all kinds of jobs.“自动化仅仅能取代某些类型的工作并不意味着自动化可以取代各种工作。So in particular, there is gonna be growing demand for all kinds of service-providing industries rather than goods-producing industries.因此,特别是对各类务提供行业,而不是商品生产行业的需求将不断增长。(There is room for the human touch still?) Yes.;(人类还有是有用武之地的是吗?)当然。”The World Bank says its unclear how fast automation will cut jobs, but Kim says the time to act is now.世界表示,自动化将会在多长时间内削减人类工作还不清楚。但是金表示,我们必须现在就采取行动。;And so for every country in the world,“所以对于世界上的每一个国家来说,we have to think very seriously about what is the investments we need to make right now必须非常重视我们现在所需要进行的投资,in order to prepare ourselves for the economy in the future.;以便为今后经济发展做好准备。”The U.S. has not been immune.美国也受到了影响。Most studies suggest automation, not trade was responsible for most of the manufacturing jobs lost between 2000 and 2010.大多数研究表明,2000年至2010年间大部分制造行业工作岗位的丢失,都应归因于自动化而非贸易。201706/512509即墨/市第七人民医院不孕不育科

即墨/市治疗妇科炎症多少钱They can look at the likelihood他们可以分析概率that you should be given health insurance建议你应该买医疗保险because you come from a family因为你的家族that has a history of heart disease.有心脏病史They can look at the likelihood或是基于你每天参与的that youre going to get Alzheimers disease脑力劳动的量because of the amount of active intellectual entertainment他们可以分析概率you take part in on a day-to-day basis.判断你是否会得阿兹海默症And when you start giving this level of当你开始交出生活中minute control over peoples lives,这种层次的细微控制时then you allow far too much power over individuals.那你便是让过多的外界力量来控制个体了The picture painted is certainly dark这种情形必然是可怕的but there is another way.但也可以另寻出路It comes from the insights of a scientist这条路来自一位科学家的深刻见解whose work once seemed like a footnote在互联网的历史长河中in the history of the internet他的工作曾被看作是无足轻重until now.直到如今才被人重视The story begins in the late 70s in Berkeley, California.故事始于七十年代末加州大学伯克利分校重点解释:1.come from 来自; 起源例句:We heard clink come from that room.我们听到那个屋子传来叮当声。2.because of 由于例句:We win the game because of his participation.由于他的参与,我们赢了比赛。3.control over 控制例句:The horse was frightened but the rider soon got control over it.那匹马受了惊,但骑师很快就把它控制住。201701/488277 城阳棘洪滩马戈庄河套阴岛治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱即墨/人工流产要多少钱



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