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2017年11月21日 18:13:48

Southwestern China Chongqing is actively preparing to win a bidding to host the second Disneyland in the Chinese mainland, which Disney eyes in central and western China.中国西南部的城市重庆正在积极筹备大陆第二家迪士尼乐园承建资格的竞标,本次迪士尼公司是面向中西部进行的招标Bee the construction of the Shanghai Disney Resort, the Disney Group has clarified in its agenda a blueprint a new theme park in central and western China, said the municipality eign trade and economic relations commission on the municipality government website, Chongqing Evening News reported.根据《重庆晚报报道,重庆对外贸易和经济关系委员会在市政府官网上宣布,在上海迪士尼乐园修建之前,迪士尼公司就已经明确了他们在中国中部和西部的新乐园规划蓝图;We attached great significance to Disney project in western China. Currently, we are actively preparing a project to participate in the bidding. We believe that Disney new project will undergo comparison and assessment during the competition the site selection. It is possible that our municipality will receive the project,; the commission added.该委员会补充说道:“我们非常看重中国西部的迪士尼项目目前,我们正在积极准备参与项目竞标我们认为迪士尼的新项目会对参与竞争的地方进行比较和评估我市很有可能会得到这个项目”The remarks came in the m of a response to a local citizen suggestion to develop entertainment projects to boost local high-end tourism and improve the city global image.这段言论是对一个当地居民提出的建议的回复,该建议主要是关于建设项目来促进当地高端旅游以及提高城市的国际形象;There is so far no project approval and review the introduction of a Disneyland. It will still take time, but we hope to participate in the competition site selection,; an anonymous official with the commission told the Chongqing Evening News.委员会一名匿名官员接受《重庆晚报采访时表示:“目前该项目还没有引进迪士尼乐园的审批文件这会花些时间,但是我们也希望参加新乐园选址的竞标”Chongqing neighboring Sichuan province was also reportedly found involved in wooing Disneyland, as photos of what appeared to be official instructions preparing to win the Disneyland project went viral last week. However, the Sichuan government has dismissed the alleged instructions, the Chongqing Morning Post reported.而据《重庆早报报道,重庆的邻省四川也参加了迪士尼乐园选址竞选,并且在上周还爆出了疑似准备参加迪士尼乐园项目竞标的建设地的照片不过,四川政府并没有承认这是所谓的乐园建设地 53700吉林/市中医院妇科挂号蛟河市医院挂号预约吉林/哪个医院妇科

吉林/去哪里做早孕检查吉林/治疗宫颈糜烂哪家好Conversation A: This is our rock-bottom price, Mr. Lee. We cant make any further concessions.B: If that the case, there not much point in further discussion. We might as well call the whole deal off.A: What I meat is that well never be able to come down to your price. The gap is too great.A: I think it unwise either of us to insist on his own price. How about meeting each other halfway so that business can be concluded?B: What is your proposal?A: your price is 0 dollars higher than we can accept. When I suggested we meet each other halfway, I meant it literally.B: Do you mean to suggest that we have to make a further reduction of 50 dollars in our price? That impossible.A: What would you suggest?B: The best we can do will be a reduction of another 30 dollars. Thatll definitely be rock bottom.A:李先生,这是我放的最低价格,不能再让了B:如果是这样的话,那就没有什么必要再谈下去了,我们是不是干脆放弃这笔生意算了!A:我的意思是说我们的价格永远不可能降到你方提出的水平,差距太大了A:我想我们双方都坚持自己的价格是不明智的,能不能互相做出让步?双方都在让一般,生意就能成交了B:你的建议是?A:你方提出的单价比我们可以接受的价格高出0美元,我说的各让一半,是名副其实的一半B:你是说让我们再减价50美元吗?办不到!A:你的意见呢?B:我们最多只能再降30美元,这可真是最低价了 1886丰满区治疗阴道炎多少钱Randy Rallo captured footage of the 0lb bear, estimated to be around three years old, after it wandered onto the Alaska Highway near Tok.近日,一只黑熊在美国阿拉斯加州Tok小镇附近的高速公路上四处游荡,之后,兰迪·拉罗拍下了这头体重0磅、看起来大约三岁的熊的视频Rallo said he immediately called the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to come and rescue it.拉罗表示,随后他马上给阿拉斯加渔猎管理部门打了电话请其来处理As Rallo and the motorists waited the rescue team to arrive, one man attempted to remove the can - which turned out to be an antique coffee tin - from the bear head, reported ADN.com据AND.com报道,在拉罗及其他司机们等待救援队到来时,有一位司机尝试将黑熊头部的咖啡罐拔下来--这是个看起来年代比较久远的咖啡罐The distressed animal apparently lunged at his would-be rescuer bee the group decided it would be best to wait the experts to arrive.但痛苦的黑熊似乎想向援救它的好心人扑过去,所以这些司机决定还是等到专业的救援团队赶来为好After a few minutes Fish and Game staff, including assistant area biologist Jeff Wells, arrived at the scene to save the animal.不久,渔猎管理部门的工作人员,包括本地生物学家杰夫·威尔斯到达现场,前来拯救这个动物The team shot the bear with a tranquiliser dart bee using tin snips to carefully cut around the empty can and remove it from its head. The animal, which was in fairly good shape received antibiotics the small wound caused by the dart and was given an ear tag bee it was taken into the nearby woods to be set free.他们首先用带有镇静剂的飞镖射中了黑熊,然后才小心翼翼地用铁皮剪把罐子的边缘剪开,救出了黑熊随后,人们在这只“毫发无损”的黑熊的飞镖小伤口上注射了抗生素,并在其耳朵上做了标记,之后把它放回了附近的森林It is believed that the bear got its head stuck while aging food in rubbish dumped along the side of the highway.人们认为,这只黑熊应该是在高速公路边的垃圾堆里觅食时被咖啡罐卡住了头部Wells noted that although bears are common in the area, there has not been a similar incident to this in his recent memory.威尔斯表示,虽然熊在这个地区经常出没,但是之前还没有发生过类似的事情He also reminded people to do as the motorists did on this occasion and to call the experts immediately, as opposed to try and intervene. The assistant area biologist warned that despite the animal looking small, a 0lb bear is capable of doing some damage.他还提醒人们,碰到这样的情况,正确的做法就是应该向这些司机一样,立即给专业部门打电话求救,反对人们尝试自己动手施救这位当地的生物学家警告称,虽然这只熊看上去不大,但一只0磅的动物还是有一定攻击性的 595吉林/妇科炎症检查要多少钱

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