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Part . The Panama Canal handover.Keyword. The Panama Canal, 19th century, hard labor, cut off, engineering marvels, relinquish control of.Vocabulary. swamp, jungle, malaria, deposit, lock, toll, marvel, relinquish, coincide.A. Listen to three short paragraphs about Panama Canal, draw lines to match the paragraph number with its main idea.During the first half of the 19th century, much thought was given to building the Panama Canal.The discovery of gold in Calinia in 188 brought an increased demand a transporation link across Panama.A railroad line was completed after 6 years of hard labor in swamps and jungles.Over ,000 workmen died yellow fever and malaria. years workmen struggled against heat and disease.The canal cuts thousand of miles off sea journeys between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, raising ships from one ocean and depositing them in the other through a system of water locks and a man-made lake.Some ,000 ships pass through the canal every year, and pay 50 million dollars in tolls.The canal remains one of the engineering marvels of the world.It played a critical role in the development of global commerce.This month, the ed States relinquished control of the Panama Canal.Panamanian President and mal U.S President Jimmy Carter signed a document turning over the canal and the land surrounding it to Palama.It was in 1977 during Mr. Carter administration, that the U.S and the Palama made the initial agreement:The canal comes under Panamanian control on December 31.B. Listen to the following news item, complete the summary and details.And Panama takes ownership of the Panama Canal from the ed States at noon Friday, ending more than 90 years of the U.S control of the waterway.Panamanians are planing the day of celebrations to mark the event, which coincide with New Year Eve festivities.ed States later Thursday lowered its flag over the Palama Canal the last time with the brief ceremony attended by the Panamanian President. 1武汉最好的妇科医院是那家武汉青山区妇幼保健院生孩子价格本资料是由经华英语(englishexpress.cn)授权发布! http:[00:.]Harrods Department Store[00:31.7]By Appointment[00:5.68]Harrods are launching their very own[00:8.9]bespoke shopping service this month.[00:51.59]I am always in favor of making life easier[00:5.39]and eliminating days spent at malls,[00:56.98]so when I heard the words[00:58.37]"bespoke", "shopping", and "Harrods"[01:00.86]uttered in one sentence,[01:.7]I jumped at the chance to learn more.[01:.61]Bespoke means that something is made[01:.]or tailored to a particular person’s needs,[01:.19]wants, desires and specifications.[01:.81]This complimentary service will allow shoppers[01:.33]to utilize the top-notch team of [01:.]who will do all of their legwork them,[01:.5]sourcing products specific to their individual needs.[01:6.]Heaven the busy person or public figure[01:9.00]who wishes not to be ogled as they buy their smalls.[01:38.65]bespoke shopping service[01:6.85]Harrods are launching their very own[01:8.99]bespoke shopping service this month.[01:55.77]bespoke[01:56.8]定制的,定做的[:.7]their very own[:.1]完全属于自己的[:.55]launch[:.6]v. 启动,推出(新产品或务)[:.86]n.(新品)上市[:.0]the launch of iPod Shuffle[:7.98]iPod Shuffle的投放市场[:35.6]I am always in favor of making life easier[:38.]and eliminating days spent at malls,[:0.55]so when I heard the words[:1.79]"bespoke", "shopping", and "Harrods"[:3.98]uttered in one sentence,[:5.]I jumped at the chance to learn more.[:7.57]我总是喜欢让生活简单一些,少花些时间逛商场,[:51.5]所以,当同时听到“预订”、“购物”、“哈罗德”这些字眼的时候,[:56.]我自然是不会错过这个大好机会的![:.67]in favor of doing sth.[:.6]喜欢或赞同做某事[:.1]Lily’s always in favor of going to school by bike.[:.3]莉莉总是喜欢骑自行车上学[:3.00]eliminate[:.35]除去,消除[:6.]uttered[:30.55]说出,道出[:.]jump at the chance[:.95]迅速、迫不及待地抓住某个机会[:8.5]She jumped at the chance to study in France a year.[:5.97]她抓住了这个留学法国一年的机会[:01.]Bespoke means that something is made[:.]or tailored to a particular person’s needs,[:.91]wants, desires and specifications.[:.30]be tailored to sth.[:18.]根据...进行量身定做[:1.19]The dress is well tailored to your shape.[:.83]这身衣是完全照你的体形量身定做的[:31.7]specification[:33.]规格,规范[:0.]This complimentary service will allow shoppers[:3.19]to utilize the top-notch team of [:5.93]who will do all of their legwork them,[:8.5]sourcing products specific to their individual needs.[:51.60]在这项免费赠送的务中,[:53.6]顾客可以利用一由人组成的一流团队,[:57.]他们将为你做所有的跑腿活,[:59.3]照你的个人需求来搜寻适合你的商品[:.33]complimentary[:.69]免费赠送的[:1.73]allow sb. to do sth.[:5.01]允许某人做某事[:7.1]top-notch[:9.]一流的[:31.01]legwork[:3.7]跑腿活[:.76]He asked someone else to do all the legwork of gathering inmation.[:39.69]他叫了别人来做所有搜集资料的跑腿活[:.38]source[:50.01]获取,搜寻[:5.96]They sourced the materials from our company.[:57.]他们的材料是从我们公司获得的[:00.97]specific to sth.[:.8]...所特有的,为...所特设的[:.35]individual[:.61]个人的[:.33]Heaven the busy person or public figure[:18.99]who wishes not to be ogled as they buy their smalls.[:5.8]public figure[:7.67]公众人物,明星[:9.91]small[:51.68]小件的内衣裤[:53.5]ogle[:55.]盯着看[:.9]launch[:1.18]启动,推出(新产品或务)[:.01]bespoke[:5.]定制的,定做的[:7.37]in favor of doing sth.[:9.1]喜欢或赞同做某事[:31.]jump at the chance[:33.5]迅速、迫不及待地抓住某个机会[:37.6]be tailored to sth.[:39.38]根据...进行量身定做[:1.61]complimentary[:.]免费赠送的[:5.79]top-notch[:7.3]一流的[:8.9]legwork[:9.78]跑腿活[:50.8]source[:53.19]v.获取,搜寻 630bunch群/伙,great伟大的,hide-and-seek捉迷藏,Pascal帕斯卡You’ve Got PascalA bunch of great, DEAD scientists were playing hide-and-seek in heaven. When it's Einstein's turn to be the seeker, he counted untill 0 and opened his eyes. All the others had hiden, but only Newton was still standing there.Einstein walked to him and said: "Newton, I've got you!"Newton answered: "No. You didn't got Newton."Einstein said: "Then who are you!?"Newton said: "Look, where am I standing?"Einstein looked down and found that Newton was standing on a square floor board with one meter long and one meter wide. He didn't understand.Newton then said: "There's one square meters under my feet. It then makes us ‘Newton divided by square meter’. So, what you've got is not Newton, but Pascal."你抓住的是帕斯卡一群逝去的伟大科学家在天堂玩捉迷藏轮到爱因斯坦捉人时,他数到0才睁开眼睛所有人都藏好了,只有牛顿还站在那儿爱因斯坦走过去说:“牛顿,我抓住你了”牛顿:“不,你没有抓到牛顿”爱因斯坦:“你不是牛顿你还能是谁?”牛顿:“你看我脚下是什么?”爱因斯坦低头,看到牛顿站在一块长、宽都是一米的正方形地板砖上,大为不解牛顿:“我脚下是一平方米的方块,我站在上面就是牛顿平方米所以你抓住的不是牛顿,你抓住的是帕斯卡”1.bunch群A bunch of boys一群男孩子They are a friendly bunch.他们是一伙好朋友.great伟大的 Great也可以作名词,是“伟人”的意思我们更常见的是它的形容词“很好的”、“巨大的”、“十足的”等等3.“ When it's Einstein's turn to be the seeker,”it’s one’s turn to do sth.是“轮到某人做某事”例如:It’s Lily’s turn to be on duty today.今天轮到Lily做值日了.look down往下看这个短语的引申意有“看轻”的意思,常与on、upon连用:He looks down on who always count on their parents.他看不起总是依赖父母的人5. square正方形/平方文中“on a square floor board”中的square是“正方形”,而“There's one square meters under my feet”中的square是“平方”6.pascal帕斯卡作物理单位名词时小写,1帕斯卡=1牛顿/平方米而作人名时首字母要大写(Pascal是法国数学家、物理学家) 66黄石月经不调哪家医院最好的

武汉哪个医院做处女膜修复最好湖北做产前检查多少钱Louis Armstrong路易斯·阿姆斯特朗Like most of the great innovators in jazz, Louis Armstrong is a small man. But the extent of his influence across jazz, across American history and around the world has continuing stature. His life was the embodiment of one who moves from rags to riches, from anonymity to internationally imitated innovator. Louis Daniel Armstrong supplied revolutionary language that took on such pervasiveness that it became commonplace, like the light bulb, the airplane, the telephone.像爵士界大多数创新者一样,路易斯·阿姆斯特朗是个小个子但是他给爵士乐、美国历史和全世界留下的影响却是持久的他的生涯是一个人从贫穷到富有,从默默无闻到成为全球效仿的创新者的具体体现路易斯·丹尼尔·阿姆斯特朗发明了革命性的语言,且广 为传播,家喻户晓,如同人们生活中的灯泡、飞机和电话Armstrong was born in New Orleans on Aug. , 1901. He grew up at the bottom, trying to bring something home to eat, sometimes searching garbage cans food that might still be suitable supper. The spirit of Armstrong world, however, was not dominated by the deprivation of poverty and the dangers of wild living. As a child, he was either dancing pennies or singing his supper with a strolling quartet of other kids who wandered New Orleans freshening up the subtropical evening with some sweetly harmonized notes. But he had his dreams.阿姆斯特朗1901年8月日出生于新奥尔良他是在社会底层长大的,曾尽力往家里带些可吃的东西,有时在垃圾里搜寻可用作晚餐的食品罐头然而,阿姆斯特朗的精神世界却没有被穷困而危难的生活所笼罩在孩童时期,他就通过跳舞挣微薄收入,或者与在新奥尔良四处卖唱的四人孩童演唱组一起演唱,以求得一顿晚餐;演唱小组乐调甜蜜和谐,为炎热的夜晚带来了清新然而他有自己的梦想In 19, he got first cornet and was soon known around New Orleans as midable. The places he played and the people he knew were sweet and innocent at one end of the spectrum and rough at the other. Out of those experiences, everything from pomp to humor to grief to majesty to the profoundly gruesome and monumentally spiritual worked its way into his tone. He became a beacon of American feeling.19年,他担任首席短号手,很快就享誉新奥尔良,被人们认为无人可比他演奏过的地方和他认识的人都有两种特性,一方面是可爱无邪的,另一方面则是粗蛮的由于具有这些经历,他的乐声五光十色,应有尽有:华丽、幽默、悲伤、雄伟,以及极度的可憎和永恒的圣洁他因而成为美国情感的灯塔In 19 he went to Chicago and joined his mentor Joe Oliver, and the revolution took place in full m. His improvisations set the city on its head. The stiff rhythms of the time were slashed away by his combination of the percussive and the soaring. His combination of virtuosity, strength and passion was unprecedented. No one in Western music has ever set the innovative pace on an instrument, then stood up to sing and converted the vocalists.19年,他来到芝加哥,师从乔·奥利弗于是一场音乐界的革命全面展开了他的即兴演奏令整个城市疯狂当时的沉闷节奏被一扫而光,取而代之的是他的打击乐器和引吭高歌的结合他的技巧、力量和热情前所未有西方音乐中还没有人在一件乐器上做出这样的创新,然后站起来演唱,从而改变了一代的歌唱家Armstrong traveled the world constantly. In 193 he visited Europe and played King of England. In 1956 he was hailed by crowds during African tour. In 196 his recording of Hello, Dolly, hit No. 1. Armstrong died on July 6, 1971 in New York City. But he will always remain as one of the greatest artists who make the world a happy place.阿姆斯特朗经常到世界各地演出193年他访问了欧洲,并为英王演出1956年在非洲的巡回演出中,他受到听众的欢呼196年他的唱片《你好,多利跃居排行榜第一阿姆斯特朗1971年7月6日在纽约城去世然而他将永远是使世界成为一片乐土的最伟大的艺术家之一 65武汉无痛流产最好的医院通城县人民医院怎么样

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