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合川可视输卵通液在綦江那家医院查不育好Load more line, and then let#39;s go fishing.穿上线 我们就可以去钓鱼了But first I need some live bait,不过首先我要找一些活诱饵And there#39;s one quick way to get a sardine from these shallows.Here we go.我有个办法 能让大家在短时间内从浅滩上抓到沙丁鱼 来了Throwing rocks into the water sends out shock waves,which stun but don#39;t kill my bait fish.把石头扔到水里 激起水波 这能把我的诱饵鱼弄晕 但不会让它们死掉First little sardine on the hook,then we get it in.首先把小沙丁鱼穿在鱼钩上 然后把它放进去Okay, let#39;s get this guy out.来钓个大家伙The waters around here are rich with sea life,everything from 2-inch sardines to 20-foot sharks.这附近的水域 富含海洋生物 从两英寸沙丁鱼到 二十英尺的鲨鱼应有尽有Catching anything requires patience,but this is useful thinking time,垂钓需要有耐心 但这个时间正好可以用来思考and the brain is the most useful survival tool of them all.而大脑恰恰是 在求生中 起到至关重要的作用And, yeah, this is a nice time of the day for me.对我来说 这是一天中最美好的时刻The heat#39;s gone out of the sun,and I#39;ve got time just to think 炎热伴随日落而逝 而我有时间坐下来思考think things through and come up with a plan for tomorrow.全盘考虑 审慎思量 想出明日的计划There#39;s an old Torres Islands saying that the sea will provide.正如古老的托雷斯岛谚语所说 大海终会恩赐But at the moment, it#39;s not providing for me.但此时此刻 我仍一无所获We got something.Let#39;s get him in.钓到什么了 把它拽上来Not a monster, but a decent-sized fish.不是很大 但这样我已经很满意了Yeah, that#39;s a fingermark fish.See that?是条指纹鱼 看到了吗A little like a fingerprint just down there.这里的斑纹有点像指纹 Article/201703/501054重庆中医院检查输卵管 In Louisiana,climbing up top a storm-damaged house was a great way to get saved from the air.在路易斯安那 爬上被风暴摧毁的房屋是获取空中救援的最有效手段The Louisiana extraction, Bear was quite unique.路易斯安那那集 贝尔很出色Bear was in the middle of the the devastative buildings from a hurricane.贝尔在 被暴风摧毁的房屋的顶端He#39;s got me.I then give them a big international distress singal.A big ;Y;.Means ;Yes, I need help;他们看到我了 接下来我要摆出国际通用的求救信号 双臂伸开呈Y字形 表示 是的 我需要救援Anyway they get them off,drop a very thin ladder,when you has to face the jump,然后他们放下来了 一截很细的绳梯 当贝尔准备跳过去的时候Your ankle was taller was fighting to keep miserable control the ladder was sort of fliping around.救援人员由于劳累 不能很好的控制手腕 导致绳梯在天上荡来荡去If he miss the ladder, so he dove out from the edge of the building,如果他没抓住 他就会He just will plump into into water which was full of crocos, snakes.直接掉进满是鳄鱼和毒蛇的水中When it#39;s all over, it#39;s a great sense you full near it mostly because everyone is back safely,当摄制工作结束后 我们都如释重负 全体人员能够平安获救只是原因之一but also is a sorf of great sense of bonder as well.It#39;s a great team we built up over the years.同时也是一种团队情谊 经年累月我们锻造了这个团队You got a group of people who happy to listen to each other,所有的成员都乐于聆听who like to being with each other,and they head for the same cause.互相团结 能够朝着同一个目标努力It#39;s a real privilege to be part of the show,the places we go to,the thing we say,很荣幸能够参与制作这部纪录片 遍访穷山恶水 讲述求生之道and the chanlleges we face,but above all,are the people who stand behind me every step of the way-the crew.面对各种挑战 然而更重要的是有一群人在我的背后 陪我踏出每一步 他们就是全体摄制人员Without them,This show will not be possible.没有他们的努力 就不会有荒野求生 Article/201606/449840His successful performance paved the way for him to get this contract他成功的表演为他铺路使他得到了这份合同。pave the way本来指铺路,pave the way for someone引伸出来的意思就是为某人(取得成功)铺路。 /200802/27269大渡口有哪些不孕不育医院

大渡口看不孕到哪家医院雅思口语900句是在众多雅思阅读词汇中浓缩出来的精华,都是在历年雅思考试中出现且多次考过的,不得不记,不得不学!所有的单词都配有发音,每天更新五句话,天天前进一小步,雅思口语一大步! 如此打招呼1. Nice to meet you.见到你很高兴。2. It’s a pleasure to meet you.见到你很高兴。3. Pleased to meet you.见到你很高兴。4. Good morning.早上好。5. Good afternoon.下午好。 /200604/6614重庆市爱德华泌尿系统在线咨询 In this American English pronunciation , you#39;re going to come to a work day at this beautiful farm.在这个美式英语发音视频里,你将会在这个美丽的农场上体验一个工作日。We#39;ll also study pronunciation of the letter T, using ;kinda;, and the reduction of the words ;because; and ;to;.我们还会学习字母T的发音,“kinda”和单词“because”、“to”的弱读用法。In this , we#39;re going to take a look at some stop T endings.在这个视频里,我们将会看到一些顿音T结尾的用法。When a word ends in a T that#39;s not a part of a consonant cluster, that T will often be a stop.当一个单词以T结尾,并且这个T不是辅音集群的一部分,这个T通常是一个顿音。For example, the word ;out; will often be ;out;, ;out;.比如,单词“out”通常读作“out”,“out”。But when that word is followed by another word that begins with a vowel, it will often be a flap T because now it comes between two vowels when linked together.但当这个单词后面是一个以元音开头的单词时,这个T通常是闪音T,因为此时连读的话,它出现在两个元音中间,So, for example, in the phrase ;out of, out of;. That T will go from being a stop in the word ;out; to being a flap in the phrase ;out of;.因此,比如在短语“out of”里,这个T由单词“out”里面的顿音变成了短语“out of”里的闪音。These are general guidelines. You will hear people clearly pronounce the full true T at the end of the word ;out; sometimes.这些是一般的规则。有时你也会听到人们将单词“out”结尾的T发成完整的清音T。It all depends on the habit of the speaker, and how clearly the speaker is enunciating.这都取决于说话人的习惯和他发音的清晰度。;What is the assignment today?;;What is.; Flap T. Listen again.“今天的任务是什么?”“What is.” 这是一个闪音T。再听一下。;What is the assignment today?; (loop three times);Well, you can pull up some landscape fabric.; -;Okay.;;What is the assignment today?; (循环三次)“你可以把景观织物拉起来。”-“好的。”;Or take this, break this down.; -;Uh-huh.;;Or carry some wood over to the trees.; -;Okay.;“或者是把这个拆掉。”-“嗯。”“或是搬一些木头到树下。”-“好的。”;Or help take this structure down.; -;Okay. Great.; -;Or snip some herbs.“或是把这个架子拆掉。”-“好的。”-“或是剪一些药草。”;Snip some herbs. That sounds like the most fun out of everything that you just said.;“剪一些药草。这听起来像是你刚刚说的事情当中最有趣的一件。”Did you notice how I dropped the T sound in the phrase ;just said;.注意,我把短语“just said”里的T音省略了。Sometimes, we#39;ll drop the T when it comes between two other consonant sounds.有时,当T出现在两个辅音之间时,我们会把它省略。For example, the word ;exact;. We will say an ending true T there. But when we add -ly, it#39;s not uncommon to drop the T: ;exactly, exactly, just said.; Listen again.比如单词“exact”。我们通常会在这里的结尾发清音T。但是当加上-ly时,通常要省略T:“exactly, exactly, just said.” 再听一下。;Everything that you just said.; (loop three times);Hi Michelle.; -;Hi Rachel.;;Everything that you just said.; (循环三次)“你好,米歇尔。”-“你好,瑞秋。”;What project are you working on there?; -;I#39;m tearing this down. I#39;m destroying it.;“你在做什么工作呢?”-“我在把这个拆掉。”;You#39;re doing a good job.; -;Thanks. Kinda fun. You should join in.;“你做的很棒。”-“谢谢。还挺有趣的,你应该也加入进来。”;I should help, instead of tape, right?; -;It#39;s ok. We#39;re doing a pretty good job.;“我应该帮忙,而不是录像,对吧?”-“没关系,我们做的很好。”Did you notice how Michelle said ;kinda;.注意米歇尔怎样发“kinda”的音。She reduced the word ;of; to just the schwa vowel and attached it to the word ;kind;. ;Kinda, kinda.; Listen again.她弱读了单词“of”,把它读成了弱读元音,并和单词“kind”连读。“Kinda, kinda.” 再听一下。;Kinda fun. (loop three times) You should join in.;For the record, I didn#39;t only make a . I did also help.;Kinda fun.(循环三次) You should join in.;说明一下,我没有只录像,我还帮忙了。;It#39;s stuck!; -;Michelle, let me help you with that.;;Hey, thanks Rachel.;“它卡住了!”-“米歇尔,我来帮你。”“谢谢你,瑞秋。”;It#39;s a good thing I#39;ve been working out lately.;;Working out.; Stop T. ;Working out lately.; Listen again.;Working out lately.; (loop three times)“还好我最近一直都有锻炼身体。”“Working out.” 这是一个顿音T。“Working out lately.” 再听一下。;Working out lately.; (循环三次);Edgar is documenting me documenting.; -;Documenting you documenting me.;;It#39;s a meta-documentary going on there.;“埃德加在记录我记录的过程。”-“记录你记录我。”“这是记录中记录。”Notice how HaQuyen leaves off the T in ;documentary;.;Do you know why you#39;re doing that?;注意,哈坤在“documentary”中省略了T音。“你知道你为什么这么做吗?”;Why am I doing it? Am I reducing it?; -;Well, it#39;s, T is a weird letter, and sometimes after N we do drop it.“我为什么这样做?我是在弱读吗?”-“嗯,是的,T是一个很奇怪的字母,有时候它在N后面的时候我们会省略它。Like, in words like #39;center#39;, we#39;ll say #39;cenner#39;. #39;Interview#39;...; -;Innerview.; -;Innerview. Documentary.;比如我们会把单词‘center’读成‘cenner’。把‘Interview’读成...”-“Innerview。”-“Innerview. Documentary.”;Documennary.; -;Exactly.;;Rachel, why#39;d you take off your hat and jacket?;“Documennary.”-“是的。”“瑞秋,你为什么要摘掉帽子,脱掉外套?”;Because I got hot.;Did you notice how I reduced the word ;because; to ;cuz;, ;cuz;.“因为我热了。”注意,我把单词“because”弱读为“cuz”,“cuz”。;Because I got hot.; Listen again.;Because I got hot.; (loop three times)Also, did you notice that stop T: ;hot, hot.;;Because I got hot.; 再听一下。;Because I got hot.; (循环三次)此外,这里还有一个顿音T:“hot,hot。”;Because I got hot.; (loop three times);Do you remember that awesome I made on #39;hot#39; back in the summer?;;Because I got hot.; (循环三次)“你还记得我在夏天做的关于‘hot’的视频吗?”;Uh, no, I don#39;t.; -;You actually don#39;t need to respond. I#39;m going to put a link to it then.;“呃,不,我不记得了。”-“你其实不用回答的。我要放一个那个视频的链接。”;How can I help, Rachel?; -;Well, we#39;re about to need to take all the plants that have grown on this out.;“有什么可以帮忙的吗,瑞秋?”-“嗯,我们要把这里长的植物都收了。”Did you notice how I said ;about to;. And I reduced the word ;to; to the true T and the schwa sound.注意,我说了“about to”。我把单词“to”弱读成了清音T和弱读元音。The reason why I didn#39;t make it a flap T is because the word before ended in a T.我没有把它读成闪音T是因为前面的单词是以T结尾的。So in this case, when we reduce the word ;to;, we need to keep the true T.;About to. About to.; Listen again.因此,这种情况下,我们弱读单词“to”时要保留清音T。;About to. About to.; 再听一下。;We#39;re about to need to take (loop three times) all of the plants that have grown on this out.;;We#39;re about to need to take (循环三次) all of the plants that have grown on this out.;;Edgar, how much time did we save you by coming to the work day?; -;You saved at least a month.; -;Oh, wow! That#39;s great.;“埃德加,我们工作日来到农场帮你节约了多少时间?”-“你们帮我节约了至少一个月。”-“哦,那太棒了!”;Great.; There I released the T, making the ending T a true T sound. Listen again.;Great.; 在这里我发出了T音,使结尾的T成为一个清音T。再听一下。;That#39;s great. (loop three times) What are you going to do with that extra month?;;That#39;s great. (循环三次) What are you going to do with that extra month?;;Think I#39;ll work some more!; -;Get other stuff done.;;Get other stuff done.; -;Thanks for having us out.;“我想我会做更多工作的!”-“去完成其他的工作。”“对,完成其他的工作。”-“谢谢你邀请我们。”;Out.; There I made the ending T a stop T. Listen again.;Thanks for having us out.; (loop three times);Out.; 我把这里结尾的T读成了顿音T。再听一下。;Thanks for having us out.; (循环三次);Yeah. Thank you for coming. You guys were great.; -;Our pleasure.;;Ready? Okay.;“嗯。谢谢你们能来。你们真棒。”-“别客气。”“准备好了吗?好的。”;That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English!;“这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English!”;He was quiet for the whole take, I can hardly believe it. Thank you.;“他始终都好安静,我简直不敢相信。谢谢你。” Article/201707/516330重庆无痛人工流产的医院

重庆爱德华男科栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460640 栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201605/443900重庆生孩子哪家医院好巫溪黔江区武隆县彩超哪家医院最好的

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