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许昌/药流多少钱啊许昌/红月医院泌尿系统在线咨询外媒看中国:热播剧《虎妈猫爸震惊B --01 :9:56 来源:   Perhaps you're familiar with the super-strict mum who pushes her kids to be the best at school, sport, and music - no matter what the cost. Well, there's another feline in the parenting world: Cat Dad.  人们常常听说有对子女超级严格的妈妈,她们要求自己的孩子在学习、运动乃至音乐各个方面都要出类拔萃——为此不惜一切代价现在,在为人父母的人群中又多了一种新的“女性”化形象:猫爸  Cat Dad takes a more softly, softly approach to parenting - preferring to be emotionally sensitive, gentle and relaxed about rules and discipline, in the belief that it will make their offspring self-sufficient and independent. The term has been trending on the micro blogging site Sina Weibo because of a hit Chinese television programme, "Tiger Mom Cat Dad". The two lead characters are, as the title suggests, a fierce Tiger Mom and a chilled-out Cat Dad. Their styles collide as they try to raise their young daughter.  猫爸们采取了一种更加温和可亲、温柔随和的教育方式——他们对子女的情绪变化尤为敏感、出手大方、宽于管束,他们相信这样会让孩子拥有自信,学会独立这个概念如今在新浪微上流行一时,原因是因为一部当红中国电视剧,《虎妈猫爸正如片名所示,片中的两位主角一个是暴脾气的虎妈,一个是淡定的猫爸在教育小女儿的方式上,他们的教育风格常常相互冲突  While Cat Dad may not be as well known as Tiger Mother, he's actually been around nearly as long. One of the original Cat Dads was Chang Zhitao, a father from Shanghai who went head to head in a debate with Chua shortly after her book was published. Despite having vastly different approaches to parenting, both Chua and Chang had daughters who were accepted into Harvard University.  虽然猫爸可能不像虎妈那么为人所知,但是猫爸的存在时间几乎和虎妈一样久了猫爸的其中一位原型是常智韬——这位父亲和出书不久的“虎妈”蔡美儿在舆论中不争上下虽然对于为父为母之道两人的做法大庭相径,蔡美儿和常智韬的女儿都上了哈佛大学  And as if the Tiger-Cat fight wasn't enough, there's also another animalistic parenting persona coming from China. Wolf Dad is even stricter than Tiger Mom and is epitomised by Xiao Baiyou, a father who believes that "beating kids is part of their upbringing."  不过好像虎妈猫爸之战远远不够,中国还有另一种兽拟人格家长的代称“狼爸”狼爸比虎妈还严厉,代表人物是萧百佑,这名父亲深信“棒棍底下出孝子”  "Just as their names suggest, Cat Dad prefers a gentle approach to children's education, while Tiger Mom and Wolf Dad believe that education is a painful process," says Vincent Ni of B Chinese. "It's been a long time since Chinese TV aired such a drama that captured the two seemingly conflicting education philosophies so well."  “顾名思义,猫爸更倾向于用温和的方式教育子女,而虎妈和狼爸则坚信玉不琢不成器”B中文台记者说道,“长期以来,中国总算出了这样一部电视剧,能够精准的把握这两种似乎相互冲突的教育哲学之间的戏剧性冲突”  More than 80m people tuned into "Tiger Mom Cat Dad" and the series finale attracted tens of thousands of comments on Weibo. Some defended Cat Dad: "I think there is too much bullying going on in their household. It's completely disrespectful. " one user commented. Others saw the dad as a weak character who wasn't compatible with his wife: "I think the tiger mother and the cat dad should divorce," one viewer wrote.  超过8千万观众收看了《虎妈猫爸这部电视剧,其结局在微上引发了成千上万的有些人持猫爸,“我觉得在他们的家庭里妻管严的情况实在太多了猫爸应该为此感到羞愧”一个网友如此说道也有人认为猫爸性格儒弱,配不上他的妻子:“我觉得虎妈和猫爸应该离婚,”一个观众这样道禹州市做无痛人流需要多少钱 熊孩子苹果商店掰弯iPhone 6(图) -- ::57 来源:   Rumours about Apple’s bending iPhone 6 Plus show no signs of dying down.  iPhone 6 Plus能被掰弯的传言愈演愈烈  In a five-minute , two -year-old boys step into an Apple store to try to bend a gold iPhone 6 Plus.  在一个5分钟的视频里,名岁少年走进苹果商店想要掰弯一个金色iPhone 6 Plus  They use so much pressure that the screen on the phone pops out, causing the teenagers to say they have to run away or ‘they would have ended up paying it’.  他们用了很大力气,以至于手机屏幕都崩开两名少年说他们必须跑掉以免赔偿  The boys then ask a shop worker whether or not an iPhone 6 Plus could bend.  随后他们问店里的一名工作人员iPhone 6 Plus能不能被掰弯  It is believed that the thinner model, as well as the use of aluminium metal in its design, causes the frame to dem.  据信,iPhone6的机身会变形是因为做的更薄,加之使用了铝金属  Apple has acknowledged there are issues with new iPhones bending under some circumstances, but it added that it has only received nine official complaints.  苹果宣称确实有iPhone在某些情况下变形的情况,但他们称目前只有9起对此的正式投诉中国冷冻最久“冰宝宝”出生 -196℃低温沉睡18年 --30 1:37:0 来源: 零下196℃,1998年被冷冻的胚胎,被唤醒了 Beijing, June 9 (IANS) A healthy baby girl was born in China from an embryo frozen 18 years ago, medical officials said on Wednesday.北京6月9日电(印度亚洲通讯社)星期三,医疗人员表示,中国一枚冷冻了18年的胚胎被“唤醒”,是一个健康的女婴A 5-year-old woman gave birth to a girl, weighing 3,300 gm, in Jiangsu province on Monday. The embryo was implanted into her womb in November , Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday.星期一,江苏省的一位5岁的女士诞下了这名女婴,婴儿重3300克这枚胚胎于年月植入她的子宫据新华社星期三报道She suffered from blocked fallopian tubes and tried to conceive through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in 1998.因输卵管堵塞,该女士于1998年进行试管婴儿治疗希望能怀After three failed implantations, one with a fresh embryo and two with frozen, she decided to wait and try again.在一次新鲜胚胎移植与两次冷冻胚胎移植失败后,她决定等等再说At the beginning of , she went back to the hospital hoping to have another try. Doctors found that she suffered from hydrosalpinx and a thin endometrium. After a surgery, she had the embryo implanted.年初,她来到这家医院希望再试一次医生检查发现她存在输卵管积水和子宫内膜薄的问题手术治疗后,胚胎顺利移植Frozen embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius. According to the Shanghai health department, the storage life frozen embryos should be kept within five years.冷冻胚胎被存在低至零下196度的液态氮中据这家上海医疗中心介绍,冻存胚胎临床使用时间一般控制在5年之内"In reality, we will continue storing embryos as long as the patients ask us to do," said a medical official.“实际操作中,我们会一直为患者保存冷冻胚胎,只要他们不放弃”一名医生说许昌/市专业的人流医院

许昌/做人流哪家医院安全“@”在各种语言中分别叫什么? --1 :: 来源:chinadaily Talking about the “at” sign is much more interesting if you’re not speaking English. The Wikipedia entry @ lists names it in over 50 other languages, many of which are colourful interpretations of its shape – and which, in true online style, often involve animal analogies. 说起“at”符号(@),其他外语比英语的用法有趣得多维基百科上给出的“@”词条列举了50多种外语下的名称,在这之中很多都是对其形状的生动解释——通常是类比动物的网络流行语 Armenians call it ishnik, meaning a “puppy” (curled up on the floor, I assume). Chinese terms include xiao laoshu in Taiwan, meaning “little mouse” and quan ei on the mainland, meaning “circled A”. Danes, meanwhile, prefer snabela (an “elephant’s trunk A”). 亚美尼亚人称其为“ishnik”,这是“小”的意思(大概是@像蜷成一团的小吧)在中国,台湾人叫它“小老鼠”,大陆人叫它“圈A”,意思是“圈住的A”然而,丹麦人更喜欢叫他“snabela”(大象鼻子的形状A) Hungarians have the less savory kukac (“worm” or “maggot”), Italians the slightly more palatable chiocciola (“snail”), while – two personal favourites – Kazakhs see a айла? (“moon’s ear”) and some Germans a klammeraffe (“spider monkey” – or, more precisely, “cling monkey”). If you’re Greek, you say papaki, meaning “little duck.” 匈牙利人的叫法“kukac” (“虫子”、“蛆”)最倒胃口,而意大利人的叫法chiocciola(“蜗牛”)则相对可口一些,个人最喜欢的两种称呼是哈萨克人的айла?(“月之耳”)和德国人klammeraffe(“蜘蛛猴”)如果你是希腊人,你会叫它papaki,是小鸭子的意思 There’s interest outside the animal kingdom, too. Bosnians go ludo A (“crazy letter A”), while in Slovak it is a zavinac (“pickled fish roll”) and in Turkish a guzel A (“beautiful A”). There’s even a special Morse Code signal @ – the only new symbol added since World War One – med by running together the dots and dashes the letters “A” and “C” as a single character: (;--;-;). 除了描述动物王国,这些外语对@也有其它称呼比如波斯尼亚人称之为“ludoA”(“疯狂的字母A”),而斯洛伐克语中则叫“zavinac”(“腌鱼肉卷”),土耳其语中是“guzelA”(“漂亮的A”)@甚至还有特殊的尔斯电码符号——这是一战后唯一加入新符号——它是由点和横杠构成的单一字符(;--;-;),意思是字母A(;-)和C(-;-;) All of which brings us a long way from email. me, though, it adds a pleasant depth to the hastily tapped symbol on my keyboard: a little piece of the ancient Mediterranean lodged in modernity, and a supreme enabler of contemporary exchange. 不过这些都和电子邮件没什么大关系对我来说,它可以增加打字的乐趣:这个古老的地中海符号运用于现代社会,有效地促进着当代信息交流许昌/哪家医院看不孕不育比较好 北京市将大力推进京剧进校园 -- :5:33 来源: 星期二,新京报报道,为了使年轻一代更好的传承中国传统文化,京剧正在被引入中小学课堂Peking Opera is being introduced to primary and middle school students in an eft to promote the traditional art to the younger generation, Beijing News reported on Tuesday.星期二,新京报报道,为了使年轻一代更好的传承中国传统文化,京剧正在被引入中小学课堂The countryrsquo;s first set of textbooks about Peking Opera was compiled and published by the Beijing Association of Promoting Quintessence of Chinese Culture and Peoplersquo;s Education Press in .年,北京国粹艺术传承促进会已经与人民教育出版社合作,编写、出版了中国第一套京剧教科书The textbooks optional courses have been put on trial use in middle schools in Fengtai district and will be used in middle schools across the city. The textbooks primary schools will also be rolled out.目前这套初中版的京剧选修教材已在丰台区初中阶段试用,将在全市推广同时小学版京剧教材也将适时推出Since , Beijing has promoted a program to provide opera training at dozens of primary schools. Schools apply funds from the cityrsquo;s education department to hire professional actors and actresses to work with students as young as 6 or 7.早在年,北京就推出了京剧进校园项目学校可向北京市的教育部门申请资金,以聘请专业表演家们给学生上课六七岁的孩子都可以参加培训Peking Opera arose during the rule of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (-19). It flourished decades in China and as its fame sp, it drew audiences in other countries, including the ed States and Japan.京剧形成于清朝(-19)乾隆皇帝统治时期,随着其声名鹊起,数十年来在中国盛极一时,甚至吸引了不少来自美国、日本的外国观众Yet over the years, its popularity diminished. While a significant number of people listened to radio productions of Peking Opera bee the 1980s, generations born after that pursued pop culture over the traditional arts.然而,近年来,它的热度开始消退出生于80年前的老一辈人中,有相当一部分只能去听一些京剧的音像制品,而80年以后的人们都渐渐只对流行文化感兴趣,摒弃了传统文化许昌/治疗女性痔疮多少钱

许昌/割包皮哪里最靠谱iPhone被判抄袭,苹果也“山寨”? --19 :7:5 来源: 北京知识产权局在一场专利纠纷中裁定苹果公司侵权 Beijing’s Intellectual Property Office has ruled against Apple in a patent dispute brought by a Chinese handset maker.北京知识产权局在一场由中国手机制造商提出的专利纠纷中裁定苹果公司侵权The iPhone 6 and 6S models are similar to Shenzhen Baili’s little-known 0C phone, the authority ruled.当局认为6和6S型号苹果手机与深圳佰利公司名不见传的的0C手机相似In theory, this could lead to iPhone sales being halted in Beijing but sales continue as Apple has appealed to a higher court.理论上,这将可能导致苹果手机在北京被禁止销售,但在苹果公司向更高法院上诉过程中销售仍将继续The tech giant said the handset is still available throughout China.该科技巨头说仍然可以在中国各地购买到苹果手机"iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE models are all available sale today in China. We appealed an administrative order from a regional patent tribunal in Beijing last month and as a result the order has been stayed pending review by the Beijing IP Court," the firm said.“苹果6,6 Plus,6s,6s Plus和SE现在仍在中国销售我们上个月已通过当地专利法庭提出行政诉讼,北京知识产权法院对此案还在审理中,”苹果公司说Analyst Ben Wood, from CCS Insight, told the B he was confident that Apple would resolve the situation.CCS Insight的分析师Ben Wood对B说他确信苹果能解决好这个问题"Large companies will always be reluctant to settle if they feel they don’t have a case to answer, but the Chinese market is so strategic to Apple that if they have to settle, they will," he told the B.“大企业在认为自己不需要回应时,总是不情愿去解决,但中国市场对于苹果公司很重要,如果必须解决,他们会这么做,”他对B说"This is a constant challenge all large tech firms.“这对于大型科技公司总是个巨大的挑战”"Typically these sorts of legal spats are a game of brinkmanship."“通常这类法律纠纷是一场边缘游戏”This is likely to anger Chinese consumers who love their iPhones.这很可能激怒热爱自己苹果手机的中国消费者Baili is not a well-known company - they’re not particularly popular.佰利是个不知名的公司——他们不是特别受欢迎China is Apple’s second-largest market, but the patent ruling just adds to the company’s problems: its iTunes Books and Movie apps were recently shut down by the authorities, and it just lost a lawsuit against a Chinese leather goods maker which stamps the name "IPHONE" on its luggage.中国是苹果公司的第二大市场,但是专利裁决给该公司添加了不少麻烦:它的 iTunes Books 和Movie apps被当局关闭,而且它刚在与中国皮革制造商的官司中败诉,该制造商的行李包上印有“IPHONE”Earlier this month, senior US officials warned American companies felt increasingly unwelcome in China, while the European Business Council noted its members were encountering a "hostile environment" in the country.这个月早些时候,美国高级官员警告说,美国企业在中国感到越来越不欢迎,同时欧洲工商理事会指出,它的成员在中国面临“恶劣的环境” 心碎的照片 堪忧的巴西奥运 --1 ::31 来源:chinadaily This photo, which shows a woman sleeping in front of a tunnel painted with the Olympics’ slogan — “A New World” — has absolutely taken over Facebook in Brazil. 一张照片在巴西火了这张发布于脸书的照片里,一位妇女躺在张贴有年巴西奥运会口号“一个新世界”的隧道口前睡觉The photo has been shared more than ,000 times and has gone viral inside Brazil. 这张照片在巴西国内迅速蹿红,其转发量达000多次Brazil has spent much of the last four years in the midst of a campaign attempting to sweep aside any sign of poverty in the city that’s due to the host the Olympics in just a few weeks. 过去四年里,巴西政府一直致力于消除里约的贫困现象,以便扮演好东道主的角色,迎接几周之后的奥运会开幕But the photo that’s rocketing around Brazil’s internet shows that as much as they try, the government can’t eradicate the city’s issues. 但这张走红网络的照片表明,不论怎样努力,政府也无法根除里约存在的问题A lot of people were sure that the picture was way too on the nose to be anything but Photoshopped. 也有不少人认定这张照片是PS过的Felipe Barcellos, the photographer responsible taking the photo, explained that he used the app Snapseed to edit the original image’s shadow settings and colors, which made a lot of people sure that he’d fabricated the picture. 菲利普?巴瑟罗是这张照片的拍摄者,他解释说自己使用了指划修图(Snapseed)软件编辑了原始照片的阴影设置与色调,导致很多人误以为照片是他伪造的But Barcellos made sure to post a of the scene to prove that the picture was legit. 但巴瑟罗确保能提供一段拍摄于这个隧道口的视频,以明照片的真实性Barcellos is a director, screenwriter, and professor at IED Rio, where he teaches a course titled Pocket Cinema, where he teaches how to tell stories via smartphones. 巴瑟罗不仅是导演兼编剧,还是欧洲设计学院里约热内卢分校的教授他上一门叫做“口袋相机”的课,给学生们讲解如何通过智能手机记录生活故事In an interview with BuzzFeed Brazil, Barcellos said that he saw the woman when he was on a bus leaving the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca. 在接受美国新闻聚合网站BuzzFeed巴西版块记者采访时巴瑟罗表示,他是在乘坐公交驶离巴拉?大蒂茹卡街区时看到的这位妇女“I spotted the woman as she was laying down just outside the tunnel painted with the #Rio promo design. I decided to take a photo and talk to her,” he said. 他说:“我看到这位妇女时她正躺在粉刷上‘里约’宣传标语的隧道口外,我当时决定拍下照片,然后和她聊聊天”According to Barcellos, the woman didn’t want to talk — “she just wanted to sleep.” He posted the photo on his Instagram profile with the hashtag #BusStopTales, which is tied to a compilation of photos and short films taken along the road. 据巴瑟罗说,当时那位妇女并不想和他说话,“她只是想睡觉”巴瑟罗把这张照片和沿途拍的其他照片和短视频一起发到了他的Instagram主页上,并配了一个“公交站偶遇”的话题标签Some people left comments critiquing the Olympic games. 许多人在照片下面留言,批评本届奥运会的筹备“The makeup will be very beautiful, but when the eigners leave the country, the river will be more blurred and Brazil be ashamed,” this commenter wrote on Facebook. 有人在脸书上道:“不论外表粉刷得怎样光鲜亮丽,一旦各国游人离去,亚马逊河只会比以前更加浑浊,巴西也会蒙羞”Others pointed out that the photo “shows the untunate realities of Brazil.” 还有人指出,这张照片“反映了巴西现状堪忧” Barcellos, the photo, he says, “is an important part of the discussion on the supposed sustainable legacy of the Olympics.” 对于巴瑟罗来说,这张照片“是有关奥运会应该留下什么的讨论中一大关键佐”Vocabularyon the nose: 正好,恰恰,完全英文来源:buzzfeed翻译:刘佳丽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning许昌/哪个医院治疗男科好许昌/最安全的人流



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