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For Mars to have rivers, it must once have had streams, rain, clouds and an atmosphere, a planet just like the Earth today-if these were rivers. They had to be sure. The answers would come in 1998 with the launch of Mars Global Surveyor. It was equipped with the latest high-resolution electronic cameras. Sections of the valleys were revealed in fantastic detail. Some valleys had been eroded and filled in with sand. It was impossible to say how they'd been formed. They could have been carved by water, or soil, or carbon dioxide. Then, after they'd searched through thousands of images they found this- a winding valley, two kilometers wide, and at a bend in the canyon, a tiny channel, the unmistakable trace of an ancient river. This is the best evidence we have that climate in the past was different from what it is today. Only a river would leave a meandering trace like this. Only a river would leave the traces of silt they saw in the bend, and only water could carve the winding channel feeding into it. But they soon found more than just a few rivers. They discovered evidence that water had once existed on Mars in colossal quantities. The evidence came from another probe that reached Mars in 1997. It landed in an enormous channel and sent back images of huge boulders scattered around the Martian surface. Scientists were puzzled. What could this strange pattern signify? One man looking on knew exactly what those scattered stones meant-Jim Rice.Mars Global Surveyor:U. S. mission to Mars launched in 1996. Main instruments include a camera, laser altimeter, thermal emission spectrometer, and magnetometer. During the primary mission, the spacecraft circled the planet once every 118 minutes at an average altitude of 378 kilometers (235 miles). The extended mission phase began February 1, 2001. The spacecraft may function eventually as a communications satellite to relay data back to Earth from surface landers launched as part of future Mars missionsmeander:to follow a winding and turning coursemeandering:winding200809/48385US Senate Approves Financial Rescue Plan美参院通过金融法案焦点转向众院 Revised legislation to rescue America's financial institutions has cleared its first hurdle, winning approval in the U.S. Senate. The bill could face a tougher test Friday in the House of Representatives.经过修改的拯救美国金融机构的立法通过了第一道关卡,在美国国会参议院得以通过。这项法案星期五在众议院可能面临更艰难的考验。Senators overwhelmingly passed the enhanced version of the bailout, 74-25 Wednesday night, sending it to the House, which rejected the first incarnation of the bill earlier in the week. 星期三晚间,参议员们以74票比25票的压倒多数通过了修改后的救市计划。该计划将送往众议院表决。 本星期早些时候众议院拒绝了这项计划的最初版本。Under the controversial plan, the U.S. government would spend 0 billion to take over bad debts from U.S.-based financial institutions.根据这项具有争议的计划,美国政府将使用7千亿美元来收购美国金融机构的坏账。The easy Senate approval raised hopes among the Bush administration and congressional leaders that many of the Representatives who voted against the bill on Monday might change their minds by Friday.参议院顺利通过救市计划,重新燃起了布什政府和国会领袖们对星期五众议院通过这一计划的希望,他们估计很多在星期一投反对票的众议员可能改变立场。The revised legislation is said to be gaining support in the House, thanks in part to amendments including 0 billion in tax breaks for businesses and middle-income families, as well as an increased limit on federal deposit insurance.这项经过修改的救市立法据说会在众议院得到更多持度,因为该立法作了部分修正,包括对企业和中产阶级家庭减免高达1千亿美元的税收,同时提高了联邦政府给存款的保险金的最高限额。The proposal is not popular with many taxpayers. Mail, e-mail and telephone calls to congressional offices have been overwhelmingly against it. With the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate up for re-election about one month from now, many lawmakers have been hesitant to support the bailout.这项提案对很多纳税人来说是非常不受欢迎的,反对提案的信件、电邮、电话像潮水一样涌向国会议员办公室。还有一个月左右的时间,国会全体众议员和三分之一参议员将面临重新选举的考验,很多议员在是否持这项法案问题上犹豫不决。Even some Senators who voted for the plan, such as Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, say they did so reluctantly.甚至一些投了赞成票的参议员,例如来自南卡罗来纳的共和党人格雷厄姆就表示,他们这样做并不是心甘情愿的。"We have two choices as far as I am concerned: a bad choice we all recognize, and a catastrophic choice if we do nothing," he said.“我们认为我们有两种选择,一个是我们都承认的不好的选项,而假如我们不采取行动,另一个选项则会是灾难性的。”Many lawmakers who voted yes warned of a financial catastrophe if the bailout goes down again. Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York said failure to pass the bill would result in the financial equivalent of a heart attack.很多投了赞成票的国会议员都警告说,如果救市计划再次失败,金融灾难就将来临。来自纽约州的民主党参议员舒默说, 假如救市议案不能通过,金融界发生的情况就像是人的心脏病发作。"Our economy's body is in terrible shape because its arteries, the financial system, is clogged, and it will cause a heart attack, maybe in a day, maybe in six months, but we will get a heart attack for sure if we do not act," he said.“我们的经济体系情况很糟糕,因为供血的动脉系统,也就是金融系统被堵塞了,这会引发心脏病卒发,也许再过一天,也许再过半年,总之,如果我们不采取行动,心脏病终将发作。”Both presidential candidates left their campaigns to return to the Senate and vote in favor of the bill. Illinois Democrat Barack Obama spoke on the Senate floor, saying a second defeat for the legislation would affect Americans everywhere.美国两党总统候选人中断了竞选,回到参议院,为救市方案投了赞成票。来自伊利诺伊州的民主党参议员奥巴马在参议院说,如果再次否决这项立法,全国各地的美国人都将受到影响。"What it means is that businesses will not be able to get the loans they need to open a new factory or make payroll for their workers. And if they cannot make payroll on Friday, then workers are laid off on Monday. And if workers are laid off on Monday, then they cannot pay their bills or pay back their loans to somebody else. And it will go on and on and on, rippling through the entire economy," he said.“这意味着企业在开设新工厂或者给员工发放工资时不能得到它们所需的贷款,如果星期五他们开不出工资来,工人下星期一就被裁员。如果工人星期一失业的话,他们就无法交付账单,无法偿还拖欠别人的贷款。”Earlier in the day, Republican John McCain of Arizona warned of dire consequences if the enhanced bailout plan went down.星期三稍早,来自亚利桑纳的共和党参议员麦凯恩警告说,如果修改后的救市方案再次受挫,后果不堪设想。"If the financial rescue bill fails in Congress yet again, the present crisis will turn into a disaster," McCain said.“如果金融救援议案在国会再次失败,那么,目前的危机就将变成灾难。”Wednesday's vote crossed party lines. Many Republicans voted for the plan, and some Democrats voted against it. Some liberals oppose using taxpayers' money to rescue the financial markets, and some conservatives believe the government should not interfere in private business. 星期三的表决超越了政党的界限,很多共和党人赞成这一方案,一些民主党人则投了反对票。一些自由派的议员反对利用纳税人的钱去挽救金融市场,一些保守派人士认为,政府不应该干预私有经济。Alabama Republican Richard Shelby voted against the proposal because he thought there should be a better alternative.来自阿拉巴马州的共和党参议员谢尔比投票反对这一立法,因为他认为应该有一个更好的选择。"Many around here are finding comfort in the notion that something is better than nothing. I believe that is a false choice. The choice we faced was between pursuing an informed response or panic. And I think we chose panic," he said.他说:“这里很多人认为,做点事情总比什么都不做更让人感到安心。而我认为那是错误的选择。我们面临的抉择是,或者在得到足够的信息后做出反应,或者惊恐万状不知所措。我认为我们选择了惊慌失措。”If the House passes the bailout plan, it will go to President Bush for his signature.如果众议院通过了救市立法,该立法将送交总统签字生效。After the House rejected the previous version on Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost almost 780 points, a record for a one-day point loss. The Dow recovered more than half of that lost value on Tuesday.众议院星期一否决前一个救市方案之后,道琼斯指数下降了近780点,创下单日跌幅历史纪录。星期二这一指数回升,收复前一天跌幅的一半以上。200810/51521And you could say ;Im finding it very difficult to work with this person.;你可以说“我发现很难和这个人一起工作。”Right. Ill try.好的,我试试。Theres Paul now… Paul, could I have a word please?保罗来了,保罗,我能跟你说几句话吗?Of course, Anna. Lets go in my office.当然了,安娜。去我的办公室吧。Now, how can I help?我能帮你做什么?Err, well, its Rachel.是关于瑞秋。Yes, amazing woman. Mr Socrates favourite.是的,出色的女性,苏格拉底先生的最佳员工。I know… but Im finding it difficult to work with her.我知道,但我发现很难和她一起工作。Oh whys that?为什么这么说?Im a bit concerned that shes made a mistake and it might affect our business.我有点担心她做了错事,这可能会影响我们的生意。Golly gosh. Really? ! Whys that?上帝。真的吗?为什么这么说?Well, shes ordered second-hand oranges for our new client in France.她定了二手橙子给我们的法国新客户。Thats marvellous… isnt it?这太棒了,不是吗?Well, I asked her not to.我让她别这么做。They wanted lemons… new Imperial Lemons.他们想要柠檬,新型皇家柠檬。Ah… not so marvellous. Anything else?并不这么好。还有什么?Well, speaking personally, I dont think shes pulling her weight.就个人来说,我认为她没有做好份内的工作。She doesnt seem to do any work and just keeps going out to buy cappuccinos.她似乎什么工作也没做,只是出去买卡布奇诺。Well, thats just not on.这太让人无法接受了。Look Anna, I will look into this straight away and see if I can sort this out.安娜,我会马上调查的,看看我能否解决。Thank you for bringing it to my attention.谢谢你提醒我。Now, I think youve earned a custard cream.我想你可以来个蛋奶奶油饼干。 /201705/507596Revelations about inspection检查规定A: Good morning Mr. Liu. I am Tom from China Daily. We had an appointment. Here I come.A: 早上好,刘先生。我是中国日报的汤姆,我们约好了今天见面,我来了。B: Sure, come on in. Welcome to China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau. What can I do for you?B: 哦,是啊。快请进。欢迎你来到中国进出口商品检验局。我能为你做点什么?A: Heres the thing. I am going to do a report on the import-export commodity inspection. So I am here to collect some information and materials. I hope you can help me on it.A: 事情是这样的。我要作一篇报道,是出口商品检验的报道,所以我来您这解一下情况并搜集一些有用的信息希望:您能给我提供一些帮助。B: No problem. This is also our responsibility to make the public comprehend some knowledge about import-export commodity inspectionB: 没问题啊。让公众了解一些关于进出口商品检验的有关问题也是我们的责任。A: Thats really nice of you to say so. Shall we begin now?A: 您能这样说真是太好了。我们现在开始好吗?B: Sure, please go ahead.B: 当然可以,开始吧。A: My first question is what significance it is to do the commodity inspection.A: 我的第一个问题是进行商品检验的意义是什么?B: Commodity inspection is done in order to protect the public interests and the lawful rights and interests of the parties involved in foreign trade. And the other great significance of commodity inspection is to promote the smooth development of economic and trade relations with foreign countries.B: 进行商品检验首先是为了维护社会公共利益和进出口贸易有关各方的合法权益。其次商品检验的另一个重要意义在于它能够促进对外经济贸易关系的顺利发展。A: Great.thank you. Then my next question is that is it the case that all import-export commodities should go through the inspection formality !A: 很好,谢谢您。我的下一个问题是所有的进出口商品都要进行商品检验吗?B: Not really. The import and export commodities which meet the conditions for exemption of inspection provided for by the State may be exempted from inspection upon the examination and approval of an application from the consignee or consignor by the State Administration for Commodity Inspection.B: 不完全是这样的。进出口商品中符合国家规定的免予检验条件的,由收货人或者发货人申请,经国家商检部门审查批准,可以免予检验。B: OK.I get it. Then how exactly the commodity is inspected, or I mean on what basic principles should the inspection be carried out?A: 好的,我明白了。那么,究竟是如何进行商品检验的呢?或者我的意思是说进出口商品检验是基于什么样的基本原则呢?A: Import-export commodity inspection should be done on the basis of human health and safety, the life or heath of fauna and flora, environmental protection and public safety and prevent fraud.B: 进出口商品检验应当基于保护人类健康和安全、保护动物或者植物的生命和健康、保护环境、防止欺诈行为、维护国家安全而进行。B: What will be done to the disqualified commodities?A: 不合格商品该怎样处理?A: Imported commodities which do not go through the inspection formality are not allowed to sell or use; exported commodities which prove to be disqualified in the process of inspection are forbidden to be exporled.B: 进口商品未经检验的,不准销售、使用出口商品未经检验合格的,不准出口。B: Thank you so much. The information you offered to me is really helpful to me. I appreciate it.A: 非常感谢您刘先生。您给我提供的信息非常的有价值,再次感谢您。 /201602/425131探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 07After we had seen how relatively easy it was to change the switches in mouse embryos, we thought that perhaps the same could be true of human embryos. In IVF, you also have the embryo for a brief period of time in a culture dish. And so we were asking the question whether as in a mouse embryo, the mere fact of human embryos having been in a culture dish, or been manipulated, could alter their epigenetic switches?Wolf knew that Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome was caused by a faulty switch. So what we were looking at was a group of babies and children that have the Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. What proportion of those were conceived by, by IVF. Could IVF be switching genes on or off? Could IVF itself cause the syndrome? What we found was an increased occurrence of this epigenetic syndrome in the IVF population. Although the disease is extremely rare, the risk appeared to increase three to four times with IVF. It seemed that the simple act of removing the embryo from its natural environment could trigger the disease. And, I do feel frustrated that Karen might possibly have Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome as the, because we had IVF. But at the time, it was the right decision to make. And I think that we should look again at the IVF procedures, the conditions that are being used and carry out better and more precise experiments to see how we can avoid throwing these epigenetic switches. Wolf had shown a simple change in environment was enough to turn a gene on or off. But there was more. Everyone thought that any altered switches could not be inherited. He took some mice with altered gene switches and bred them. Our expectation was that as the altered genome was passed to the children that any epigenetic changes would be wiped clean. When he looked at the gene profile of the offspring, he was amazed. You have dots that you were looking at, and every dot means a gene is on. And all of a sudden, you know, somebody said, "Wow, Look at that".The epigenetic switch thrown in one generation was clearly also present in the second generation.200807/44961

UN Says N. Korea Ejects Inspectors From Nuclear Reprocessing Plant北韩终止国际社会对其核设施监督   North Korea has taken dramatic steps toward fulfilling its threat to resume production of nuclear weapons material.北韩朝着实现其恢复生产核武器材料的威胁采取了极端的步骤。The International Atomic Agency, or IAEA, confirms North Korea has ended international supervision of activities at its main nuclear reprocessing facility in Yongbyon. Melissa Fleming, a spokeswoman for the U.N. agency, confirms it has complied with North Korea's demand to remove seals and cameras.国际原子能机构实,北韩终止了国际社会对其主要核设施的监督活动。国际原子能机构发言人弗莱明说:"There are no more seals and surveillance equipment in place at the reprocessing facility," she said.“北韩要求国际原子能机构拆除宁边设施上的封条和监视设备。”Fleming says the North has disclosed plans for the facility in the near future.弗莱明说,这项工作星期三已经完成,北韩为这个设施制定了近期计划。"The DPRK has also informed the IAEA inspectors that they plan to introduce nuclear material to the reprocessing plant in one week′s time," she said. "They further stated that from here on the IAEA inspectors will have no further access to the reprocessing plant."她说:“北韩还告诉国际原子能机构检查人员,他们计划在一个星期内将核材料运入这个设施。他们还表示,从现在开始,国际原子能机构检查人员不再能够进入这个设施。”South Korean officials say they are very concerned about North Korea's actions, which pose a serious challenge to an international deal aimed at ending its nuclear weapons capabilities.韩国官员表示,他们非常关注北韩的行动,他们认为这些行动对旨在终止北韩核武器能力的一项国际协议构成了严重挑战。Pyongyang promised South Korea, the ed States, Japan, China and Russia last year it would fully disable the Yongbyon facility, and declare its nuclear programs as a step toward eliminating them altogether. After submitting the declaration months past the agreed deadline, North Korea has refused to agree on a set of steps for outside teams to verify that the declaration is accurate.平壤去年曾经向韩国、美国、日本、中国和俄罗斯保,将完全终止宁边设施的活动,并提交核项目清单,作为完全去核化的一步。在超过最后期限几个月才提交核项目清单之后,北韩拒绝接受由外部团队核查其核清单准确性的一整套措施。The ed States says it will not remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations accused of sponsoring terrorism until there is a verification agreement. North Korea says the verification issue is separate from Washington's promise to remove it from the terror list. In recent weeks, it has threatened to restart the Yongbyon reactor, and says it is no longer interested in being removed from the U.S. list.美国表示,在就核查机制取得共识之前,不会把北韩从国务院一个被指责资助恐怖主义的国家的名单中去除。北韩表示,核查问题与华盛顿将北韩从恐怖名单中除名的保是两回事,最近几个星期,北韩威胁重启宁边反应堆,并声言,北韩对从恐怖名单中除名不再感兴趣了。South Korea has hinted it may delay energy and other assistance it committed to provide North Korea under the six-nation deal. That could further constrict North Korea's impoverished economy, which has endured strict international sanctions since Pyongyang tested its first nuclear weapon in 2006.韩国方面暗示,可能会推迟根据六国协议承诺提供给北韩的能源和其他援助。而这将使北韩贫困的经济进一步受到挤压。平壤2006年试验第一枚核武器以后,国际社会对北韩采取了制裁行动。200809/50340

US Lawmakers Respond to Possible Boost in Saudi Oil Production美议员对沙特或增产石油反应不一  U.S. legislators are responding cautiously to statements from Saudi Arabia that hint at possible further increases in oil production, saying the ed States must do more on its own to reduce its dependency on foreign sources of fuel. 美国国会议员们对沙特阿拉伯有关可能会进一步增加石油产量的说法反应谨慎。他们说美国必须自己作出更多努力来减少对外国燃油的依赖。Saudi Arabia's oil minister (Ali al-Naimi) says the kingdom is willing to boost crude production if sufficient demand exists for the commodity. The remarks came at an oil summit in Jeddah, where Saudi Arabia said it is aly increasing production by 200,000 barrels per day, but would consider an even higher output. 沙特阿拉伯石油事务大臣说,如果消费者对原油的需求量足够大,沙特愿意增加原油产量。他是在沙特城市吉达召开的石油问题高峰会议上说这番话的。沙特阿拉伯在会议上说,沙特已经把原油日产量增加20万桶,而且会考虑进一步增产。In Washington, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence, Massachusetts Representative Edward Markey, seemed unimpressed by the Saudi pronouncement. 在华盛顿,美国国会众议院能源独立委员会主席、麻萨诸塞州众议员马基似乎对沙特宣布的这一消息并不感兴趣。"It may have a marginal impact [in moderating oil prices]," said Congressman Markey. "But in the end, this crisis is really caused by 12 years of Republican control of Congress. We have gone from 46 percent dependence [on foreign oil] when the Republicans took over the House and Senate in 1995 to 61 percent dependence on imported oil today. We have had an oil and gas agenda. We have thwarted the renewable energy agenda." 他说:“这可能会对降低油价产生微弱的影响。但是从本质上看,造成目前危机的真正原因是共和党对国会长达12年的控制。在1995年共和党取得对国会参、众两院控制权时,美国46%的石油依赖进口,而现在这一比例上升到61%。我们一直把石油和天然气放在日程表上,但是阻碍了可再生能源的发展。”Markey was speaking on A's This Week program. Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in the 2006 elections. 马基是在美国广播公司的“本周”节目中说这番话的。民主党人在2006年的选举中取得了对议会两院的控制权。Many Republicans, including President George Bush and the party's presumptive presidential nominee Senator John McCain, agree with Democrats in urging expanded use of alternative energy sources. But Mr. Bush and McCain are also calling for expanded domestic oil drilling to boost America's crude supplies. 美国总统布什、即将获得共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员和许多共和党人同意民主党人关于敦促人们使用更多替代性能源的主张。但是,布什和麦凯恩还要求加大开采国内石油资源,以增加美国的原油供给。Also appearing on A's This Week, Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas blasted Democrats for opposing new drilling off U.S. coastlines and other areas. 德克萨斯州的共和党参议员哈钦森也参加了美国广播公司的“本周”节目。她对民主党人反对在美国沿海等地区开采新的石油资源进行了严厉的批评。"The Democrats have thwarted every effort we have made to increase our [domestic oil] supply," said Kay Bailey Hutchison. "This is a supply-and-demand issue. The demand has skyrocketed mainly because of global [consumption] increases, and we have not done anything about supply. Drilling off-shore on a state-by-state basis is something I think we could do very environmentally safely." 她说:“民主党人对我们增加国内石油供给的一切努力都横加阻挠。这是一个供给和需求的问题。需求量激烈上升主要是全球能源使用量增加造成的,而我们还没有针对供给采取任何行动。我认为,我们可以在对环境很安全的情况下根据每个州的具体情况开发沿海石油资源。”Some energy experts say oil prices have risen, in part, due to speculation by energy traders. The head of the American Petroleum Institute, Red Caveney, says there is a simple way to counteract expectations of continually higher fuel prices that drive market speculation. 一些能源专家说,石油价格上涨的一部分原因是能源交易商的投机行为。美国石油学会的负责人卡夫尼说,人们认为油价会继续不断的升高,这就导致了市场投机行为。"What you need are permanent solutions," said Red Caveney. "That is the signal the markets are looking for. Any scenario you look at, you will find that you need all the energy we can get of every kind."  他说:“你需要的是永久性的解决办法。那就是市场要得到的信号。”Caveney echoed calls for increased U.S. oil drilling.  卡夫尼也呼吁增加对美国国内石油资源的开采。One expert argued that, for years, the ed States has underinvested in technologies to make automobiles more fuel-efficient. Jeffrey Sachs, who directs Columbia University's Earth Institute, says the ed States has catch-up work to do if it wants to become energy independent. 而另一名专家、哥伦比亚大学地球研究所所长萨克斯说,多年以来,美国没有投入足够的资金来发展提高汽车燃油使用率的技术。他说,如果美国想在能源上独立,它还需要做许多工作来赶上形势。John McCain and his presumed Democratic rival for the presidency, Senator Barack Obama, say major investments will be needed in renewable and alternative energy sources. Unlike McCain, Obama opposes new off-shore oil drilling and has proposed imposing a windfall profits tax on U.S. oil companies.200806/42545

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