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What#39;s happened?I asked.What is it?发生什么事了?我问道,到底怎么了?He looked at me.Hamnet… he began.他望着我。哈姆奈特……,他开口说道,Hamnet was ill last week,and…and he died,yesterday.上星期哈姆奈特病倒了,可是……可是他昨天死了。He was only eleven,Toby,and he#39;s dead.My boy.他才11岁呀,托比,可他却死了。My only son.He#39;s dead,Toby.Dead.我的孩子。我唯一的儿子。托比,他死了,死了。He put his face in his hands.他双手掩面哭了。What Can you say to a man when something like that happens to him?发生这样的事你又能说什么来安慰他呢?I sat down next to him and put my hand on his arm.我挨着他坐下,把手放在他的胳膊上,We sat together,silently.就这样并排静静地坐着。I knew that Will loved that boy of his—red-haired,bright as a new penny,我知道威尔很疼爱这个儿子——他长着红色闪着光泽的头发,聪明伶俐、full of life.Just like his father.生气勃勃,很像他父亲。 /201306/244602英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 Let Join Our English -- :01:7 来源: Let Join Our English English is very important. In 00s,our country is join in WTO. So English is very important. If you want to know how to study English well.You can ask me. I can tell you. But I think you must be interested in English.First you can listen to the teacher carefully.Then you do some exercises.But you must do them bu yourself.There you can study English well.How important English is! Let join our English. OK?此外,“坚持”也可译作insist on, keep up, uphold等 Insist  5. 自1950年以来,世界上两个地域最大、实力最强的国家彼此隔离,毫无了解,相互间既恐惧又敌视

欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第31节】31.He probably just got hold up in the traffic.四级词汇讲解:hold up意为“持续;延缓”结合语境可以知道,get hold up意为“被耽搁”英语四级考点归纳:像hold up这样把构成动词短语的两个词连在一起变成名词的情况有很多,包括:back up 援clean up 打扫make up 化妆warm-up 热身sit-in 静坐抗议 get away 逃跑,逃脱break through 突破 drop out 退出学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法

行军篇 NO.1:孙子曰: 凡处军相敌,绝山依谷,视生处高,战隆无登,此处山之军也。绝水必远水,客绝水而来,勿迎之于水内,令半渡而击之利,欲战者,无附于水而迎客,视生处高,无迎水流,此处水上之军也。绝斥泽,唯亟去无留,若交军于斥泽之中,必依水草而背众树,此处斥泽之军也。平陆处易,右背高,前死后生,此处平陆之军也。凡此四军之利,黄帝之所以胜四帝也。这句啥意思:孙子说:在各种不同地形上处置军队和观察判断敌情时,应该注意:通过山地,必须依靠有水草的山谷,驻扎在居高向阳的地方,敌人占领高地,不要仰攻,这是在山地上对军队的处置原则。横渡江河,应远离水流驻扎,敌人渡水来战,不要在江河中迎击,而要等它渡过一半时再攻击,这样较为有利。如果要同敌人决战,不要紧靠水边列阵;在江河地带扎营,也要居高向阳,不要面迎水流,这是在江河地带上对军队处置的原则。通过盐碱沼泽地带,要迅速离开,不要逗留;如果同敌军相遇于盐碱沼泽地带,那就必须靠近水草而背靠树林,这是在盐碱沼泽地带上对军队处置的原则。在平原上应占领开阔地域,而侧翼要依托高地,前低后高。这是在平原地带上对军队处置的原则。以上四种“处军”原则的好处,就是黄帝之所以能战胜其他四帝的原因。英文这么说:Sun Tzu said: We come now to the question of encamping the army, and observing signs of the enemy.Pass quickly over mountains, and keep in the neighborhood of valleys.Camp in high places, facing the sun. Do not climb heights in order to fight. So much for mountain warfare.After crossing a river, you should get far away from it.When an invading force crosses a river in its onward march, do not advance to meet it in mid-stream.It will be best to let half the army get across,and then deliver your attack.If you are anxious to fight, you should not go to meet the invader near a river which he has to cross.Moor your craft higher up than the enemy, and facing the sun. Do not move up-stream to meet the enemy.So much for river warfare.In crossing salt-marshes, your sole concern should be to get over them quickly, without any delay.If forced to fight in a salt-marsh, you should have water and grass near you, and get your back to a clump of trees. So much for operations in salt-marches.In dry, level country, take up an easily accessible position with rising ground to your right and on your rear,so that the danger may be in front, and safety lie behind.So much for campaigning in flat country.These are the four useful branches of military knowledge which enabled the Yellow Emperor to vanquish four several sovereigns. 《行军篇》简析本篇主要论述的是行军作战的组织指挥和观察判断敌情的一些方法。行军即带兵之意,所以,孙子明确提出了“令之以文,齐之以武”的带兵原则。也就是说,带好兵,必须是文、武兼用的治理方法。文,指的是宽仁,武,指的是严格,宽仁用兵,严格带兵,这也是孙子军事思想的一个重要方面。得人心者得天下,势必拮宭,到了这时恐怕又众叛亲离,一败涂地。 Article/201308/252925


  ד他的藏画全都卖了吗?” “他有一些画,其他的我说不准”

考研英语 年考研英语阅读C模拟试题及 -01- ::35 来源: Part C  Directions:  Read the following text carefully and then translate the underlined segments into Chinese. Your translation should be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET . ( points)  What has science learned about what makes people happy? More than one might imagine—along with some surprising things about what doesn’t ring our inner chimes. Take wealth, instance, and all the delightful things that money can buy. (6) Research by scientists has shown that once your basic needs are met, additional income does little to raise your sense of satisfaction with life. A good education? Sorry, neither education nor, that matter, a high IQ paves the road to happiness. Youth? No, again. In fact, older people are more consistently satisfied with their lives that the young. And they’re less prone to dark moods. Marriage? A complicated picture: married people are generally happier than singles, but that may be because they were happier to begin with  On the positive side, friendship seems to genuinely lift the spirit. (7) A study found that the most salient characteristics shared by the % of students with the highest levels of happiness and the fewest signs of depression were their strong ties to friends and family and commitment to spending time with them  Of course, happiness is not a static state. Even the happiest of people—the cheeriest %—feel blue at times. And even the bluest have their moments of joy. That has presented a challenge to social scientists trying to measure happiness. Researchers have devised several methods of assessment. One of the most basic and widely used tools is the Satisfaction with Life Scale. (8) Though some scholars have questioned the validity of this simple, five-question survey, it squares well with other measures of happiness, such as impressions from friends and family, expression of positive emotion and low incidence of depression  (9) Adrian White from the University of Leicester has complied a map of global happiness, using responses to the Satisfaction with Life Scale questionnaire. (50) If you ask those questions of people in 180 nations and normalize the data so that your unhappiest country (Burundi) equals 0 and your happiest (Denmark) equals 73 and color code all countries by their happiness (darker equals happier), you get this lovely map  参考  Part C( points)  6.科学家的研究表明,一旦你的基本需求得到满足,额外的收入对提高你生活满意度的作用便微乎其微  7.一项研究发现,在快乐程度最高并且最没有沮丧表现的学生群体中,有%的人最显著的特点就是和朋友、家庭成员联系紧密,并且致力于花时间和他们呆在一起  8.尽管一些学者对这种仅有五个问题的简单问卷调查的有效性提出疑问,但它与其他对快乐的测评方法表现出了一致性,例如来自朋友和家庭成员的印象、积极情绪的表达,以及沮丧情绪的低发生率  9.莱斯特大学的艾德里安·怀特运用人们对“生活满意程度问卷调查”的回答,编制了一张反应全球快乐状况的地图  50.如果你用上述问题提问180个国家的人民并且统一量化这些数据——最不快乐的国家布隆迪数值为0,最快乐的国家丹麦数值为73,然后安快乐水平用颜色深浅标示(颜色越深,表示越快乐),你就回得到这张有趣的地图了  全文翻译  什么东西使人感到快乐?科学对此有何了解?比人们所想想的要多此外,对于并不能使人内心震撼的事情,科学也有一些惊人发现比如财富,以及一切可以用金钱买来的令人愉快的东西科学家的研究表明,一旦你的基本需求得到满足,额外的收入对提高你生活满意度的作用便微乎其微  良好的教育?抱歉,无论是教育还是智商,都不是通向快乐的途径年轻?又错了事实上,年长者比起年轻人对他们的生活更能感觉到持久的满足,而且较少倾向于情绪失落婚姻?这是一个复杂的情况:已婚人士大体比单身时要快了些,但可能因为他们正处于婚姻生活开始的时候  从积极的方面来讲,友谊似乎会真正提高人的精神状态一项研究发现,在快乐程度最高并且最没有沮丧表现的学生群体中,有%的人最显著的特点就是和朋友、家庭成员联系紧密,并且致力于花时间和他们呆在一起  当然,快乐并非一个静止状态即使最快乐的人——最兴高采烈的%——也会有感到忧郁的时候;而最忧郁的人也会有高兴的片刻这为社会科学家们带来了一个挑战:如何来测量快乐研究者们已经设计了几种估算方法其中最基本、运用最广泛的一种就是“生活满意程度”尽管一些学者对这种仅有五个问题的简单问卷调查的有效性提出疑问,但它与其他对快乐的测评方法表现出了一致性,例如来自朋友和家庭成员的印象、积极情绪的表达,以及沮丧情绪的低发生率  莱斯特大学的艾德里安·怀特运用人们对“生活满意程度问卷调查”的回答,编制了一张反应全球快乐状况的地图如果你用上述问题提问180个国家的人民并且统一量化这些数据——最不快乐的国家布隆迪数值为0,最快乐的国家丹麦数值为73,然后安快乐水平用颜色深浅标示(颜色越深,表示越快乐),你就回得到这张有趣的地图了

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