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Boeing has forecast that China will overtake the US as the world’s largest aviation market, extending a surge in single-aisle aircraft demand.Randy Tinseth, a Boeing vice-president, said the reordering of the market would occur by 2033. Chinese air travel, as measured by revenue passenger kilometres, is only about half as large as the US and Canada’s combined.In its annual China market forecast, Boeing projected that Chinese airlines would buy 6,000 aircraft worth 0bn in the next 20 years, with single-aisle aircraft accounting for more than two-thirds of demand.The size of China’s fleet is expected to triple, to about 7,000 aircraft, over the same period. Boeing’s previous forecasts have underestimated purchases of single-aisle aircraft. “I don’t think we anticipated the demand in emerging economies and from low-cost carriers,” said Mr Tinseth, whose forecast echoes similar predictions by rival Airbus.The growth of low-cost China carriers is expected to be an important source of demand. In July, China Eastern became the first of the big three airlines to launch a budget carrier.Boeing also expects new international routes to spur sales of the 787 Dreamliner.China Southern and Hainan Airlines took deliveries of their first Dreamliners last year, with Hainan deploying it on a new service from Beijing to Boston.Boeing has not outlined any plans to manufacture aircraft in the country, while China’s own Comac has struggled with product delays. “China is trying to do [what Airbus did in 40 years] in an accelerated manner,” Mr Tinseth said. 波音(Boeing)预测,中国将取代美国成为世界最大的航空市场,单通道客机将因此在更长时间内面临需求激增的局面。波音副总裁兰迪#8226;廷塞斯(Randy Tinseth)说,市场规模排名的这一变化将发生在2033年。按客公里收入(RPK)计算,中国的民航运量仅约为美国和加拿大之和的一半。波音在其对中国市场的年度预测中预计,中国的航空公司会在未来20年里购买6000架客机,总值8700亿美元,其中单通道客机占总需求的三分之二以上。同期,中国的机队规模将扩大至现在的3倍,达到7000架。波音此前的预测低估了单通道客机的购买量。“我认为我们没有预计到新兴经济体和低成本航空公司的需求,”廷塞斯说。他的预测呼应了波音竞争对手空客(Airbus)做出的类似预测。低成本航空公司的增长预计将成为需求的重要来源。7月份,中国东方航空(China Eastern)成为中国三大航空公司中首家设立廉价航空公司的公司。波音还预测,新的国际航线将刺激波音787梦幻客机(787 Dreamliner)的销售。中国南方航空(China Southern)和海南航空(Hainan Airlines)去年接收了它们的首批梦幻客机机型,海航将其用于北京至波士顿的新航班上。波音还没有拟定任何在中国生产飞机的计划,中国本土的中国商用飞机公司(Comac)则在努力解决产品延迟交付的问题。“中国正在努力以一种加速的方式完成(空客在过去40年完成的工作),”廷塞斯说。。

On a day dominated by the initial public offering of the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba’s and the first sales of Apple’s new iPhone 6, Tesla Motors added to the tech-centric buzz by wirelessly upgrading its Model S electric car with a number of new features. Among them? A location-based air suspension that remembers potholes and steep driveways and automatically adjusts to avoid them.在中国电商阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba)首次公开募股和苹果(Apple)iPhone 6开售吸引了所有关注的当天,特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)对其旗舰车型Model S的无线软件进行了升级,添加了许多新特色,这一举动给关注科技的大众再添了一笔谈资。其中最有特色的功能是一款可以根据位置进行变化的空气悬架,它可以记住坑洼和陡峭的车道,并自动调整高度避开它们。The feature, which is only available in Model S cars equipped with air suspension, remembers where the driver previously selected high ride heights and automatically raises the car in those spots.这一功能只有装配空气悬架的Model S车型可以使用,它能够记忆驾驶员之前选择的悬架高度,并自动在这些位置提高汽车底盘。Other features, which were added to Model S sedans through a wireless software upgrade, include traffic-based navigation that will take into account data shared by other Tesla vehicles on the road, a calendar that syncs with a driver’s smartphone, remote start, power management, and ability to “name” your car. Once the car registers the car’s nickname, it will appear in the Tesla mobile app and in the About Your Tesla section on the 17-inch touch-screen display.Model S通过无线软件升级实现的其他功能还包括:基于交通情况的导航系统(该导航会根据其他特斯拉汽车共享的路况数据作出决定),与司机的智能手机同步的日历,遥控启动,电源管理,以及给汽车“命名”。车主注册昵称后,该昵称将会出现在特斯拉的移动应用,以及车内17英寸触摸屏上的“关于你的特斯拉”菜单中。The ability to wirelessly upgrade a vehicle’s software isn’t unique, according to Kelley Blue Book analyst Karl Brauer, who noted Tesla’s location-based air suspension was an interesting feature he hadn’t seen before.美国权威汽车价值评估网站Kelley Blue Book的分析师卡尔o布劳尔表示,升级汽车无线软件并非独特的技术,但特斯拉根据位置自动调整的空气悬架是一个他从未见过的有趣特色。“Any car with built-in Wi-fi technically has the ability to update its software,” said Brauer. “For instance, GM cars equipped with OnStar have been able to remote start cars or make wireless upgrades for some time.”布劳尔说:“任何拥有内置无线网络的汽车,从技术上讲都能够升级其软件。比如,装有安吉星(OnStar)的通用汽车(GM)都具有远程启动功能,该软件有些时候也会进行无线升级。”Still the Tesla’s practice of wirelessly upgrading the car’s software to not only fix bugs, but also roll out new features that improve performance and customize the driving experience, illustrates a shift within the auto industry.但是,特斯拉汽车软件的无线升级不仅是为了修复漏洞,还会借此推出新的特色以增强汽车性能、为客户量身营造驾驶体验,这体现了汽车业内的一种转变。“The importance of software upgrades and maintaining a communication link between the car and the automaker will increase and become more pivotal moving forward,” said John Gartner, research director with Navigant Research.Navigant Research公司研究总监约翰o高德纳表示:“保持软件升级,维持汽车和汽车制造商之间通讯链的重要性会日益增加,并将成为推动汽车业继续发展的关键因素。”All vehicles are moving in that direction, but electric vehicle manufacturers are particularly aggressive on that front, added Gartner.高德纳补充道,所有的汽车都将朝这个趋势发展,但电动汽车制造商在这点上尤其干劲十足。Electric vehicles, which rely on software and computing power, use wireless upgrades to introduce new features and stay ahead of the competition.电动汽车依靠软件和计算能力驱动,它们可以通过无线升级推出新的特色功能,在竞争中保持领先。In some cases, it’s been used to facilitate—and speed up—a recall.有时候,这也会用于帮助和加速召回工作。In January, after voluntarily recalling 29,222 Model S vehicles, Tesla used a wireless software update to enable the car’s on-board charging system to detect any unexpected fluctuations in the input power or higher resistance connections to the vehicle.今年1月,在主动召回29,222辆Model S汽车后,特斯拉升级了无线软件,让汽车的车载充电系统能够检测输入电源中任何非正常的电压波动或电阻升高。The software upgrade aimed to address concerns that the adapter, cord or wall outlet could overheat while charging. But unlike other official voluntary recalls, Tesla owners didn’t have to bring their cars to a dealership for a fix.软件升级的目的是解决用户对电源适配器、电线和墙面电源在充电时过热的担忧。不过与其他官方的主动召回不同,特斯拉的车主不需要把汽车送到代理商那里维修。 /201410/331991。

So let#39;s say you#39;re a common ground squirrel. Just for a moment, pretend you#39;re minding your own business, searching for seeds, doing whatever it is that squirrels like to do. Then, suddenly, out from behind a bush slithers a huge, sinister rattlesnake, coiled and y to strike. What do you do?假如你是一只普通的地松鼠,在专注于自己的事情,寻找种子吃,或者在做任何松鼠喜欢做的事。突然,从你身后的灌木丛中爬出了一条巨大的、凶恶的响尾蛇,它盘绕起身体,准备好了对你进行攻击。你该怎么办呢?Obviously, you run away, play dead, or perhaps negotiate a deal of some sort. In any case, given that you#39;re a furry, gentle squirrel and the snake is a deadly, rattling killer, whatever you do, you don#39;t stand your ground and fight. Right?显然,你会选择逃跑,装死,也可能会与它谈谈条件。鉴于自己是一只毛茸茸的,温顺的松鼠,而响尾蛇则是致命的杀手,无论如何你都不会站在原地与之进行搏斗,对吧?Wrong! Calling upon the instincts passed down from your ancient squirrel ancestors, you rush at the snake, kick sand in its face, try to bite its tail, and then turn your back on it and whip your tail around.你错了!从祖先那里继承的本能会让松鼠冲向响尾蛇,向它的脸上踢沙子,试图咬它的尾巴,接着转过身来,摇动自己的尾巴。Now why on earth, you might be wondering, would my squirrel self take such suicidal measures? Kicking sand and biting might do some good, but tail waving? Why further taunt a venom-fanged snake aly bent on violence?你可能会感到不解,为何松鼠会选择这种以鸡蛋碰石头的做法?踢沙子和咬尾巴可能还管点用,但摇尾巴又是意欲为何呢?面对已经俯身做好攻击准备的、带有毒牙的蛇,松鼠为何还要进行挑衅呢?As you may have guessed, there is a method to such madness. When confronted by a rattlesnake, squirrels#39; tails heat up, getting hotter by almost four degrees Fahrenheit. The infra-red sensors built into rattlesnakes#39; eye sockets sense this increase in temperature as a big, waving, fiery blotch.可能你也猜到了,松鼠的这种看似疯狂的做法其实是有它的道理的。当遇到响尾蛇时,松鼠的尾巴会变热,温度上升大约4度(华氏)。而通过眼睛窝中的红外线感应组织,响尾蛇感受到的则是一个大的,摆动的红点。This alarming display, plus the fact that squirrels are partially immune to rattlesnake venom, actually gives the squirrel a distinct advantage when it confronts a rattlesnake. More often than not, the rattlesnake will slither away in search of a less intimidating foe.这#65279;种让蛇方寸大乱的表演,再加上松鼠对响尾蛇的毒液有一定的免疫力,让松鼠在遇到响尾蛇的时候具有了本能优势。多数情况下,响尾蛇会爬开,去寻找不这么吓人的猎物。 /201206/185464。

Ever since Apple#39;s iPod revolutionised the digital music industry, Microsoftexecutives have been drawn by the allure of producing their own consumer devices.自从苹果(Apple)iPod带来数字音乐行业革命以来,微软(Microsoft)的高管们就一直受到诱惑,想要生产出自己的消费者产品。Enthusing about the iPod#39;s simple scroll wheel, the hardware interface that made it easy to sift through large libraries of music, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft chief executive, said at the time that his company might have to develop more of its own hardware if it wanted truly to compete with Apple.微软首席执行官史蒂夫#8226;鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)对iPod简单的滚动轮很感兴趣。这个滚动轮是一种硬件接口,使得在大型音乐库之间来回切换变得很容易。鲍尔默当时表示,微软如果真心想与苹果竞争,可能就不得不自行开发出更多的硬件产品来。Now, seven years later, the moment may finally have arrived.七年之后的今天,这个时刻可能终于到来了。The world#39;s biggest software company has been gearing up to introduce its own tablet computer, which would compete head-to-head with Apple#39;s iPad, according to people familiar with its deliberations.了解微软思路的知情人士表示,这家全球最大的软件公司最近正准备推出自己的平板电脑,与苹果的iPad展开正面竞争。The move would mark a sea change in the 30-year history of the personal computing industry. But with Apple threatening to disrupt the way of doing business on which its fortune is founded, Microsoft may have little choice.微软此举将标志着,已有30年历史的个人电脑行业将发生翻天覆地的变化。但由于苹果有可能破坏微软的财富所依赖的经营模式,微软可能没有多少选择机会。 /201206/187531。

A dramatic plan to transport humans beyond the solar system within 100 years today received the backing of former President Bill Clinton.美国正在开展一项名为“百年星舰”的宇宙探索计划,希望在百年内能够让人类冲出太阳系,抵达其他遥远的星球。该计划获得了美国前总统比尔#8226;克林顿的持。The 100-year Starship project, which was set up with US military seed funding, plans to develop huge #39;starships#39; to send humans far into space.“百年星舰”计划是用美军的种子基金创立的,将建造大型“星际飞船”,把人类送往太空。It has aly received large amounts of funding, and former President Bill Clinton has even stepped in to serve as the symposium#39;s Honorary Chair.该计划已得到大批资金资助,美国前总统克林顿还作为名誉主席出席了研讨会。In a statement, Clinton said: #39;This important effort helps advance the knowledge and technologies required to explore space, all while generating the necessary tools that enhance our quality of life on earth.#39;克林顿在声明中说:“这项重要研究能帮助我们增进探索太空的知识和技术,还能让我们生产出提高地球上人们生活质量的必需工具。”The astronaut who became the first black woman in space in 1992 has been chosen to skipper the ;100 Year Starship; project.在1992年进入太空的首位黑人女宇航员梅#8226;杰米森被选为“百年星舰”计划的首任机长。;The 100 Year Starship will make the capability of human travel beyond our solar system to another star a reality over the next 100 years,; she said.她说:“在未来一百年内,‘百年星舰’计划会让人类冲出太阳系,飞往其他星球的梦想成真。”;We will embark on a journey across time and space. If my language is dramatic, it is because this project is monumental.;“我们将开启跨越时空的星际之旅。如果我说得太夸张的话,那是因为这项计划本身就很有纪念意义。”;And our team is both invigorated and sobered by the confidence DARPA has in us to make interstellar flight a reality.;“我们的团队充满活力,美国国防高级研究计划署对我们也很有信心,星际飞行的梦想终将成真。” /201209/199400。