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2017年11月21日 18:14:51

【视频讲解】Then worries about Uber’s culture mounted. A former employee wrote a blog post on how Uber’s human-resources department failed to act on her sexual-harassment complaint. Next, an Uber driver filmed Mr Kalanick arguing with him about fare cuts and uploaded the material, including the boss lamenting that “some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own shit”. The latest embarrassment was the revelation that Uber had secretly designed and used a software feature, called Greyball, to evade city officials attempting sting operations to catch Uber drivers violating local regulations.随后,针对优步企业文化的忧虑升温。一名前员工发表文称,优步人力资源部门对她遭性骚扰的投诉坐视不理。接着又有一名优步司机把自己与卡兰尼克就车费下调问题的争吵拍摄下来并上传到网上,卡兰尼克在其中哀叹“有些人就是不愿意为自己的屁事负责”。最新曝光的丑闻则是优步秘密设计并使用一款名为“灰球”(Greyball)的软件来逃避政府监管人员的执法钓鱼行动,使违反当地法规的优步司机得以逃脱。mount v.上升 (increase), 爬上(to climb up onto)- The troubles have continued to mount.- The cowboy mounted his horse.sexual-harassment complaint 性骚扰投诉lament v.叹息 (to express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something)embarrassment n.尴尬evade v.逃避 (to avoid)- The criminals have so far managed to evade the police.sting n.圈套 (a clever plan to deceive someone in order to catch criminals)Two questions face the company. One is whether Uber will continue prospering under Mr Kalanick’s leadership. Silicon Valley and its denizens may celebrate his type, but his public words and actions have made people close to the firm squirm. Bill Gurley, a venture capitalist and early Uber backer who sits on the board, is helping direct a search for a chief operating officer to keep Mr Kalanick in check and bring experience and discipline to the firm. It is certainly hard to keep on top of the firm’s growth: last year, its headcount doubled.该公司面临两个问题。一是优步在卡兰尼克的领导下能否继续繁荣发展。硅谷及其科技精英们也许对卡兰尼克这类人赞赏有加,但他的公开言论及行为却令与优步有切身利益的人困窘难当。风险投资家、同时也是优步早期的投资人兼董事会成员的比尔#8226;格利(Bill Gurley)正协助物色一名首席运营官来制衡卡兰尼克,并希望藉此将经验和规矩引入该公司。公司增长迅速,管理难度必然大增:去年,其员工数量翻了一番。prosper v.蓬勃发展 (to become very successful usually by making a lot of money)denizen n.居民 (a person/animal/plant that lives in a particular region)- The polar bear is an iconic denizen of the snowy Arctic.squirm n.不安 (show or feel embarrassment or shame)keep ... in check 约束discipline n.规矩headcount n.员工数量If Mr Gurley and the rest of the board cannot find an experienced candidate willing to work with Mr Kalanick, calls for him to step down may grow louder. But that is his decision to take. Uber is a prominent example of founders’ power at fast-growing tech firms. On its own, Uber’s board does not have the clout to change the CEO, because of his super-voting shares and those of his co-founder, Garrett Camp: together they control a majority of the voting stock.假如格利及董事会其他成员找不到愿意与卡兰尼克共事的资深人选,要求卡兰尼克下台的呼声可能会高涨。但这个决定却是要由他本人来做出。在创始人掌控高速增长的科技公司方面,优步是个突出例子。优步的董事会单凭自身力量是无权更换CEO的,因为他和另一创始人格瑞特#8226;坎普(Garrett Camp)都拥有超级投票权股份:两人控制了大部分的投票权股份。prominent adj.突出的clout n.影响力 (the power to influence)The second question concerns Uber’s longer-term business prospects. One of the firm’s early-stage investors says that recent events have been a series of “body blows”, but he worries that there could be a “knockout blow” that would permanently damage Uber’s momentum. So far, he says, it looks as if Uber is merely bruised.第二个问题事关优步的长期业务前景。该公司的一位早期投资者表示,最近的事件是一连串的“沉重打击”,而他担心优步可能会遭到“致命一击”,令发展势头受到永久性伤害。他说,目前为止,优步看起来还只是受了点皮外伤。concern v.关于(be about),使担心- The book concerns 3 soldiers.- Her health concerns me.prospect n.前景 (the possibility that something will happen in the future)blow n.打击knockout n.打晕momentum n.势头bruise v.擦伤- bruise n.淤青201705/510408杭州省医院割痔疮价格栏目简介:Seven scientists and one local science student will give speeches during a special science show to be broadcast on ICS early next month. Wu Ying has more.201704/499926杭州下城区治疗肛门湿疣哪家医院好排名哪里First take a turn around the tree here.先在树上绕个圈And then I can just pay that out behind me.之后拴在我背后就行了Then an improvised harness to keep me attached to the cable even if I lose my balance.然后准备一根临时保险带 保我即使不小心失去平衡 也能挂在缆绳上So you got one long loop like this,and then all you do round yourself.你要做一个这样大的绳圈 然后把自己圈起来Just like that.Hold it there.就像这样 拉紧了Reach between your legs,then pull it up.从双腿间穿过去 把一边绳子拉上来And that then locks at three points.然后把这三点固定在一起Use one of the paraglider carabiners through there.用一个滑翔伞的环锁扣扣住Ive got a really good improvised harness there.简易的临时保险绳就完成了And next, gonna put the rucksack on my front to protect my chest from the wire.再把背包背在前胸 防止绳索擦 起保护作用Hang on. Im also gonna put my jacket around that which I value most.等等 我要把夹克衫脱下来 包在我的命根子上Thats gonna give me some protection there.这样应该能起保护作用Know how you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach of just nerves?知道那种内心紧张不安 七上八下的感觉吗Im never quite sure whether I love that feeling or whether i hate it.我也不知道对这种感觉 到底是爱还是恨201608/461650TED演讲视频:你的医生不愿透露什么难道你不想知道你的医生是否是被制药公司付费的发言人吗?或者说他们个人的信念和你想要的治疗是矛盾的?在美国,你的医生至少根本不需要去告诉你这些。当莲娜·文问她的同行医生们去公开这些信息,她收到的反映是让人不安的。201705/511519拱墅区妇幼保健人民中医院看内痔多少钱

上虞市妇幼保健院看内痔多少钱浙江省妇幼保健院治疗肛门直肠狭窄价格The limestone towers of Vietnams Halong Bay are a reminder of this link with the sea.越南下龙湾的石林能说明石灰岩与海洋的关系Originally this whole area would have been one solid block of limestone, the base of a coral reef.起初,这整个地方都是一整块坚固的石灰岩床,珊瑚礁的基座In Borneo, rain has sculpted the limestone into extremely sharp-sided pinnacles.在婆罗洲,雨水已将石灰岩雕凿成无比尖削的石塔But the dissolving power of rainwater has other, much more dramatic, effects underground.不过在地下,雨水的溶解作用还能产生其它更壮观的效果Rivers that flow over limestone often seem to completely disappear.流经石灰岩的河川到最后似乎总是无影无踪When the water reaches a more resistant bed of limestone, its course is altered.当水流遇到更坚硬的石灰岩床时,就会改变路线。Once underground, the water takes on a new, more erosive power.一旦进入地下,水便有了一股新的、更强的侵蚀力。During its journey from the surface, the water absorbed carbon dioxide from the soil, making it mildly acidic.在地面上流淌时,水从土壤中吸收了二氧化碳,成为弱酸性。And over millions of years, this acid eats away the limestone,石灰岩经过几百万年的酸蚀作用creating a maze of caverns and passages that sometimes go on for miles.形成了迷宫般的溶洞和通道,有的甚至深达数英里。201707/516293But this hoard also tells us a great deal of what was happening back in York. There, the Vikings were becoming Christian but, as so often, the new converts were reluctant to abandon the symbols of their old religion-the Norse gods were not entirely dead. And so, on one coin minted at York around 920, we find the sword and name of the Christian St Peter, but intriguingly the i of Petri-Peter-is in the shape of a hammer, the emblem of the old Norse god, Thor. Its a coin that shows us that the new faith uses the weapons of the old.这一宝藏也揭示了当时约克郡的状况。维京人正在逐渐接受基督教,但仍不愿放弃旧宗教的个别符号象征。斯堪的纳维亚的远古神灵仍有人信仰。920年在约克郡铸造的一枚银币上有一柄剑和基督徒圣彼得的名字,但有意思的是,当时彼得的拼写为“Petri”,其中的“i”被画成了一把锤子,这是北欧古老的神祇雷神索尔的象征,新的信仰沿用了旧宗教中的武器,We can be pretty certain that this treasure was buried soon after 927. In that year, the Anglo-Saxon Athelstan, King of Wessex, finally defeated the Vikings, conquered York, and received the homage of rulers from Scotland and Wales. It was the biggest political event in Britain since the departure of the Romans. And the hoard contains one of the silver coins that Athelstan issued to celebrate it. On it, he gives himself a totally new title, never used before by any ruler: Athelstan Rex totius Britanniae-Athelstan, King of all Britain. The modern idea of a united Britain starts here. Heres Michael Wood again:我们能肯定的是,这批宝物的埋藏时间在927年后不久。因为在这一年,韦塞克斯国王阿瑟斯坦最终击败了维京人,收回了约克郡,并获得苏格兰和威尔士统治者的宣誓效忠。这是自罗马人撤离之后英格兰本土发生的最重大的历史事件。这批宝藏中有一枚银币,便是阿瑟斯坦下令铸造以示庆祝的。上面有一个他自封的前无古人的称号:Alhelstan Rex totius Brtitanniae (不列颠全境之王阿瑟斯坦)。现代不列颠联合王国的概念即源于此,虽然还要过八百年才能完全实现。不过阿瑟斯坦总被视为现代英国的缔造者。迈克尔伍德解释说:;The wonderful thing about the treasure is that it hones in on the very moment that England was created as a kingdom and as a state. The early tenth century is the moment when these, what we might call national identities, start to be used for the first time.这批宝藏的非凡意义在于它们指向英格兰王国建立、成为统一国家的那一时刻。十世纪初正是国家认同被初次提及之时。 译文属201605/440702杭州余杭区治疗大便出血哪家医院好排名哪里What could be done?Well, something quite extraordinary.那应该如何是好呢 当然是采取非常规的措施了A group of seven leading statesmen sent a message to Holland with an explosive request.七位政要向波兰传递了一条信息 提出了一个大胆的要求;Prince William,; They asked, ;Would you mind invading Britain,;and saving us from a Catholic king?;威廉王子 他们写道 您不如入侵英国 把我们从天主教中解救出来吧William of Orange wanted to save his country from Catholic despots alright,威廉·奥兰治想要 将他的国家从天主教暴政中解救出来but the country he had in mind first, foremost and always was the Dutch Republic. 但是他心中的国家 首先而且永远都是 波兰共和国English politics were always a sideshow for William to the main event.对于威廉来说 和对抗路易十四的伟大欧洲战争相比That was the great European war against Louis XIV.英国的政治只是无足轻重的小事What choice did he have?他有什么选择呢There would be British troops in that war.这场战争中必定有英国军队To ensure theyd be fighting for him,not against him,一定要保他们是为他而战 而不是与他作对exactly 100 years after the Spanish Armada had failed to do the very same thing,一百年前西班牙的无敌舰队 正是倒在了英军脚下William set out to conquer Britain.威廉决定征英国He was nothing if not thorough.为了此战他必须准备充分60,000 copies of Williams manifesto blanketed England六万份威廉的战争宣言传遍英国in an effort to present the planned invasion这是为了表明入侵as a response to a spontaneous uprising against the Catholic tyrant.是对天主教暴政的一个迅速而有力的回应It was so persuasive that he succeeded in making James seem the foreigner in his own land and the Dutchman the true Brit.这份宣言很有说力 他成功地让詹姆斯在英国如同异族 而荷兰人才是真正的英国人 /201704/506845杭州痔疮医博手术哪种好

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