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Background: 网络巨头 Google 宣布从2010年1月起将会将伊拉克国家物馆的宝藏的照片放在互联网上供全世界人民免费观赏。Google 首席执行官 Eric Schmidt 先生在参观伊拉克国家物馆时宣布了此消息。 【文本】The Iraqi National Museum was heavily looted in the immediate aftermath of Saddam Hussein's overthrow in 2003. Thousands of priceless items were stolen. About one third of them have been retrieved.The museum itself has been renovated and reactivated. Three times over the past six years, its reopening has been announced, most recently in February this year. But the security situation has never been stable enough for it to reopen its gates fully to the Iraqi public - only a limited number of its galleries have fully been restored.Much of the restoration work has been sponsored by the Italian embassy, and the Italian National Research Centre is aly running a ‘Virtual Museum of Iraq’ on the internet, showing many of the artefacts of ancient Mesopotamia. But Google, with its vast resources, is now planning to make a wider range of pieces available to a bigger public.From January, around 14,000 images will be available on Google, charting the course of civilisation in Iraq from the Stone Age through Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian and later times up to the arrival of Islam. It won't be quite the same as visiting the museum and seeing it all for yourself. But for the time being, for most people, that's not possible anyway. /201007/109879

亲爱的可可网友们,欢迎走近我们的《说法话茬》课堂。 今天我们首先来看一个词:apparent。(It is spelled a-p-p-a-r-e-n-t.) 接下来我们就来看一个含有apparent这个词的一个病句: It was all apparent for all of us that he was guilty. 这句话的意思是:我们大家都清楚他是有罪的。 在这句话中,apparent是做形容词用,意思是“明显的,显然的,清楚的”。用它表示“对于某人来说是清楚的,明白的”这个意思时,引导出这somebody(人)的介词一定是to,而不是我们病句中的for。即:be apparent to sb.因此,这个句子的正确表述为: He was apparent to all of us that he was guilty. 此外,我们可以看出这个句子使用了形式主语it,真实主语是:that he was guilty。在这里形式主语的使用是为了平衡句子结构,避免头重脚轻。 我们今天的学习到到此结束了,我们下次再见。 /201212/215871


  台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:Well… my Internet#39;s not working, so I changed my whole outlook on life. I haven#39;t seen sunlight since I got dial-up in 96.这个嘛...我网络断了之后,好像对人生的看法都改变了。自从1996年有了拨号网络后就没看过阳光了。 /201503/364214。

  Welcome to English in a Minute, where we teach you all about idioms in American English.欢迎收听本期的《一分钟英语》,在这里我们将教授您一些美语中的俚语。What do you think this means? Let#39;s listen.您知道这个俚语是什么意思么?一起来听听吧。Keep my fingers crossed.保持手指交叉。(Keep my fingers crossed)Hey, How are you?嘿,最近怎么样?Hey, I am doing great. Actually, I just had a great job interview the other day.嘿,我挺好的。事实上,前几天我参加了一个工作面试。I really hope they hire me.我真希望他们能够录取我。Oh, have you heard back from them?噢,你收到他们的回复了么?No, not yet.没呢,还没有收到。But I#39;m keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully they#39;ll call me today.但是我会向老天祈祷的。真希望他们今天就能给我答复。They sound very hopeful, and that#39;s exactly what it means.听起来是在祈祷的感觉,这就是这个短语的意思。In American English, keeping your fingers crossed means that you are hoping for the best possible outcome.在美语中,保持手指交叉(Keep my fingers crossed)的意思是你在祈祷出现最可能的结果。This is a happy expression, and you can use it in any situation -- formal an informal -- and everybody will understand what you mean.这真是一个带有幸福感的表达,可以在任何场合使用正式场合啊、非正式场合都可以——大家都能明白你的意思。And that#39;s English in a Minute.以上就是本期的《一分钟英语》。 /201312/269900

  【病句诊断】I drank half glass of coffee.我喝了半杯咖啡。【辨析讲解】说到;......的一半;,我们用的是half of the (a ) +表示这个事物的名词,例如:half of the egg,half of an hour,half of a mile,但是我们经常见到的是half the egg,half an hour,half a mile,这里是把介词of省略了。由此可见,半杯应该是half of a glass,省略介词of,即:half a glass。句中少了不定冠词a。【诊断结果】I drank half a glass of coffee. /201202/172758Booming use of throw-away chopsticks一次性筷子;一次性;就是;用完就扔;的意思.第一种说法虽然不错,但不符合英语习惯.英语中还有一个词可以表示;一次性;,那就是 disposable,如:disposable syringes(一次性注射器)等. /201302/227153英语口语900句视频精讲音频版详见口语900句 /201402/277567

  零基础一对一外教口语课程 Lesson6:Introducing yourself /201311/262181

  Is your watch slow?“你的表慢了吗?”想不到吧,这句话就是这么简单。可见英语和汉语真的是有很多地方是相通的。反过来Is your watch fast.内容来自: /201406/305571

  Score!!!!!! 我们今天一起来看看美语口语里面score这个词儿的短句!score! 成功了!I got into NYU!我被纽约大学录取了!Score! That#39;s awesome!你成功了!太棒啦!I got a new job!我找到新工作了!Score! Congrats!你成功了!恭喜!I got a new espresso maker!我买了新的浓缩咖啡机!Score! Make me a latte!好啊!给我做一杯拿铁吧!scored something 得到/拿到某些东西I scored tickets to the Beyonce concert!我拿到了Beyonce演唱会的票!Score! Can I come?成功了!我可不可以跟你一起去啊?What#39;s the score? 比分多少?Are you watching the Louisville game?你正在看Louisville的篮球赛吗?No. I#39;m at dinner with my parents.没有啊。我在跟父母一起吃晚饭。Aw man this game is so exciting!哎哟!比赛太精了!What#39;s the score?比分多少?It#39;s Louisville 33 and Duke 34 right now!现在是 Louisville 33 比 Duke 34! /201304/235539。

  Stan: You look fine.Stan: Really. You can't even notice.Rory:Ha!Stan: Well,maybe just a little.【词汇注释】even adv.甚至notice vt.注意到,察觉到 斯坦:你看起来不错。斯坦:真的,你都没注意到。罗里:(大喊一声)斯坦:喔,也许只是有一点点好。

  近日,中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅印发了《党政机关国内公务接待管理规定》,并发出通知,要求各地区各部门遵照执行。《规定》严格和细化各项要求和标准,共提出了38项禁令,包括11项“禁止”事项和27项“不得”要求。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:China issued a series of guidelines on official receptions on Sunday, pledging to close loopholes that foster extravagance and corruption.周日,中国发布了一系列官员接待标准,承诺填补助长奢侈和腐败的漏洞。【讲解】guidelines on official receptions是官员接待标准;close loopholes是填补漏洞。8日,中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅公布新修订的《党政机关国内公务接待管理规定》,2006年的同名规定同时废止,《规定》适用于所有政府部门(government departments)、立法和政治咨询机构(legislative and political advisory bodies)、司法机关(judicial authorities)、府资助机构(publicly funded organizations)以及国企(State-owned enterprises)公务接待行为。《规定》强调,禁止异地部门间没有特别需要的一般性学习交流(study and exchange experiences)、考察(inspection tours)调研,禁止重复性考察,禁止以各种名义和方式变相旅游,禁止违反规定到风景名胜区(tourist attractions)举办会议和活动。住宿用房以标准间为主,接待省部级干部(administrative rank of provincial or ministerial level (or higher))可以安排普通套间(suite)。接待单位不得超标准安排接待住房,不得额外配发洗漱用品。《规定》对接待餐(reception banquets)提出了严格的要求,即确因工作需要(it is necessary for their work),接待单位(hosting units)可以安排工作餐一次(hold only one dinner),并严格控制陪餐人数。接待对象在10人以内的,陪餐人数不得超过3人;超过10人的,不得超过接待对象人数的三分之一。工作餐应当供应家常菜,不得提供鱼翅、燕窝等高档菜肴和用野生保护动物(protected wild animals)制作的菜肴,不得提供香烟和高档酒水(fine liquors),不得使用私人会所、高消费餐饮场所。各级党政机关应当加强对国内公务接待经费的预算管理,合理限定接待费预算总额。公务接待费用(expenses for reception events)应当全部纳入预算管理,单独列示(listed separately for scrutiny)。接待单位不得超标准接待,不得组织旅游和与公务活动无关的参观,不得组织到营业性(commercial venues)、健身场所活动(entertainment and physical fitness services),不得安排专场文艺演出(organizing performing-art shows),不得以任何名义赠送礼金(complimentary money)、有价券、纪念品(souvenirs)和土特产品(local products)等。 /201312/267882

  每日一句口语:You are always in my heart, but the weight has changed. 我心里一直有你,只是比例变了而已。【知识点讲解】weight n.重量,体重;重担,重任;重要;[统]权,加重值,权重例句:We had this understanding that courses were roughly the same weight.我们已经了解到各门功课差不多一样重要。 /201504/370655

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