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固原治疗阳痿价格固原市协和医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱英语日常口语 74:Alone at New Year独自过新年本单元是关于独自过新年的对话Alice: Ah Kitty, there never was anything wrong with you, was there? I told Helen you were ok, but she wouldn't listen. She had to listen to the vet though. He said you were the healthiest cat he'd ever seen.Anyway Kitty, Happy New Year: it's just you and me tonight. I didn't plan it this way Kitty, do you remember? I made all those resolutions last year: I was going to meet a gorgeous man. He was going to be funny, and rich too. And I did meet him, Kitty, we were going to get married and everything, ok, he hadn't asked me yet, but I had high hopes. But I didn't know he had a skeleton in his closet: a wife and two children. Oh well Kitty, that's that eh? Ooh Kitty, who could that be? It's very late?Vocabulary: 词汇 resolutions: 决心promises you make to yourself about how you are going to improve your life by changing your behaviour; people often make resolutions at New Yearto have high hopes: 对未来感到乐观to feel very positive and optimistic about the future of somethinghe had a skeleton in his closet: 他有个不可告人之事(秘密)he had a secret about something bad that happened in the pastthat's that: 事情就这样了the situation is completed and can not be changed本单元语言点是用 going to 表示未来计划,请看下面的解释和例句The future in the pastGoing to: future plans 用Going to表示未来计划 Speakers of English use to be + 'going to' + base verb (without 'to') to talk about plans for the future. I'm going to visit my uncle in Thailand next Spring.I'm going to wash the dishes.I'm going to Poland for Christmas. Time expressions can be used if the speaker wants to say when the action will happen. I'm going to visit my uncle in Thailand next Spring. But it is not always necessary to use a time expression: 'going to' refers to an unspecified time in the future.I'm going to wash the dishes.'Going to go' can be shortened to 'going'.I'm going to Poland for Christmas. 'I'm going to go to Poland for Christmas.'Was going to: the future in the past 过去未来式(用was going to表示过去未来发生的动作)Sometimes we make plans for the future, but the plans don't actually happen. Speakers of English use was/were + 'going to' + base verb (without 'to') to look back at the plans we made but didn't do. I was going to visit my uncle in Thailand last Spring, but I couldn't afford a ticket.I was going to wash the dishes, but there wasn't enough time.I was going to go to Poland for Christmas, but I stayed in France. Time expressions can be used if the speaker wants to say when the action should have happened. I was going to visit my uncle in Thailand last Spring. But it is not always necessary to use a time expression. I was going to wash the dishes. I was going to meet a gorgeous man. He was going to be funny, and rich too. When the subject of the sentence is I/he/she/it, use 'was'. I was going to meet a gorgeous man. He was going to be funny, and rich too. When the subject of the sentence is you/we/they, use 'were'.We were going to get married.Was/were going to: pronunciation 注意was/were going to的发音 In spoken English, the phrase 'going to' can be pronounced word by word, especially when speaking slowly, or in formal situations. /200708/16883固原前列腺炎检查要花多少钱 The first day of the experiment, we got out to our plot实验的第一天,我们来到了实验地点,and a grizzly bear and her cub chased us off.突然一头灰熊和她的熊宝宝出现,把我们赶跑了。And I had no bear spray. But you know, this is how forest research in Canada goes.然后我还没带防熊喷雾剂。但你知道吗,在加拿大做森林研究其实就是这样的。So I came back the next day, and mama grizzly and her cub were gone.所以第二天我又回来了,灰熊妈妈和熊宝宝没在。So this time, we really got started, and I pulled on my white paper suit,这一次我们可以真正开始实验了,我穿上我的白纸套装工作,I put on my respirator, and then I put the plastic bags over my trees.带上呼吸器,然后给我的树都罩上了塑料袋。I got my giant syringes, and I injected the bags with my tracer isotope carbon dioxide gases, first the birch.我拿出我那些大注射器,往袋子里面注入了含有示踪同位素的二氧化碳气体,首先是纸皮桦。I injected carbon-14, the radioactive gas, into the bag of birch.我往罩纸皮桦的袋子里面打入了有放射性碳14的气体。And then for fir, I injected the stable isotope carbon-13 carbon dioxide gas.然后是花旗松,我往他们的袋子中注射了含有稳定性同位素碳13的二氧化碳。I used two isotopes, because I was wondering whether there was two-way communication going on between these species.我用了两种同位素,因为我不知道这两种树之间的交流是否是双向的。I got to the final bag, the 80th replicate, and all of a sudden mama grizzly showed up again.当我走向最后一个袋子时,也就是第80棵样本,突然间那头灰熊妈妈又出现了。And she started to chase me, and I had my syringes above my head,然后她开始追我,我把我们的那些注射器举过头顶,and I was swatting the mosquitos, and I jumped into the truck,扑打着周围无数的蚊子,然后跳上了卡车,and I thought, ;This is why people do lab studies.;然后我想,“这就是为什么人们喜欢在实验室做实验的原因吧。”I waited an hour. I figured it would take this long for the trees to suck up the CO2 through photosynthesis,我等了一小时。我觉得这个时间差不多可以让那些树通过光合作用吸收二氧化碳,turn it into sugars, send it down into their roots,转换生成糖,再把糖送到它们的根,and maybe, I hypothesized, shuttle that carbon belowground to their neighbors.然后也许,我也是猜测,把那些碳元素从地下传给它们的邻居。201611/479868固原市做包皮手术哪家医院好

固原协和医院泌尿系统在线咨询固原男性生殖健康医院有哪些 My Dear wife, I take the pleasure of writing you these few lines with much regret to inform you that I am sold to a man by the name of peterson a trader and stays in new orleans.我亲爱的妻子,我写下这几句话是想告诉你,我被卖给了一位叫Peterson的商人,他住在新奥尔良。I am here yet, but I expect to go before long but when I get there I will write and let you know where I am.我还在这里,不过等我到达目的地后我会写信告知你我的地址。My Dear, I want to send you some things but I do not know who to send them by but I will try to get them to you and my children.亲爱的妻子,我想给你寄一些东西但却不知找谁代劳,不过我会设法把这些东西交到你和孩子的手上。Give my love to my father amp; mother and tell them good bye for me and if we shall not meet in this world I hope to meet in heaven.替我向爸妈问好,代我向他们告别,若今生无法重逢,愿我们天堂再会。My Dear wife, for you and my children my pen cannot express the grief I feel to be parted from you all.我亲爱的妻子,这寥寥数语难抒我即将与你和孩子别离的悲伤。I remain yours truly husband until death卿乃吾爱 至死方休Abream Scriven阿布瑞姆·斯克力文译文为翻译,未经授权!201706/513370固原市人民医院做包皮手术社保报销多少

固原哪家医院做包皮切割好新东方最新英语口语学习词典T部分暂无文本 /200707/15350 Please join me and welcoming Denzel Washington Thank you. 请大家一起欢迎丹泽尔.华盛顿先生登台演讲谢谢Thank you very much I am obviously the most unorganized. 非常感谢我可能是这里最没准备充分的一位Everybody else has a nice box to bring the script up in Im just like, kinda gather all. 大家都用一个精美的盒子装着演讲稿而我只是把所有资料都放在一起Next up here put it inside a magazine, so... 然后呢把它夹在了一本杂志里面So, in fact, I didnt have it in the right order wait a minute, let me get the right order here. 所以 事实上 演讲稿的顺序全乱套了等我先把页码整理好的So if it starts like flying around the stage just, you know, run around and grab it for me. 所以 如果稿纸在台上飞得到处都是麻烦大家帮我捡起来吧And bring your back up here for me Ill keep going as I can. 交到我这里来我会尽力讲下去的President Guttmann, Provost Price, Board Chair Cohen fellow honorees, beautiful honorees. 古特曼校长 普莱斯教务长 科恩主席诸位获奖者 你们很美丽And todays graduates Im honored and grateful for the invitation today. 还有今天要毕业的同学们今天能受邀前来 我倍感荣幸Its always great to be on the Penn campus Ive been before a lot of time for basketball games. 非常高兴能够来到宾夕法尼亚大学我曾经来这里看过多场篮球比赛As my sun played at the Palestra, played on the basketball team Yes, thats right, played on the basketball game. 因为我儿子就在体育系 是那里的篮球队队员没错 就是玩篮球的201610/473644固原患前列腺能医治吗固原人民医院的男科怎么样



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