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The Dragon Boat Festival一分钟带你看端午节由来!Duanwu Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival or the Double Fifth Festival, is a traditional Chinese holiday.端午节,也被称做龙舟节或重五节,是一个传统中国节日。Its celebrated on May 5 every year according to the lunar calendar.端午节每年依据农历在五月五日庆祝。It commemorates the life and death of the statesman and poet Qu Yuan.端午节纪念了一位政治家及诗人“屈原”的一生。Qu Yuan lived during the Warring States period over 2,300 years ago.屈原活在超过 2,300 年前的战国期间。According to legend, he was a descendant of the Chu royal house and served the king in high office.根据传说,他是楚国贵族的后裔,在朝廷为君王效命。During his time in exile, he traveled to the countryside rewriting local legends and writing poetry.在他流放的期间,他游历乡间改写当地传说还有作诗。Years later, the Qin state conquered the Chu state, and in protest, Qu Yuan drowned himself in the Miluo River.几年后,秦国攻占楚国,以示抗议,屈原投身泪罗江自尽。Local people attempted to save him by paddling their boats out to the river.当地人试着划船到江上救屈原。But realizing it was too late, they dropped sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves into the river in order to both feed Qu Yuan in the afterlife但发现一切为时已晚,他们将包在竹叶里的糯米投入江中,为的是让屈原在来世有东西吃,and distract the fish away from eating his body.也引开鱼群不要去吃屈原的身体。Today, the Dragon Boat Festival is still celebrated by eating traditional Zongzi,如今,龙舟节仍以吃传统粽子来庆祝,which is sticky rice wrapped in leaves.粽子就是包在叶里的糯米。They also hold dragon boat races.人们也举行龙舟竞赛。201506/382345

Being with Jane Goodall和黑猩猩交心的人,珍·古德Its fascinating to me to think about, you know, the beingness of creatures on this planet. And its very obvious that we are human beings, so I always feel we have chimpanzee beings and dog beings. And I like to talk about them as he and she, which I was horribly criticized for at the beginning. And I was told that we humans were the only beings with personalities, minds, and emotions, but I learned from my childhood teacher that that wasnt true, and that childhood teacher was my dog, Rusty.对我而言去思考,你知道,在这个星球上的生物的存在性是很吸引人的。很显然我们是人们,所以我总是认为我们也有黑猩猩们以及儿们(注一)。而我喜欢将他们当作“他”和“她”来讨论,为此我在一开始受到严苛的批判。有人告诉我,我们人类是唯一拥有个性、思想、以及情感的生物,但我从我的童年导师那学到那不是正确的,而那童年导师是我的,Rusty。People said why did I name the chimpanzees? Why wouldnt I name them? Every animal Id ever had had a name. My guinea pigs had names; my golden hamster had a name; the caterpillars that I kept to turn into butterflies—they all had names. Of course I would name chimpanzees. I couldnt remember them if they had numbers. Thanks for National Geographic, people got to know the chimpanzees as individuals, which they were. They had names, like David Greybeard, the first one to lose his fear; Old Flo, that amazing matriarch. If theyd been number 1, 10, 15, nobody would have had a clue, including me. It doesnt mean anything.人们说我为什么要替黑猩猩取名字?我为什么不会替他们取名呢?我曾养过的每只动物都有名字。我的天竺鼠有名字;我的黄金鼠有名字;我养来变成蝴蝶的毛毛虫们--他们都有名字。我当然会替黑猩猩取名字啊。如果他们只有号码,我就无法记住他们。感谢国家地理频道,人们得以将黑猩猩当成独一无二的个体来认识,而他们的确是。他们有名字,像是灰胡子大卫,他是第一只放下恐惧的黑猩猩;老芙洛,那了不起的女家长。如果他们只是编号 1、10、15,没人会知道在说谁,包括我在内。编号不具任何意义。And I was told that you have to give them numbers because youve got to be objective as a scientist, and you mustnt empathize with your subject. And I feel this is where science has gone wrong. To have this coldness, this lack of empathy, has enabled some scientists to do unethical behavior. Moreover, why deny a perfectly respectable tool? I think those two are behaving like that because thats how I would behave if I was in that situation—thats empathy. Once youve worked out why you think they are doing it, then you can start testing that: Am I right? Is this a valid assumption or not? But it gives you a groundwork for asking questions.人们告诉我,你必须给他们号码,因为身为一位科学家你一定得客观,而且你绝不能对你的研究对象产生同理心。我认为这就是科学开始走偏的地方。拥有这种冷漠、这种同理心的缺乏,使得一些科学家能够做出不道德的行为。此外,为何要拒绝一个十分可敬的工具呢?我想那两只猩猩正像那样表现,因为如果我在那种情况下,那也是我会表现的方式--那就是同理心。一旦你想出为什么你觉得他们这样做,然后你就可以开始测试:我是对的吗?这是否是个有依据的推论?但同理心给了你一个提出疑问的根基。I think empathy is really important. And I think only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our full potential.我认为同理心是非常重要的。而且我想只有在我们聪明的脑袋和我们人心和谐地共同运作时,我们才能发挥我们最大的潜能。注一:chimpanzee beings 和 dog beings 是珍·古德女士在这里自创的词,改自 human being(人类)一字,因为珍古德认为黑猩猩和儿和人类一样都是地球上的生命,并没有地位高低之别。201508/394357

Skiing Variable Snow进阶滑雪when skiing off piste in variable snow, the conditions can be constantly changing在不同的雪况下滑下滑雪道,客观条件是不断变化的It can be tracked out, soft snow,harder snow ,so you as a skier have to be constantly adjusting具体情况可能会是被滑过很多的雪,松软的,硬的等等,作为一个滑雪者,你需要不停的调整。there are two main adjustments forward/back adjustment and side to side主要有前后调整,左右调整but there are many variations on those movements, that isnt a simple formula但是这些基本动作中有很多的变数,不是固定公式那么简单your feet working independently and how much weight you have on each foot will depend on the snow condition你的脚要各自分工,根据雪况来判断每只脚承重多少Im really having to work down here to stay in balance我在保持平衡上真的要下很大功夫and constantly reacting to the changes in the conditions而且不断应对客观条件的变化my core and stance stay strong allowing my knees and legs to absorb the bumps and drive through this chopped up snow我的重心和姿势保持稳固才能使我的膝盖和腿部完全承受雪包的冲击力,离破碎的雪面。and being pushed around from foot to foot and constantly adjusting外力的冲击在雪板之间转换,而且不断调整strong pole plant is helping me lean for turns and keep the momentum flowing有力的点杖可以帮助我侧倾转弯,而且保持这一良好的势头。Im looking ahead to find the best conditions as I hit the more consistent snow当进入结实雪面的时候,我始终朝前看寻找最好的路况the adjustments is far more subtle I can just let it flow调整幅度更细致入微,然后我可以顺其自然you get a vast amount of information to your feet and legs when you skiing当你滑雪的时候,脚和腿会得到大量的信息with a good stance you can use this information react accordingly and stay in balance有一个好的滑雪姿势,顺势应对并保持平衡as you become more experienced, your ability to interpret the conditions and anticipate changes will improve等你滑雪变得非常有经验时,你理解并应对这种雪况及时变化的能力将会提高you can see this slope here from a huge amount of wind现场你可以看到风很大these marks here call (a foreign name for this type of mark) tells the story wind pass across这里中断,因为风大it also…重复了前面you can tell just by looking at the slope its a huge amount of wind你可以从痕迹上看出来风很大(整个意思都是说风大,牵涉到未知专门词汇,但不影响理解故简化)these marks here call (a foreign name for this type of mark) tells the story wind pass across雪的表面因此结成了壳it also create a bit of crust从而对你的滑行造成很大阻力just gonna give you a lot more resistance as you coming through the snow the speed is really gonna help a very smooth gradual movements一定的速度可以让你的轨迹更流畅the body position is key, my hands in front, dont forget that progressive pole is gonna help you drive through身体姿势是关键,我的手在前方,不要忘记持续的点杖可以帮助你通过。And keep your body in a good strong position lets give it a go同时保持稳定的姿势,让我们试一下。A confident but patients start of the turn to help the skis drive through the crusted snow转弯开始的时候自信和耐心会帮助你滑过这些有硬壳的雪地maintaining a strong body position means that even hitting this rock doesnt completely threat the balance,stance is everything保持一个很稳固的姿势意味着即使你撞上石头也不会完全失去平衡,姿势最重要。ski in variable snow is really exciting its always changing在不同的雪况中滑雪非常的刺激因为它是不断变化的you need a good strong stance, you need be looking ahead and you need to adjust for the snow stay positive and go for it你需要的就是一个标准稳固的姿势,向前看,顺势调整,积极应对,加油吧注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201508/391628

After the devastation of the plague, a rebirth.瘟疫的毁灭性打击之后 是重获的新生We have works of art, works of architecture,palaces, schools, academies.艺术作品 建筑作品 宫殿 学校 学会All of the human arts flourish where banking flourishes.人类所有的艺术繁盛之地都是兴盛之地They were buying collections for themselves,but they were meant for eternity.他们购买收藏品珍藏 但其意味着永恒5000 miles away,China is on the brink of its own rebirth.五千英里外 中国正欲复兴A key, a deadly new invention.一项致命的新发明诞生For a century and a half, the Mongols have ruled China.蒙古人统治中原已一个半世纪之久But the plague has killed millions,Loosening their grip on power.但是因瘟疫而致死的有数以百万人 让他们放松了对权力的控制1356, outside Nanjing.A gang of three plots a revolution.1356年 南京城外 三人结伙密谋了一场叛变Their leader: Zhu Yuanzhang.他们的领导者是朱元璋Born dirt poor, orphaned by the plague.他出生贫寒 瘟疫夺走了他的家人Zhu Yuanzhang was a peasant.朱元璋原来是一名农民He was an ordinary man,but he had extraordinary drive.是一个普通的老百姓 但是他受尽生活的艰辛His men call themselves the Red Turbans.他的手下称自己为红巾军Peasants turned rebels.The people have nothing to eat.农民发动了起义 人们没有食物可吃And when a rebel leader comes along and says,当起义军召集大家并宣布;Drive out the Mongols,;theres universal enthusiasm.;赶走蒙古人;时 群情激昂201601/419222

More than 700 dead and over 850 injured is the sickening death toll following a stampede near Mecca during the Hajj religious festival.麦加朝觐宗教节日踩踏事故已造成700余人死亡、850多人受伤。Pilgrims were on their way to the “stoning of the devil” ritual at the pillars of Jamarat when two large groups met at a crossroads in the tented town in Mina valley.在米纳山谷帐篷城两股人群在十字路口碰面,朝圣者正在前往“石击恶魔”仪式的路上,向代表撒旦魔鬼的柱子投掷石头。The Hajj is the world’s largest annual gathering of people and there have been regular accidents in Mecca, despite the Saudi authorities spending billions to improve infrastructure.朝觐是世界上最大的年度集会,尽管沙特政府花费数十亿美元来改善基础设施,麦加每年仍有事故发生。“ I express my condolences to me, to you and to all pilgrims for the stampede that happened today in Mina. I also express my condolences to the relatives of the victims. We asked the concerned authorities to investigate into the causes of the dramatic incident and come out with the results of the investigations as soon as possible,” said King Salman bin Abdulaziz.“对今日米纳发生的踩踏事故我表示慰问。我还要向遇难者家属表示慰问。我们要求有关当局调查这起事件的原因,并尽快得出调查结果。”国王沙尔曼说道。The Saudi Health Minister said pilgrims failing to follow instructions had been the main cause of the tragedy.沙特卫生部长说,朝圣者未能按照指示行事是造成悲剧的主要原因。Security at the Hajj is a politically sensitive issue for Saudi Arabia, the guardians of the Islamic world’s most sacred sites.朝觐安全是沙特阿拉伯的政治敏感问题,伊斯兰世界最神圣遗址的守护者。译文属。 /201509/400979

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