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With big handbags becoming a key fashion accessory(1) for working women, health experts are warning they can also become a key health concern.Bags for women have become bigger and heavier as designers combine briefcases with handbags and straps(2) have become longer but the extra leverage has many patients complaining of neck, shoulder and back problems."I see so many women with neck pains and headaches and what I usually do is look for their purse and pick it up," said Jane Sadler, a family practice physician on the medical staff at Baylor Medical Center in Garland, Texas."We take it over to the scale and weigh it and usually they're anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds (3.1-4.5 kgs)...We're really going to see women with more and more problems later on if we continue the big purse craze."William Case, a physical therapist(3) in private practice in Houston, said an aggravated(4) neck or shoulder can lead to upper back problems, meaning pain may then be felt while working at a computer or playing sports.He urged designers "to place a cute, educational caution tag on all bags to inform of potential neck and shoulder dangers."Above all, he recommended correct posture while carrying bulky(5) purses, keeping the head and shoulders aligned(6) upright. Patients should also frequently change the size and weight of purses carried."The extra-large purses are quite phenomenal. They look beautiful when the women wear them, but I don't know how aware they are of the potential problems," Case said."The trend is either very large or very small. People go to the gym, they have an extra pair of shoes, they have their make-up, so there's more stuff to carry around," said Ellen Campuzano, president of the Committee for Color and Trend, a fashion forecasting service.Traditionally women adopted better postures for carrying loads, such as baskets on heads or strapping a papoose(7) across the back, but placing objects on one shoulder was one of the least efficient ways of carrying a load."This causes a great imbalance. You only have to see people carrying bags in shopping centers, looking hunched(8) up like Quasimodo(9)," he said."If it (a big bag) is a fashion accessory, then occasional(10) and symbolic(11) use is fine. If not, then keep it light." 大手提包逐渐成为职业女性主要时尚配件之一,但是健康专家提醒它们同时也是主要健康隐患之一。设计师喜欢将公文包、手提包结合在一起并搭配长长的提带,结果是包包们越来越大、越来越重。超负荷使人们开始抱怨颈部、肩部和背部的不适。德克萨斯加兰贝乐诊疗中心家庭医生Jane Sadler说:“很多女性抱怨脖子和头疼,我通常会看看她们的手提包,然后掂量一下。”“我们将包放在秤上称重,通常它们都有7到10磅(3.1-4.5公斤)…如果大包热还不退烧的话,女性会遇到更多问题。”休斯顿私人理疗师William Case说,颈肩疾病持续恶化会导致上半后背问题,那样在操作电脑或者运动时候会感到疼痛。他建议设计师们在所有的包包上都挂一个可爱的指导标签,注明潜在颈肩隐患。综上所述,他建议女性们使用正确的姿势,保头与肩膀处于同一直线。患者还应经常变换包包的大小和重量。Case说:“超大的提包很抢眼。女性搭配它们都很漂亮,但是我不确定她们都能意识到潜在问题。”时尚预测务机构颜色时尚委员会主席Ellen Campuzano说:“特大和特小都有可能成为流行风尚。人们得去健身,需要一双替换鞋,还有很多化妆品,总之人们要随身带的东西越来越多。”传统妇女的负重姿势更为科学,例如用头顶篮子或者将孩子绑在背上,只用一只肩膀负重的方法是最缺乏效率的。他说:“这引起严重的不平衡。你只要看看在商场购物的人们,他们像钟楼怪人一样弯腰驼背。”“如果大包的确是时尚元素,那就分场合、象征性地搭配就好。如果不是,越轻越好。” /200805/39174Are you planning to buy a new Samsung smartphone soon? Google Play Music may become your go-to music player.你最近有买新款三星手机的打算吗?谷歌Play音乐可能会成为你的新音乐播放器。Google has teamed up with Samsung to make Google Play Music the default music player on new Samsung phones and tablets around the world, including the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.谷歌公司已经与三星公司联手,使谷歌Play音乐成为三星手机和平板电脑--包括Galaxy S8和Galaxy S8+系列--的默认音乐播放器。Google also teased some ;special; Google Play Music features just for Samsung customers.此外,谷歌方面还表示,谷歌Play音乐的一些“特殊”功能只有三星用户才能使用。;For starters, if you have a new Samsung phone or tablet, you can now upload and stream up to 100,000 of your own songs to Google Play Music for free,; Google Play Music Lead Product Manager Elias Roman wrote in a blog post. Google lets everyone else add up to 50,000 songs to Play Music for free.谷歌Play音乐的产品经理莱亚斯·罗曼在客中写道:“对新用户来说,如果你有一个新款三星手机或平板,你就可以免费上传多达10万首自己的歌曲到谷歌Play音乐。”而其他用户免费播放音乐歌曲的数量增加至5万首。New Samsung phones and tablets will come with a free three-month trial of Play Music, up from the usual 30-day trial, and access to YouTube Red for commercial-free s.新款三星手机和平板将有三个月的Play音乐免费试用期,并获得YouTube Red的免广告务。After that, you#39;ll have to pay a month if you want to listen without ads and download your music for offline access.之后,如果想跳过广告听音乐或者离线下载音乐,你就需要每月付10美元的费用。Google Play Music will also work with Samsung#39;s new virtual assistant Bixby when it launches later this spring.另外,谷歌音乐还将会与在今春晚些时候发布的三星新虚拟助手Bixby协同工作。 /201705/507363

In a bid to convince drivers in Aichi Prefecture to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, a new Japanese smartphone app offers free coffee coupons to drivers who don’t check their phones for at least 100 km.为了督促爱知县的司机认真开车看路,日本新推出一款智能手机App,向那些开车100公里以上不看手机的司机提供免费咖啡券。For the last 13 years, Aichi Prefecture has recorded the highest rate of traffic fatalities in Japan. 过去13年中,爱知县的交通死亡率一直居日本首位。Last year, there were 443,691 accidents that resulted in injuries or deaths, and 50,101 arrests involving the use of smartphones while driving. 去年443691例交通事故死亡中,就有50101例是由于驾驶时使用智能手机造成的。With handhelds becoming such a big part of people’s lives, there appears to be an increase in violations of this nature, and authorities have yet to come up with an effective plan to combat the problem.随着手机在人们生活中地位的提升,由此引发的交通事故也越来越多。但截至目前为止,官方还未提出有效计划来解决这一问题。Interestingly, a trio of Japanese company seem to think that an ingenious new app could incentivize drivers to restrain themselves from checking their phones at the wheel and reduce the number of traffic accidents. 有趣的是,日前有三家日本公司认为,新开发的一款独具特色的App,可给予驾驶过程中不看手机的司机以物质奖励,从而有效减少交通事故的发生。Toyota Motor Corporation, Komeda Co Ltd and KDDI Corporation have teamed up to create Driving Barista, an app that uses the phone’s gyro sensor to sense the tilt of the device, and the GPS to determine the distance driven. 日本丰田汽车公司、日本老牌咖啡连锁Komeda咖啡馆以及日本电讯商KDDI三家公司联合推出的Driving Barista手机App,This allows it to calculate the number of kilometers a driver has traveled with the smartphone facing down.可使用手机陀螺仪传感器来感知手机的倾斜程度,使用GPS来检测汽车的行驶里程,从而计算出司机保持手机屏幕朝下所行驶的距离。When Driving Barista determines that the smartphone has not been tampered with for at least 100 kilometers, it will reward the driver with a coupon for a cup of blended or iced coffee at a Komeda Coffee Shop. 当Driving Barista感知到手机在至少100公里内没有被摆弄时,就会奖励司机一张Komeda咖啡馆的混合咖啡或冰咖啡免费券。The reward is earned after every 100 kilometers driven without checking the phone. 在不看手机的情况下每行驶100公里,就可以获得一张咖啡券。If you tinker with it before reaching the mandatory 100km, the app will reset back at 0km.如果在未到达规定的100公里之前摆弄手机,行驶距离则归零。Toyota claims that this is the first smartphone app that attempts to tackle traffic safety issues. 丰田公司称,这是第一款致力于解决交通安全问题的手机app。In line with contributing to the ultimate goal of achieving zero traffic fatalities and zero traffic accidents, Toyota has implemented automobile safety measures as one of its top priority management concerns, said Shuichi Murakami, managing officer at Toyota. 丰田高管村上秀一说:为了能为实现交通零伤亡零事故这一最高目标尽一份力,丰田已将汽车的安全措施列入管理的重中之重。By carrying out a new traffic safety education initiative together with Komeda and KDDI, we hope to further reduce traffic accidents.我们希望通过三家合作,践行这一交通安全教育新倡议,进一步减少交通事故的发生。Driver Barista launched on September 20th and is available for both iOS and Android devices. 这款软件于9月20日投入使用,苹果和安卓用户均可下载。For now, it only works in Aichi Pefecture.目前该软件只在日本爱知县使用。 /201609/468921

HONG KONG — For a few brief hours this week, China had its own answer to WikiLeaks: a mysterious Twitter account that posted the personal information of dozens of the country’s most prominent people, including billionaires and even the architect of the country’s Internet controls.香港——在本周的短短几个小时里,中国有了自己的维基解密(WikiLeaks):一个神秘的Twitter账号公布了中国几十个名人的个人信息,包括亿万富翁,甚至还有中国互联网管控的缔造者。The account @shenfenzheng — which means “personal identification” in Chinese — was suspended by Twitter on Thursday afternoon, making its posts no longer available. Before it was suspended, the account was used to post photographs and screenshots containing personal information including addresses, national identification numbers, educational attainment and marital status of well-known Chinese.周四下午,Twitter冻结了@shenfenzheng这个账号,导致网友无法再看到相关发帖。被冻结前,该账号发布了多张包含个人信息的照片和屏幕截图,包括相关名人的住址、身份号、受教育水平和婚姻状况。Among them were the two richest people in mainland China, Jack Ma, the chairman of the Internet giant Alibaba Group, and Wang Jianlin, the chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, a real estate company.其中包括中国大陆最富有的互联网巨头阿里巴巴集团董事局主席马云,和房地产公司大连万达集团董事长王健林。It was not clear who controlled the account, or whether that person was inside or outside China. If inside, the person had the technical means to overcome the country’s so-called Great Firewall, which blocks Twitter. The person, or people, appear to view China’s Internet controls with some disdain: One of the identification cards posted by @shenfenzheng was purported to be that of Fang Binxing, known as the architect of the Great Firewall. 尚不清楚是谁控制着这个账号,以及此人是在国内还是国外。如果在国内,则此人在技术上有办法越过屏蔽Twitter的“防火长城”。该账户的所有者似乎对中国的互联网管控有一些鄙视:@shenfenzheng公布的其中一张身份的主人,据称是被称作“防火长城”缔造者的方滨兴。In mainland China, buying and disseminating personal information is against the law, and violators can face three to seven years in jail and fines, according to a statute passed last year by the National People’s Congress. But thousands, if not millions, of people have access to the national police database that contains such information, and if they do not, they may know someone who does. 根据全国人民代表大会去年通过的一项法律,在中国大陆,购买和散布个人信息是违法的,违反相关规定者可能会被处以三到七年有期徒刑和罚款。但能访问包含这类信息的全国警用数据库的人,没有上百万也就几十万。就算自己无权访问该数据库,他们也可能认识有访问权限的人。“Surprised by these tidbits of information?” @shenfenzheng posted before the account was suspended. “I hope this can get fellow countrymen thinking. Personal privacy is worth nothing in China.”“很惊讶这点信息吗? ”@shenfenzheng在账号被封前说。“希望能引起国人的思考,个人隐私在中国根本不值钱。”The goal of @shenfenzheng appears to be to draw attention to the illegal selling of personal information in China, a widesp practice. Private investigators can buy troves of personal data to obtain information on companies or individuals. Others abuse the online national police files for more prosaic reasons, like planning class [email protected]的目的似乎是引起对非法出售个人信息行为的关注。在中国,这种现象颇为普遍。私人调查者可以购买大量个人数据,以掌握和公司或个人有关的信息。还有一些人则出于一些更普通的原因滥用全国警用在线档案,比如策划同学聚会。In the ed States, nine-digit Social Security numbers say little about a person, other than perhaps the region where they lived when they applied for a card.在美国,九位社会安全号码除了能显示持有人申请该卡时所在的地区外,几乎透露不了一个人的任何信息。In mainland China, national identity numbers contain far more information in its 18 digits, including sex, birth date and the province, city and even neighborhood of a person’s legal residence. Those numbers, despite the tough new law, can sometimes be found on websites of government agencies, like the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. 在中国大陆,身份号包含的信息远多于它的18位数字,包括性别、出生日期和一个人的法定住所所在的省、市甚至街区。尽管新出台的法律颇为严厉,但有时候依然能在国家工商行政管理总局这种政府机构的网站上看到这些数字。There are other ways to legally obtain such numbers. Chinese citizens who are directors in companies registered in Hong Kong often provide their home addresses and national identification card numbers on publicly available documents found on the city’s online company registry. 还可以通过其他方式,合法获得这类数字。中国公民在注册地为香港的公司担任董事时,通常需要在对外公开的文件上提供自己的家庭住址和身份号。在香港的网上查册中心便可看到这些文件。Reporters who investigate the business interests of China’s politically powerful families — and the billionaires who court them — use identification numbers to “bulletproof” their articles, giving them a vital level of certainty difficult to obtain in a country where more than 90 million people share the same last name, Wang.记者在调查中国政治势力的强大家族,以及调查巴结这些家族的亿万富翁的商业利益时,会用身份号作为报道的“防弹衣”,给报道一种至关重要的确凿性。在中国这个姓王的人超过9000万的国家,做到确凿是颇为困难的。The New York Times was able to verify the accuracy of the identification numbers of several of the people exposed by the @shenfenzheng account, including Mr. Wang; his wife, Lin Ning; his son, Wang Sicong; and Mr. Ma of Alibaba.《纽约时报》能够核实@shenfenzheng曝光的其中几人的身份号的准确性,包括王健林、其妻林宁、其子王思聪以及阿里巴巴的马云。The Chinese Public Security Bureau did not respond to a fax asking whether the agency was concerned about the security of its online database and, if it is, what measures it might take to control leaks. News about the online leak was reported earlier by Bloomberg News. 记者给中国公安机关发传真,询问其是否担心自己的在线数据库的安全,以及如果担心的话可能会采取什么措施控制泄密,但对方未回复。早前,彭新闻社(Bloomberg News)报道过网络泄密问题。Twitter did not respond to a request for comment.Twitter未回复记者的置评请求。Twitter prohibits the posting of personal information such as national identification numbers. Accounts that violate that policy can be temporarily blocked or permanently suspended, according to rules on the company’s website. Twitter禁止发布身份号这样的个人信息。根据该公司网站上的规定,违反这项政策的账号可能会被暂时或永久性冻结。 /201605/443814HONG KONG — An online payment affiliate of Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce giant, said on Tuesday that it had raised .5 billion from investors in an indication of its larger ambitions. 香港——周二,中国电商巨头阿里巴巴集团旗下的一家在线付公司宣布从投资者手中募集到45亿美元。这一迹象表明,该公司的抱负在扩大。 The affiliate, called Ant Financial, is one of the world’s largest electronic-payments companies by virtue of Alipay, a payment service resembling PayPal that is commonly used in China. Like Alibaba, it is controlled by Jack Ma, one of China’s richest men. 凭借付宝,名为蚂蚁金的这家公司成为了全世界最大的电子付企业之一。付宝是一种与PayPal类似的务,在中国使用广泛。和阿里巴巴一样,蚂蚁金由中国数一数二的富豪马云掌控。 Ant Financial is part of a rising trend in online payments in China, where slow state-run banks and an initial lack of regulation allowed faster-moving private-sector companies to integrate themselves into many facets of Chinese life. Ant Financial has added to Alipay a whole range of Internet financial services, like low-risk money market funds and a wallet app that enables easy payment from smartphones around China. 蚂蚁金是中国日益高涨的在线付潮流的一部分。在中国,国有效率低下,再加上起初的监管欠缺,使得反应更迅速的私营公司能够融入民众生活的诸多方面。蚂蚁金为付宝增添了一系列互联网金融务,如低风险货币市场基金和一款钱包应用。该应用使中国各地的用户能够通过智能手机轻松付款。 Ant Financial, which is privately owned, did not disclose details about the size of the stake the investors will hold. It said the investors included a number of state-controlled Chinese companies, including arms of China Construction Bank and China Life, indicating the level of government support Ant Financial enjoys in a country where much of the economy is still state-directed. 蚂蚁金属私人公司,并未透露有关投资者持股规模的细节。公司宣布的投资者涵盖多家国有企业,包括中国建设和中国人寿的分机构。这表明,在很多经济领域仍由国家指导的中国,蚂蚁金得到了政府的持。 In a move that could further ingratiate the company with Chinese officials, Mr. Ma has said he hopes to take Ant Financial public in China. China’s markets have been turbulent in recent months and saddled investors with losses. Alibaba has not disclosed timing, and the fund-raising on Tuesday suggests it could have enough money to take its time selling shares to the public. 马云一直表示希望让蚂蚁金在中国上市。此番表态可能会令该公司进一步讨好中国官员。最近几个月,中国市场动荡不安,投资者蒙受了不少损失。阿里巴巴尚未公布上市的时间安排,而周二宣布的融资也表明,它可能有足够的资金,可以从容推进公开募股一事。 In its statement on Tuesday, Ant said it would use the money it had raised to support its global expansion and also would continue its work to connect rural Chinese with its payment, loan and banking services. 在周二的声明中,蚂蚁金表示将把筹集到的资金用来持全球扩张,并表示将继续致力于把中国农村地区同其付、贷款和业务连接起来。 Chinese consumers use Alipay to shop online, transfer money to each other, hail taxis, buy movie tickets and even invest their spare change. A money-market fund affiliated with Ant Financial was once one of the world’s largest. According to the release on Tuesday, Alipay has more than 450 million users. 中国消费者可以使用付宝网购、转账、叫出租车、买电影票,甚至用零钱投资。蚂蚁金旗下的一货币市场基金的规模一度在全世界名列前茅。根据周二的声明,付宝用户已超过4.5亿。 Still, Ant Financial and Alipay face intense competition from Tencent Holdings, a Chinese rival that owns the WeChat mobile-messaging system. Tencent has integrated e-commerce and financial services into recent versions of WeChat, encouraging uses as varied as department stores, municipal water and electricity departments and neighborhood bicycle repair shops and noodle stands. 不过,蚂蚁金和付宝依然面临着来自竞争对手腾讯控股的激烈竞争。腾讯拥有移动端即时通讯平台微信。在微信的最近几个版本中,腾讯加入了多项电子商务和金融务,鼓励用户通过它们去连接百货商店和市政水电部门,乃至社区里的自行车修理铺和面点摊。 Ant Financial came into existence as a separate company amid controversy. Alibaba separated the two businesses in 2011, motivated, it said, by regulatory concerns. Yahoo, which then owned more than 40 percent of Alibaba, said it learned of the move only after it was completed. 蚂蚁金是在争议声中成立的一家单独的公司。2011年,阿里巴巴对两项业务进行了分离。阿里巴巴自称是出于监管方面的考虑才这么做的。当时持有阿里巴巴逾40%股份的雅虎(Yahoo)则称分离完成后才获悉此事。 As a result, investors did not get a share of that business when they bought shares of Alibaba in 2014, when it listed its shares publicly in the ed States. At the time, many pointed to Ant as being in charge of some of the more innovative ideas that Alibaba had recently developed. 因此,当阿里巴巴2014年在美国首次公开募股时,投资者即使购买阿里巴巴的股票,也并不持有蚂蚁金的股份。当时,很多迹象表明,阿里巴巴在那不久前形成的很多更有创新性的主意,均由蚂蚁金负责。 /201604/439937“绝望主妇”伊娃:用法语立下婚誓The endless details were numbing, but Eva Longoria says she kept herself cool at her wedding to Tony Parker last week."My stylist, Robert Verdi, and everybody around me was like, `You're so calm,'" Longoria tells OK! magazine in its latest issue, on newsstands Friday. "I actually don't stress about anything."The 32-year-old "Desperate Housewives" actress and the 25-year-old NBA star wed in a civil ceremony in Paris last Friday. The following day, they exchanged vows in a church across from the Louvre Museum and held an exclusive reception at a storied French chateau."Every girl dreams of having a beautiful, romantic wedding," says Longoria. "It was amazing to see it unfold after months of planning. We really wanted to create an experience for our guests. It was about them having fun."That list included fellow "Housewives" Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman and singer Sheryl Crow.Parker, who was born in Belgium and raised in France, notes that Longoria chose the wedding destination."I didn't want to do it in Paris because we'd end up inviting more people than I wanted!" says Parker, eliciting laughs from Longoria.Longoria also giggled during the wedding ceremony as she attempted to say her vows in French."She decided I would do the vows in English; hers would be in French," Parker explains. "There were some tough words. I'm very proud of her." 婚礼筹备中没完没了的琐事几乎能把人弄麻木,而伊娃·朗格莉娅称,在上周她和帕克的婚礼上,她一直保持着镇静和从容。朗格莉娅在接受将于本周五出版的最新一期OK!杂志的采访时说:“我的造型师罗伯特·弗迪和身边的所有人都说,‘你好有定力啊!’其实我对任何事都不会看得太重。”上周五,这位32岁的“绝望主妇”和25岁的NBA球星在巴黎登记结婚。第二天,两人在卢浮宫对面的一个教堂交换婚誓,并在当地的一个古堡举行了一场盛大的婚宴。朗格莉娅说:“每个女孩都梦想能有一个美好、浪漫的婚礼。经过几个月的筹备,我的这个梦想终于实现了,真是美妙极了!我们很想让来宾们能有一番不一样的体验。主要是想让他们开心!”参加婚礼的来宾包括与朗格莉娅共同出演《绝望主妇》的特里·海切尔和费丽西提·胡夫曼两位“主妇”和歌手谢丽尔·克劳。生在比利时、长在法国的帕克说,婚礼地点是朗格莉娅选的。帕克说:“我不想在巴黎办,因为这样邀请的人会太多。”帕克的话引得朗格莉娅直发笑。朗格莉娅在婚礼上尝试用法语说她的婚誓时也忍不住笑了起来。帕克说:“她决定让我用英文说婚誓,她用法语说。有些词挺难说的,我十分为她骄傲。” /200803/31401

China has released a short list of eight names for the country#39;s first Mars spacecraft, which is scheduled to launch by 2020.近日,中国发布了一份名单,列出了中国第一个、预计于2020年发射的火星探测器的八个待选名称。The eight names-- ;Fenghuang; (phoenix), ;Tianwen; (questions for heaven), ;Huoxing; (Mars), ;Tenglong; (soaring dragon), ;Qilin; (Kylin), ;Zhuque; (rose finch), ;Zhuimeng; (chasing dreams) and ;Fengxiang; (flying phoenix), were the top names chosen from over 14,500 choices submitted through more than 35,900 proposals entered by people worldwide.这八个名字分别是凤凰、天问、火星、腾龙、麒麟、朱雀、追梦、凤翔,此次征集活动从世界各地收到35900多个名字,最终从14500个有效选项中选出了这8个。China plans to launch its first Mars spacecraft by 2020, which will orbit, land and explore the Red Planet.中国计划在2020年前发射第一个火星探测器,并实现环火星轨道飞行,登陆火星并进行探索。The eight names were selected via a jury review and online polls.这八个名字是通过审核团复审选出来的。The final choice will be announced around Space Day, April 24, according to a moon probe and space program center under the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, which solicited the proposals.负责此次名字征集活动的是国家国防科技工业局,而其下属的月球探测和太空计划中心透露称,最终入围的名字将于中国航天日--也就是4月24号对外宣布。 /201702/491933We know that science doesn#39;t have the answers to everything, but seeing that it#39;s 2015 and the future is almost here, there are some questions we really expected it to have answered by now.我们知道科学无法解释所有事情,但转眼都2015年啦,随着科学的进步,我们希望有些谜团能够尽快得到解释。以下就是十个我们期待早日弄清楚的谜团。10.How Does Turbulence Work?10.气流是如何形成的?Everyone has gone through a flight where the pilot asks you to tighten your seat belts because of excessive turbulence, but even though it is so important to things like air safety, we just have no idea how it works. It has perplexed scientists to such an extent that Einstein once famously said, “Before I die, I hope someone will clarify quantum physics for me. After I die, I hope God will explain turbulence to me.”相信每个人都有过在飞机上遇到强气流而被要求系上安全带的经历,知道气流的形成对航空安全十分重要,然而,遗憾的是至今无人知晓当中原理。不少科学家深陷谜团,连著名科学家爱因斯坦(Albert Einstein,1879-1955)也曾说过:希望在有生之年看到量子力学之谜被解开,而去世之后上帝可以向我解释气流的奥秘。The problem is aggravated by the fact that wherever the need to study turbulence arises—like in jet propulsion—chemical reactions take place alongside the high pressure and extreme conditions, which makes it difficult for researchers to study the exact conditions needed to produce turbulence. If somehow we could figure it out, it could be applied to a variety of uses since turbulence occurs everywhere in nature. Maybe one day we#39;d even be able to predict hurricanes or other natural disasters with accuracy, thus minimizing the damage and finally scoring one over nature.当解决问题更迫切,问题便更严峻。在研究喷射推进问题的实验中,化学反应需要在高压及极端条件下进行。如何能制造出这些条件呢?这是研究如何产生出气流的研究者们所要面对的又一大难题。由于气流在大自然中无处不在,如果人类研究出如何制造气流,将对很多领域做出重大贡献。人类亦可准确预测气流与其他自然灾害,抢先于自然将伤害减到最低。9.Why Do Cats Purr?9.为何猫会发出呼噜声?We#39;ve shown before that cats don#39;t always purr when they#39;re happy, but the mystery goes way deeper than that. There is no purring organ in the throat of a cat, and even though extensive research has been done on the function itself, the exact origin of the function in the anatomy of cats is still unknown.It#39;s theorized that they might do it by the constriction and dilation of the larynx, but no evidence has ever been provided to prove or disprove that theory. It was, however, found that the frequency of a cat#39;s purr falls somewhere in the range required to accelerate bone regeneration and healing, so it might just be a healing superpower that we had no idea even existed in the animal kingdom. That might also explain why we take it to be a happy sound, as the frequency is not just beneficial for the cat—it tends to make us happier as well.事实明,当猫心情愉悦时并不一定会发出呼噜声,但问题远远不止如此简单。在猫的喉咙里并没有发出呼噜声的器官,即使在发声功能上做了详细的研究调查,确切的发声器官在猫身体的哪个部位仍无从得知。从理论上来说,声音与喉咙结构和扩张有关,但并没有任何理论据来实这一说法。但有研究指出,猫发出呼噜声的频率可达到加快骨头再生或治愈所需的范围。因此,这一举动亦可解释为一种不被人所知的治愈魔力。这也解释了为何人们认为猫发出的呼噜声是一种开心的声音:这个频率不但对猫有好处,亦令人类感到心情愉悦。8.What Causes Hypnic Jerks?8.为什么会有入睡抽动?Often when we are about to fall asleep, we experience a kind of a falling sensation which causes us to wake up with a start. It happens to almost everybody, and the sensation is known as a hypnic jerk. It also sometimes happens when you tilt the chair you#39;re sitting on too far—somehow you can sense when you#39;re about to fall, and you wake up with a hypnic jerk. We really have no idea what causes them or whether they serve any modern purpose, but science has come up with some interesting theories.当我们将要进入睡眠状态时,常遇到一种要下坠的感觉,令我们突然惊醒。几乎每个人都有过这种经历,这就是我们所知道的“入睡抽动”。同样的感觉亦会发生在当你坐得离椅子太远,椅子倾斜而你感觉到快要从椅子上掉下去时,便会因为入睡抽动而突然惊醒。我们仍对造成入睡抽动的原因毫无头绪,亦不知其是否具有特定作用,但科学家提出了一些有趣的理论设想。One hypothesis suggests that our bodies developed this mechanism when we used to sleep on branches or high ground, and it was meant to help us avoid a fall. But there is no evidence to support it, and humans rarely slept on trees or precarious cliffs as a matter of habit. Other theories suggest that it happens because of the slowing down of the body#39;s processes when you fall asleep, but again, there are no scientific studies to support that claim either.其中一个设想是当我们睡在树干上或较高的地方时,入睡抽动令我们免于从高处跌落。但并没有据明此理论,而人类也没有睡在树上或者悬崖边的习惯。亦有理论猜测当人类进入睡眠状态,身体机能减缓,导致了入睡抽动。同样,此理论猜测也无从考究。7.How Exactly Do Magnets Work?7.磁铁的原理是什么?Magnetism is a widely observed phenomenon in our universe, but a lot of things about it remain unexplained. For example, why do particles charged with electricity create a magnetic field strong enough to physically move things from far away? And when they do, why exactly do they align themselves to two poles, north and south?磁力在我们生活中并不少见,但许多有关磁力的现象却无法解释。为何当微粒充电时,会产生一个足以使远处物体移动的强大磁场?此时,为何微粒会整齐地排列于南北两极?Explanations range from “it#39;s just one of those things” to particle movement at the quantum level, and MIT even has a whole laboratory dedicated to research on nothing but magnetism. We know that it#39;s happening, and we have a good idea of what exactly is happening, too—the particles align themselves in a way that adds up their charge in one direction, but it#39;s not very clear as to why the particles emit a magnetic field to start with. The fact that the Earth#39;s magnetic field is not well understood either further restricts our ability to understand magnetism.对此,众说纷纭。有人说磁力就是这么一回事,也有人说这是因为微粒按照量子能级来排序。为了解开谜团,麻省理工学院甚至设立了一个专门研究磁力的研究所。我们所知道的只是微粒排列的方式会使一方面电荷增强,而为何微粒首先会释放出磁场我们则一概不知。事实上,人类对地球磁场的认识有限,进一步限制了人类对磁力的研究。6.Why Do Giraffes Have Long Necks?6.为何长颈鹿的脖子那么长?Many may believe that only giraffes with long necks survived evolution because they had an advantage over the other, short-necked ones, but that#39;s not really true. Longer necks provide no particular advantage to giraffes because they care more about the type of leaf than the height at which it#39;s situated. If it#39;s confusing to you, science doesn#39;t have much of a clue either. There#39;s just no consensus on the exact conditions that would have caused long necks to be selected positively among giraffes.大多数人相信长颈鹿的长脖子是演变的结果,认为长脖子比短脖子的长颈鹿在生存上更有优势,但事实并非如此。长脖子并不具有明显的优势,长颈鹿在进食时更关注的是树叶的种类而不是树叶所在的高度。若然你对此持怀疑态度,科学亦无法对此做出解释,科学界亦并没有对长脖子是优胜劣汰的结果这一结论达成共识。One theory is that the giraffes developed long necks as a mating trait—in other words, it helped with the ladies—but there#39;s not much evidence to support that hypothesis. On the contrary, big, heavy necks, no matter how good they look, would be a definite disadvantage in the wild and are sure to die out at some point in the future. Another theory says that they had to develop long necks because of long legs, but again, that theory is based less on factual evidence and more on a scientist looking at a giraffe and guessing.有理论提出长脖子是长颈鹿的一种交配特征,换句话说,长脖子有助于雌性长颈鹿选择交配对象。但这只是一个没有依据的推论。相反,长脖子又大又笨重,即使外形美观,但只会给野外生存的长颈鹿带来劣势。因此长脖子这一特征终会消失。另外一个理论则指长颈鹿因为长腿的需要而演变出长脖子,这一理论更多是建立于科学家的猜想而非事实依据上。翻译:陈夏瑾 来源:前十网 /201508/395561

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