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Sutong Changjiang Highway Bridge苏通长江公路大桥The Sutong Changjiang Highway Bridge ( Sutong Bridge) is a cablestayed bridge that spans the Yangtze River in the People#39;s Republic of China between Nantong and Changshu, a satellite city of Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province. the highway is 32.4 kilometers long. Overall the bridge length is 8,206 metres (26,923 ft) and construction has been estimated to cost about 6. 45 billion yuan RMB. Sutong Bridge can claim four worlds records. The largest main span (1088m) : as far as main span is concerned, Sutong Bridge is 200m longer than that of Tatara Bridge m Japan; the highest pylon ( over 300m) ; the deepest foundation (steel casing depth: 120m) and the longest stayed cable (580m). Construction began in June, 2003 and the bridge was linked up on June 18, 2007, one year ahead of schedule. The bridge was opened to traffic on May 25, 2008 and was officially opened on June 30, 2008. The completion of the bridge makes the commute between Shanghai and Nantong, originally completed through ferry route, shorten to about an hour. It brings Nantong one step closer to becoming an important part of the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, and has further attracted foreign investors into the city. The bridge is also pivotal in the development of poorer northern Jiangsu regions.苏通长江公路大桥(简称苏通大桥)位于中国江苏省,该桥跨越长江,连接苏州(常熟)和南通两座城市。公路总里程32.4千米(含南北端引道),实际跨江的桥梁部分约8200米,总投资约64.5亿元。苏通大桥将由跨江大桥工程和南、北岸接线工程三部分组成,建成后将创造四项世界纪录:世界跨度最大的斜拉桥,斜拉桥主孔跨度1088米,比日本多多罗大桥还长200米;世界最高桥塔,塔高300.4米,相当于100层楼房的高度;最深基础,苏通大桥主墩基础由131根长约120米、直径2.5米至2.8米的群桩组成,在40米水深以下厚达300米的软土地基上建起来的,是世界上规模最大、人土最深的群桩基础;最长拉索,苏通大桥最长拉索长达580米,为世界上最长的斜拉索。2003年6月开工,于2007年6月18日提前合龙,2008年5月25日苏通大桥投入试运行,6月30日正式通车,南通进入上海的一小时都市圈之内,成为长江三角洲区域经济的重要组成部分。苏州大桥的建设,对于完善国家公路网,打通我国东部沿海大通道,促进长江三角洲区域经济社会的协调发展具有战略意义。 /201603/430096

The world#39;s biggest seed世界上最大的种子The secret behind the world#39;s largest seed is leaves that serve as good gutters. During rains, they channel lots of water and nutrients right to the plant#39;s thirsty roots.世界上最大的种子生成的秘密在于这种植物的叶子在下雨时候变为运输管道将大量水分及营养运送到植物饥渴的根部。Coco-de-mer palms (Lodoicea maldivica) produce these monster nuts, which are a type of seed. The biggest can tip the scales at up to 18 kilograms (roughly 40 pounds). That#39;s about as much as a 4-year-old boy. Yet the palm outperforms all other plants - at least in seed heft - with a below-poverty diet. These plants grow wild on nutrient-starved, rocky soil on just two islands in the Seychelles. (They#39;re part of an arc of some 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off of the East Coast of Africa.)海椰子树上会长出这种硕大坚果,实际上这是一种种子。最大的可重达18公斤(约40磅重),约为一个四岁男孩的体重。此外这种棕榈树胜过其他一切树种,最起码它能以很少的补给育出来相对较大的种子。这些树只生长在非洲塞舌尔群岛中的两个小岛上,虽然其扎根生长的土质是岩石类营养贫乏土质,但他们还是疯狂的生长着。(这些树也是非洲东海岸印度洋上由115个岛屿组成的弧形中重要的一部分。)Christopher Kaiser-Bunbury works for the Seychelles Islands Foundation. Despite a scarcity of nutrients to fuel its growth, a palm forest is ;magnificent - it#39;s like a dinosaur could come around the corner,; he says. Winds can jostle hectares (acres) of stiff leaves. This makes a sound he describes as ;crackling.;Christopher Kaiser-Bunbury在塞舌尔群岛基地工作。尽管供其生长的营养缺乏,但这些棕榈树森林长势依旧壮观。;就像不知从哪会冒出来一只恐龙一样;,他这样形容道。当有风掠过这些树的树叶时,他会听见噼里啪啦的响声。Nitrogen and phosphorus are two natural fertilizers - nutrients - that these (and other plants) need. There isn#39;t much of either on the islands where these palms grow. So the plants are frugal. They sprout fronds using only about one-third the nutrients needed by leaves of 56 neighboring species of trees and shrubs. What#39;s more, coco-de-mer palms scavenge a lot of the nutrients shed in their own dying leaves. These trees can reuse 90 percent of that prized phosphorus from the fronds it#39;s about to drop. That#39;s a record for the plant world.氮磷是富含营养物质的两大天然肥料,正为这些树所需(其他树种也同样需要)。然而在这些树生长的地方恰恰缺少这两种肥料。因此这种植物在营养使用方面很节约。比如发芽长叶时,他们仅仅消耗1/3的营养,为周围56种树木和灌木的叶子生长所需。此外,海椰子棕榈树还可利用即将掉落的树叶上的营养物质,重复使用90%落叶上的磷。这是植物界中的一项纪录。译文属 /201505/377780

Jack Ma, chairman of ecommerce group Alibaba, has blamed credulous and “greedy” consumers for the prevalence of counterfeit goods available on the internet, adding that his company provides buyers with the tools to distinguish fakes from the genuine article.电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)将互联网上假货泛滥归咎于易受骗和“贪心”的消费者,并补充称,他的公司向买家提供辨别真假的工具。“If you want to buy a Rolex for Rmb25 [], you can only be blamed for being too greedy,” he told an audience at the World Internet Conference in the Chinese city of Wuzhen.在浙江乌镇举行的世界互联网大会(World Internet Conference)上,马云称:“二十五块钱就想买一个劳力士手表,这是不可能的,这是你自己太贪了。”Mr Ma’s comments were a departure from the usually contrite public message honed by Alibaba in the run-up to its record-breaking initial public offering in September, which raised bn.9月阿里巴巴通过首次公开发行(IPO)创纪录地融资250亿美元之前,该公司对外传达的信息通常带有忏悔意味。马云此番言论标志着转向。The issue of fake goods, and the difficulty in policing the roughly 8m third-party sellers on Alibaba’s eBay-like sales website Taobao, has long been a problem for the group. “The company takes the issue of counterfeit goods seriously and acts immediately to remove these goods from our ecosystem,” said Alibaba yesterday.阿里巴巴旗下的电子商务网站淘宝(Taobao)类似于eBay,拥有近800万第三方卖家。假货问题、监管卖家之难,是该集团长期面对的问题。阿里巴巴近日表示,“公司认真对待仿冒品问题,一经发现,会立即把这些商品从我们的生态系统中剔除。”Mr Ma challenged the belief in China that counterfeit goods were widely available on Taobao, which reported 0bn in sales in the year to June 30. “Many people say that Taobao and Alibaba is full of knock-offs, but those who say that have basically never shopped on Taobao. ” He added that consumers had the “power of judgment”. “Do you think we could achieve Rmb6.7bn in sales daily if the internet were full of counterfeit products?”马云对中国普遍认为淘宝假货盛行的观点发出挑战。据报道,淘宝在截至6月30日的一年里销售额达到2000亿美元。“说假货多的人,肯定基本上从未在淘宝上买过东西。”马云补充称,消费者有“判断的权力”。“如果有假货,每天淘宝的销售额能有六七十亿元(人民币)吗?”The comments received widesp play on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, and elicited some ridicule from Taobao shoppers. A user named “Fangfei” wrote: “Haha, I only shop on Taobao because they have high quality counterfeit products!”马云的言论在中国版Twitter——微(Weibo)——上引发热议,并招致一些淘宝买家的嘲笑。一个名为“芳菲”(音译)的用户写道:“哈哈,我只在淘宝上买东西,因为他们有优质的假冒产品!”A five-minute trawl through Taobao yesterday netted a haul of a Chanel watch, a Louis Vuitton handbag and Dior perfume, but Rmb25 Rolex watches were nowhere to be found.记者昨天在淘宝上查找5分钟,就发现了78美元的香奈儿(Chanel)手表、29美元的路易威登(Louis Vuitton)手袋和6美元的迪奥(Dior)香水,但怎么也找不到25元人民币的劳力士(Rolex)手表。Taobao began checking third-party sellers after being named a “notorious market” by the US trade representative for violations of intellectual property rights in the four years to 2011.美国贸易代表因淘宝在截至2011年的4年里侵犯知识产权而称其为一个“臭名昭著的市场”,此后淘宝开始检查第三方商家。 /201411/344676

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, has a new partner in rooting out products deemed unsafe for American consumers, but the cooperation could also bring it more headaches.中国电商企业阿里巴巴有了一个新伙伴,帮助其根除那些被认为对美国消费者不安全的产品,但相关合作也可能会给该公司带来更多令人头痛的事情。The company, which listed its shares in New York in September, is teaming up with a ed States government agency to prevent its online platforms from exporting items to America that have been recalled. The agreement is likely to have its largest effects on Alibaba’s business-to-business site, which sells goods produced by Chinese manufacturers to American importers and businesses.9月在纽约上市的阿里巴巴正在与美国一家政府机构合作,以防止其在线平台向美国出口已被召回的货物。阿里巴巴旗下企业对企业的网站可能是受相关协议影响最大的,该网站主要面向美国进口商和企业销售中国厂家生产的商品。The agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said it would provide Alibaba lists of recalled items, and in turn, Alibaba said it would ensure that those products were not for sale to companies or individuals in America. Alibaba has a small business facilitating the sale of goods to American consumers.参与合作的政府机构美国消费品安全委员会(Consumer Product Safety Commission)表示,将向阿里巴巴提供被召回产品名录,而阿里巴巴则表示将确保不面向美国的企业或个人销售相关产品。阿里巴巴旗下有一家小公司专门负责促进面向美国消费者的商品销售。The commission’s chairman, Elliot F. Kaye, cited the recall last year of high-powered magnets being sold as toys in the ed States, noting that recently some companies on Alibaba’s sites had sold the magnets wholesale.该委员会主席埃利奥特·F·凯(Elliot F. Kaye)提到了去年在美国被当做玩具销售的高性能磁铁被召回一事,并指出最近,阿里巴巴网站上的部分公司在以批发的方式销售这种磁铁。Mr. Kaye said the new cooperation would help ensure that listings for dangerous items like the magnets — which were recalled because of a number of instances in which children ingested them, frequently necessitating surgery — would no longer be purposely or inadvertently imported by smaller ed States companies.凯表示,新展开的合作将有助于确保美国小企业不再进口——不管是有意还是无意——像前述磁铁那样的危险物品。前述高性能磁铁之所以被召回,是因为发生了一些事故,儿童吞下磁铁,常常需要进行手术。The cooperation serves as a test for Alibaba, which despite taking steps to clean up its e-commerce sites, retains a reputation for selling just about any product — brand, fake or occasionally dangerous.合作是对阿里巴巴的一次考验。尽管采取了诸多举措整顿旗下的电商网站,但阿里巴巴依然因为几乎什么产品都卖而声名远扬,其网站上有品牌货,也有假货,偶尔还会有危险物品。It is also a risk. If the company fails to live up to its end of the bargain, Mr. Kaye said the commission would not hesitate to pressure the company.此举也有风险。如果阿里巴巴未能信守承诺,凯表示该委员会将毫不犹豫地迫使其就范。Though Alibaba said last month that it spent about 0 million combating the sale of fake goods on its sites in 2013 and 2014, many companies complain that Alibaba can be slow to pull down listings of pirated goods. Others point out that removed listings often quickly reappear under different names.阿里巴巴上月表示,该公司在2013年和2014年投入了超过10亿元人民币,打击旗下网站上的假货交易,但还是有许多公司不满于阿里巴巴打击盗版产品时行动迟缓。还有一些公司指出,被撤下的产品往往很快又会换个名字重新出现。“We’re certainly going to hold their feet to the fire,” Mr. Kaye said on Tuesday at the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair.“我们肯定会让他们感到有压力,”凯周二在香港玩具展(Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair)上说。Mr. Kaye said the agency would start with a list of five to 15 products at the top of the regulator’s priority list, then expand it. The commission, which first approached Alibaba about cooperation roughly two years ago, expects problematic items to be taken down in a matter of hours, he said.凯表示,消费品安全委员会首先会提供一份名单,上面会列出该机构重点强调的五到十五种产品,然后再扩充名单。他说,大概两年前,委员会首次就合作事宜找到了阿里巴巴。该委员会希望问题商品在几小时之内下架。“We’re not a very patient lot, and if it doesn’t happen pretty quickly, then they’ll be hearing from us,” he said, adding that he hoped an automated system could be worked out.“我们可不是一群有耐心的人,如果事情未能很快得到处理,他们就会了解到我们的应对措施,”他说。他还表示希望能制定一个自动化系统。The good-faith agreement raises the more complicated issue of cross-border Internet regulations. In recent years, China has pushed hard for the ed States to accept the idea that Internet companies operating in different nations follow the rules and laws of their own nations. And countries like China have demanded that ed States companies censor content or provide their governments with private user data to remain in compliance with their laws.这个用心良苦的协议提出了更复杂的跨国互联网监管问题。近年来,中国极力要求美国接受一点,即在他国运营的互联网公司遵守自己国家的法律法规。但中国等国又要求美国公司进行内容审查,或是向政府提供用户的私人数据,以遵守它们的法律。In this case, Alibaba is agreeing to respect ed States laws.在此事中,阿里巴巴同意尊重美国法律。Discussing potential concerns about setting a precedent on Internet regulation, Mr. Kaye said, “From my perspective, there’s enough known good that will result from this that if it turns out there are unfortunate side effects, we will try to work to ameliorate those.”谈到在互联网监管方面开创先例可能存在的问题,凯说,“在我看来,此举已知的好处够多了,如果出现不利的副作用,我们将努力改善。” /201501/354738

Have you heard the term Gafa yet? It hasn’t caught on here in the ed States — and I’m guessing it won’t — but in France, it has become so common that the newspapers hardly need to spell out its meaning. Everyone there aly knows what Gafa stands for: Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon.你听说过Gafa这个词吗?它还没有在美国这边流行起来——我猜它不会流行——但在法国,这个词已经变得如此常见,以致于报纸几乎不需要阐明它的含义,每个人都知道Gafa代表什么:谷歌-苹果-Facebook-亚马逊。In America, we tend to think of these companies as four distinct entities that compete fiercely with each other. But, in Europe, which lacks a single Internet company of comparable size and stature, they “encapsulate America’s evil Internet empire,” as Gideon Rachman put it in The Financial Times on Monday. Nine out of 10 Internet searches in Europe use Google — a more commanding percentage than in the ed States — to cite but one example of their utter dominance in the countries that make up the European Union.在美国,我们通常认为这些公司是四个不同的实体,相互之间竞争激烈。但是在欧洲,没有规模和地位可以与它们相提并论的互联网公司,所以就像《金融时报》吉迪恩·拉赫曼(Gideon Rachman)本周一所说的,它们“代表了邪恶的美国互联网帝国”。欧洲每10个互联网搜索中就有九个使用了谷歌,这个比例比美国本土还更甚,而这只是Gafa在欧盟成员国中占据绝对主导地位的一个例子而已。Not surprisingly, this dominance breeds worry in Europe, however fairly it was achieved. The French fear (as the French always do) the imposition of American culture. The Germans fear the rise of an industry more efficient — and more profitable — than their own. Industry leaders, especially in publishing, telecommunications and even autos fear that the American Internet companies will disrupt their businesses and siphon away their profits. Europeans worry about the use of their private data by American companies, a worry that was only exacerbated by the Edward Snowden spying revelations. There is a palpable sense among many politicians, regulators and businesspeople in Europe that the Continent needs to develop its own Internet platforms — or, at the least, clip the wings of the big American Internet companies while there’s still time.毫不奇怪,无论这种取得主导地位的过程有多么公平,它都引起了欧洲人的担心。法国(一如既往地)担心美国文化的入侵。德国人担心一个比本国产业更加利润更高的产业的崛起。行业领导者,特别是出版、电信,甚至汽车行业的领导者,担心美国的互联网公司会颠覆他们的业务,吸走他们的利润。欧洲人担心美国公司使用自己的私人数据,而爱德华·斯诺登(Edward Snowden)对监听活动的曝光更是加剧了这种担忧。欧洲大陆有很多政界、商界人士和监管者都觉得有必要开发自己的互联网平台,或者,至少趁现在还有时间,要捆住美国大型互联网公司的手脚。I bring this up in the wake of the decision by Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s relatively new (she took office in November) commissioner in charge of competition policy, to bring antitrust charges against Google, the culmination of a five-year investigation. The case revolves around whether Google took advantage of its dominance in search to favor its own comparison-shopping service over those of its rivals. Vestager also opened an inquiry into Google’s Android mobile operating system — and said the European Union would investigate other potential violations if need be.我提起这些,是因为欧盟新一任(她去年11月上任)的竞争事务专员玛格丽特·韦斯塔格尔(Margrethe Vestager)在五年的调查之后对谷歌提起了反垄断诉讼。该案的核心在于,谷歌是否利用其在搜索领域的霸主地位,让自身的比较购物务受益,令竞争对手处于不利境地。韦斯塔格尔还启动了一个针对谷歌Android移动操作系统的调查,并表示如有需要,欧盟还将调查其他潜在的违规行为。Not long after announcing the charges, Vestager made a speech in Washington. “We have no grudge; we have no fight with Google,” she said. “In all our cases, we are indifferent to the nationality of the companies involved. Our responsibility is to make sure that any company with operations in the territory of the E.U. complies with our treaty rules.”宣布了针对谷歌的指控后不久,韦斯塔格尔在华盛顿发表讲话。“我们不是嫉妒;我们与谷歌之间没有宿怨,”她说。“在所有的案子中,我们都不关心所涉及的公司的国籍。我们的责任是确保在欧盟境内运营的所有公司都遵守了我们的规则。”Well, maybe. But it is also true that, to an unusual degree, this investigation, especially in its latter stages, has been driven by politics. The political rhetoric around Google in Europe has been so heated that had Vestager decided not to bring a case, her political standing might have been weakened, “probably compromising her ability to pursue effectively other high-profile antitrust cases,” wrote Carlos Kirjner, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein amp; Co.也许吧。这次调查,特别是在后期,其背后的政治推动力已经到达了一种不寻常的程度,这也是事实。欧洲各地关于谷歌的政治言论极其强烈,以至于如果韦斯塔格尔不提起诉讼,她的政治地位就可能遭到削弱。“可能会危及她调查其他高调反垄断案件的能力,”桑福德·伯恩斯坦公司(Sanford C. Bernstein)分析师卡洛斯·基里纳尔(Carlos Kirjner)说。Consider, for instance, what happened last year when Google was close to settling the case with Vestager’s predecessor, Joaquín Almunia. Google had agreed to make changes that it found cumbersome and intrusive, but it wanted to get the case behind it and move on. Instead, European politicians, especially in France and Germany, and prodded by Google’s competitors, complained that Almunía was being too accommodating to the company. “The offers by Google aren’t worthless, but they’re not nearly enough,” one such politician, Günther Oettinger of Germany, told The Wall Street Journal.比如,想想去年谷歌快要与韦斯塔格尔的前任华金·阿尔穆尼亚(Joaquín Almunia)就这个案子达成和解的时候,发生了什么事吧。谷歌当时已经同意进行一些改动,虽然它觉得这些改动既繁琐,又具有侵入性,但它希望了结这个案子,把精力放在别的事上。结果欧洲的政界人士,尤其是法国和德国的,在谷歌的竞争对手的怂恿下,抱怨阿尔穆尼亚太纵容谷歌了。“谷歌的提议并非一无是处,但这还远远不够,”来自德国的政界人士金特·厄廷格(Günther Oettinger)对《华尔街日报》说。At the time, Oettinger was serving as the European Union’s energy commissioner, making him one of the 28 commissioners who would have to approve any settlement. By September, he had been nominated for a new job: commissioner for digital economy and society. At a hearing before a European Parliament committee, he took credit for blowing up the Google settlement.当时厄廷格是欧盟能源专员,任何解决办法都必须得到他和其他27名专员的批准。到了9月,他被提名担任欧盟数字经济与社会专员。在欧洲议会委员会的一个听会上,他因阻止了谷歌的和解而得到赞许。As the digital commissioner, Oettinger has continued to advocate for what has become the German position on Google — namely that Google’s power must be reined in. In a speech two weeks ago, he essentially said that Europe should begin regulating Internet platforms in such a way as to allow homegrown companies to overtake the American Internet giants. And on Thursday, a document leaked from his office to The Wall Street Journal that outlined just such a plan, claiming that if nothing was done, the entire economy of Europe was “at risk” because of its dependency on American Internet companies. There have even been calls in Europe to break up Google.作为数字经济专员,厄廷格一再倡导德国对谷歌的立场——谷歌的权力必须受到限制。在两周前的一个演讲中,他表达了这样的意思:从现在开始,欧洲调整互联网平台的方式,应该有助于欧洲本土企业赶超美国的互联网巨头。上周四,他办公室的一份文件被《华尔街日报》曝光,文件中概述的计划声称,如果不采取行动,整个欧洲经济就会因为对美国互联网公司的依赖而面临“风险”。欧洲甚至还有人呼吁要分拆谷歌。Europe has every right to regulate any company and any sector it wants. And it can bring antitrust charges as it sees fit. But given the rhetoric surrounding Google and the other American Internet giants, suspicion of Europe’s real motives is justified.欧洲完全有权来监管他们想监管的任何公司、任何部门。只要他们认为合适,也可以提起任何反垄断指控。但考虑到围绕谷歌和其他美国互联网巨头的论调,欧洲的真实动机还是值得怀疑的。From here, the European charges against Google look a lot like protectionism.从这个角度而言,欧洲对谷歌的指控看起来很像是保护主义行径。 /201505/372937

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