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郑州市中心医院激光点痣多少钱郑州医学整形美容祛痘多少钱郑州华山医院韩式三点多少钱 The World Economic Forum (WEF) believes it will take another 118 years - or until 2133 - until the global pay gap between men and women is finally closed.世界经济论坛认为,再过118年,也就是到2133年时,全球男性和女性之间的薪酬差距才能持平。The WEF#39;s Global Gender Gap report assesses 145 countries across the four pillars of health, education, economic opportunity and political empowerment.世界经济论坛的《全球性别差距报告》从健康、教育、经济机会和政治参与四个方面进行调查,对145个国家做了评估。It found that, respectively, women have 96 per cent, 95 per cent, 59 per cent and 23 per cent of the opportunities and access that are available to men in those four categories.调查发现,女性在这四个方面所获得的机会分别是男性的96%、95%、59%和23%。Surprisingly, the wage gap between male and female did not narrow after the financial crisis in 2008. Women are now earning the amount that men did in 2006, data from the report says.出人意料的是,2008年金融危机之后,男性和女性之间的工资差距并未缩小。报告中数据显示,女性现在的收入相当于男性2006年的收入水平。According to the report, in 2015, the global average annual salary of a full-time female staff member is USD 11,100 while that of a male is USD 20,600, 50 per cent more than that of a female employee. A full-time male employee#39;s average annual salary was USD 11,400 in 2006, fair to that of current full-time female employee.报告显示,全球全职女性职工的平均年薪为11,100美元,而全职男性职工的平均年薪为20,600美元,比女职工多50%。2006年时,全职男性职工的平均年薪为11,400美元,与全职女职工现在的平均年薪持平。The report says the gap between the economic opportunities available to men and women narrowed by 3 percent in the last decade, according to the annual Global Gender Gap Report. At that rate of improvement, women will not achieve financial parity with men for another 118 years.《全球性别差距报告》称,过去10年里,男女在经济机会方面的差距仅缩小了3%,按照此提升速度,实现男女收入平等还要再等118年。In the WEF#39;s annual rankings North European countries still top the index, with Iceland ranking first for the seventh year, followed by Norway and Finland. Rwanda, the Philippines and New Zealand are the only non-European countries in the top 10.在世界经济论坛的年度排名中,北欧国家仍高居榜首,冰岛连续七年排名第一,挪威和芬兰紧随其后。卢旺达、菲律宾和新西兰是仅有的跻身前10名的非欧洲国家。Gender gap in Sri Lanka in Asia, Mali in Africa, Croatia and the Slovak Republic in Europe, Jordan and Iran in the Middle East is in a widening process.在亚洲的斯里兰卡、非洲的马里、欧洲的克罗地亚和斯洛伐克共和国、中东的约旦和伊朗,性别差距还在不断扩大。;The current inequalities risk being exacerbated in the future,; warned Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF.世界经济论坛的创始人和执行主席克劳斯·施瓦布警示说,“当前的不平等在未来还会有加重的风险。”;Increased levels of automation ushered in by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are likely to affect not only the economy but also humanity,; Schwab said, explaining that technological disruption to business models and labour markets could kill jobs traditionally held by women.“第四次工业革命提高了自动化程度,这不仅会对经济产生影响,也会对人类产生影响,” 克劳斯·施瓦布解释说,技术对于商业模式和劳动力市场的影响,可能会使一些传统上由女性来做的工作消失。 /201511/411829河南哪里祛斑好

河南美白价格In 184, the Yellow Turban Rebellion occurred, which was a peasant rebellion against the Eastern Han Dynasty in the reign of Emperor Ling. It was named for the color of the scarves which the rebels wore around their heads.爆发于公元184年的黄巾起义是农民反抗灵帝统治的汉王朝的武装斗争,因起义农民头裹黄色丝巾而得名。Since the rebels were associated with secret Taiping Taoist societies, the rebellion also marked an important event in the history of Taoism.起义者与太平教(一个秘密道教组织)关系密切,为此黄巾起义也是道教发展史上的重要事件。After the death of Du Wu, Emperor Ling became a puppet manipulated by eunuchs.窦武死后,灵帝成为宦官的傀儡。In order to secure the throne, he tried to please eunuchs, going so far as to refer to one of them as his father.为了保住自己的皇位,灵帝极力讨好宦官,竟称宦官为父亲。Thus, the eunuchs extorted money from the people unscrupulously.宦官们更是肆无忌惮的搜刮民财。The corrupt imperial court, the landlords’ oppression along with the successive natural disasters made it impossible for the people to live on, so many of them rose up to revolt.朝廷的腐败,地主豪强的压迫,再加上接二连三的天灾,百姓没法生活下去,被迫起来反抗。At the end of the Eastern Han, Zhang Jiao of Julu (modern Pingxiang in Hebei Province) established a secret Taoist sect — Tai Ping Dao , declaring himself to be Great Teacher. He traveled around the country propagating his faith and dispensing free treatment to the sick.东汉末年,巨鹿(今河北平乡)人张角创太平道,自称大贤良师,在各地传教,并免费给穷人看病。In ten year or so, Tai Ping Dao sp more than half the country, and enlisted several hundreds of thousands of followers.十余年间,太平道传遍了大半个中国,各地信徒发展到几十万人。In order to start up rebellion, Zhang Jiao divided the whole country into 36fang (section) with a bigger consisting of more than 100 000 persons and a smaller one 6 000 ~ 7 000.为了发动起义,张角全国分为三十六方,大方有10000余人,小方 6 000?7 000人。Meanwhile he brought forward a slogan, “The Blue Sky has perished, the Yellow Sky will soon rise; in this year of Jia Zi (i. e. , the year 184), let there be prosperity in the world !”( Blue Sky was referred to the Eastern Han and Yellow Heaven to the Yellow Turbans), which was an obvious call for peasants uprising a-gainst the Eastern Han court.张角又提出口号:“苍天已死,黄天当立,岁在甲子,天下大吉。” (“苍天”指东汉王朝,“黄天”指太平道),用来鼓动广大农民起来革命。He also sent Ma Yuanyi, to the Capital Luoyang and other places to see that everything was in order.同时派马元义到京师洛阳和各地查看起义准备情况。The uprising had been set on March the fifth, 184, but had to be launched in February ahead of schedule, for the betrayer, Tang Zhou, informed against the Yellow Turbans.张角原定于公元184年3月5日起义。可是由于叛徒唐周告密,决定提前于2月间起义。Zhang Jiao called himself ‘‘Heavenly General”,his younger broth-ers Zhang Bao, “General of the Earth” and Zhang Liang, “General of AAen”,who assisted him in the rebellion.张角自称“天公将军”,其弟张宝称“地公将军”,张梁称“人公将军”。In less than a month, the movement took hold with people responding from all over the country, and the uprising progressed rapidly.不到一个月的时间,各地民众纷纷响应,起义浪潮迅速席卷全国。The peasant uprising shocked the imperial court.黄巾起义后,汉灵帝和宦官们十分恐慌。On one hand,Emperor Ling mustered troops to defend the capital; on the other hand,he appointed generals Huangpu Song, Zhu Jun and Lu Zhi to attack the Yellow Turban forces.他们一面调集军队,保卫京师洛阳;一面以皇甫嵩、朱隽、卢植为中郎将,率军进攻黄巾军。Huangpu Song and Zhu Jun had an army of 40 000. In the attack on Ying-chuan, Zhu Jun was defeated, while Huangpu Song was besieged in Changshe (modern Changge in Henan Province).皇甫嵩和朱隽共有4000万余人,在进攻颍川黄巾时,朱隽被击败,皇甫嵩被围困在长社(今河南长葛)城中。With the help of reinforcements, they conquered the Yellow Turbans, slaughtering tens of thousands of rebels.后来他们得到援,大败黄巾军,屠杀起义农民有数万之多。The imperial court had dispatched Lu Zhi to fight against Zhang Jiao, yet the attack yielded no victory.朝廷派卢植进攻张角,结果大败。Then the unsuccessful Lu Zhi was replaced by Dong Zhuo, who also suffered a failure.朝廷撤了卢植的职,另派董卓进攻张角,亦被张角打败。Finally, Huangpu Song was moved to attack Zhang Jiao.朝廷再调皇甫嵩进攻张角。At that time, Zhang Jiao died of illness, and the rebellious army was led by Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao.此时,张角病死,起义军由张梁和张宝率领。Huangpu Song sprang a surprise attack put more than 80 000 insurgents, including Zhang Liang, out of action.皇甫嵩用偷袭的办法打败了黄巾军,张梁战死,黄巾军英勇牺牲的有80000 多人。The Y Turbans retreated to Xiaquyang(the west of modem Jinxian County in Hebei), only to suffer another defeats when encountered with Huangpu ’ s army there. Zhang Bao was killed in the battle, and several hundred thousand of his men were killed, wounded or captured.起义军退至下曲阳(河北晋县西),皇甫嵩再行进攻,张宝战死,所部死伤被俘的有十余万人。After nearly nine months of fierce battles, the main force of the Yellow Turban Army was wiped out, but the flame of peasants uprisings were far from extinguished. Many armed insurgent units kept on fighting.经过近9个月的激战,黄巾军的主力已基本被消灭,可是革命的烈火却已经燃烧起来了,各地的斗争前赴后继。By 192, there were still 300 000 or more Yellow Turbans operating in present-day Shandong.至192年,还有30多万黄巾军在今山东地区活动。Thirteen years later, the Heishan (Black Hill) Army in central-south Hebei still numbered upwards of 100000.13年后河北中南部的黑山军亦有部众10万人。Despite the failure of the Yellow Turban uprising, it shook the Eastern Han Dynasty regime to its foundations. Its days were numbered.黄巾起义虽然失败了,但却动摇了东汉政权的统治基础,其灭亡已是指曰可待。As a result of the Yellow Turbans, northern China was devastated, and the military leaders were prepared for the struggle among the warlords.由于黄巾起义,北方地区遭受到巨大的破坏,各地豪强拥兵自重,相互争斗。When Emperor Ling died in 189, Empress Dowager He took over regency, in-stalling Lingdi’s young son 13-year-old Liu Bian as emperor.公元189年,灵帝驾崩,何太后临朝,立灵帝13岁的儿子刘辩为帝。He Jin, brother of the Empress Dowager, thought that the time had come to get rid of eunuchs definitely, and in order not to repeat the failure of 168,he invited Dong Zhuo to command his troops to enter and garrison in the capital Luoyang.何太后的哥哥何进认为清除宦官的时机已到。为避免重蹈公元168年之覆辙,何进邀董卓率兵进驻洛阳。However, the information was leaked to the eunuchs, who acted first and had He Jin killed.不料走漏了消息,何进先为宦官所杀。The powerful eu-nuchs being without military support, Yuan Shao and his brother Yuan Shu broke into the palace with their forces and killed more than 2 000 eunuchs.但是太监并无兵权,袁绍和其弟袁术率兵人宫,诛杀2000多名太监。Not long after that, Dong Zhuo entered Luoyang, who deposed Emperor Shao and put Liu Xie, Xiandi on the throne.不久,董卓率兵人洛阳,废少帝刘辩,立刘协为帝,是为汉献帝。By intimidation and brutal force, Dong Zhuo gained his own position at the court ensured, while most men of rank had left the capital.董卓独揽大权,残暴专横,多数大臣已离开京城。Bureaucratic official throughout the country launched punitive expeditions against Dong one after another, and the situation of separatist warlord regime came into being eventually. The Eastern Han Dynasty endured only nominally and soon gave way to the Three Kingdoms.各地官吏纷纷举兵讨伐董卓,逐步形成了诸强割据的局面,统一的王朝已名存实亡,魏蜀 吴三国鼎立局面很快形成。 /201512/413041郑州菜花耳矫正哪家医院好 郑州中心医院开双眼皮手术价钱费用

南阳市中心医院纹眉毛多少钱Maryland increased its liquor taxes in 2011 and a sharp decrease in the rate of new gonorrhea infections immediately followed. Researchers have determined that the two events are closely linked. 2011年,马里兰州提高了酒类税,随即新发淋病感染率就急剧下降。研究人员现已确定这两个事件之间存在密切关联。The study, in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, used three control groups to exclude other explanations for the decline. The first control group included all states that did not change alcohol taxes. The second group looked at states that did not share a border with Maryland, in order to avoid bias from people buying liquor in nearby states where the taxes were lower. And the third group eliminated states in which the government has a monopoly on hard liquor sales, since prices may rise in those states even without an increase in taxes.这项研究发表在《美国预防医学杂志》(American Journal of Preventive Medicine)上,它使用了三个对照组来排除感染率下降的其他解释。第一个对照组纳入了所有未改变酒类税的州。第二组研究了与马里兰州不接壤的州,以避免因人们从附近税收较低的州购买酒类而产生的偏倚。第三组排除了那些由政府垄断烈性酒销售的州,因为即使没有加税,这些州的酒类价格也可能会上涨。In 2011, the Maryland liquor tax rose to 9 percent from 6 percent. After the increase, Maryland’s gonorrhea rate declined by 24 percent — the equivalent of 1,600 cases per year. There was no decrease in the control states.2011年,马里兰州的酒类税从6%增加到了9%。 加税后,马里兰州的淋病率下降了24%,相当于每年1600例。而对照组的各州中则没有降低。The authors suggest that decreased alcohol consumption decreases sexual risk-taking, including unprotected sex, casual sex and sex with new partners.作者认为,饮酒的减少降低了性冒险,包括无保护的性行为、性滥交以及与新的性伙伴发生性行为等。“Policy makers should consider raising liquor taxes if they’re looking for ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections,” said the lead author, Stephanie A.S. Staras, an assistant professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine. “In the year and a half following the alcohol tax rise in Maryland, this prevented 2,400 cases of gonorrhea and saved half a million dollars in health care costs.”“如果政策制定者们在寻找防止性传播感染的途径,他们应该考虑提高酒类税,”该研究的主要作者,美国佛罗里达大学医学院(University of Florida College of Medicine)的助理教授斯蒂芬妮·A·S·斯塔拉斯(Stephanie A.S. Staras)说。“在马里兰州酒类税上涨后的一年半期间,这一举措预防了2400例淋病,节省了约50万美元的医疗费用。” /201602/428248 The Ten States are Wu,the Southern Tang,the Former Shu,the Later Shu, Wuyue,Chu,Min,the Southern Han,the Later Liang and the Northern Han.十国指吴国、南唐、前蜀、后蜀、吴越、楚、闽、南汉、后梁和北汉。With the Nortern Han in the North and the other states were all in the Southern part of China.除北汉在北方外,其余各国在中国南部。The development of the states in the South contributed a lot to the progress of South China.各国在中国南方的发展对南方的开发起到了重大作用。These states were established about the time when the Later Liang was founded.The founders of these states formerly had all been garrison commanders during the later period of the Tang Dynasty.南方的十国建立于后梁晚期,创建者都是晚唐时期的节度使。The State of Wu and the Later Tang : The State of Wu was founded by Yang Xingmi, who was a garrison commander in Huainan. He won his fame and power when suppressing the uprising of the peasants and fighting with other warlords.吴国和南唐:吴的开创者杨行密,在镇压农民起义和军阀混战中被唐朝提升为淮南节度使。In 902,,he was granted as King of Wu by the Emperor Zhaozhong of the Tang with Yangzhou as capital.公元902年,唐昭宗封他为吴王,建都扬州。After that Yangpu was made to be Emperor of Wu by Xu Wen, his chancellor, with the State title Wu.到杨溥在位时,丞相徐温等立杨溥为天子,国号吴。However, at this moment, Yang’s family owned no real power in the court and Xu Wen’s son,Xu Zhigao dethrone Yangpu , became the emperor and set up the Tang with Jinling as capital. Then he changed his name to Li Bian later, known as the Southern Tang, which was destroyed by the Northern Song when the last emperor Li Yu was in the reign.但此时,杨氏大权早已旁落。公元937年,徐温的养子徐知诰废杨溥自立,国号唐,建都金陵,改姓名为李,史称“南唐”。到后主李煜时,南唐为北宋所灭。The State of Former and Later Shu:The State of Former Shu was founded by Wang Jian who was a garrison commander in Bizhou (now Daojiang, Sichuan) of Tang. From 894, he occupied Xichuan, Dongchuan and Hanzhong in succession and announced to be the emperor in Chengdu with the name of Shu.前、后蜀:唐壁州(四川导江)刺史王建,从公元894年开始,先后兼并西川、东川和汉中之地。This was the Former Shu in history.后梁建立,他在成都称帝,国号蜀,史称“前蜀”。When Wang Yan, son of Wang Jian came to the throne, people suffered from his exorbitant taxes and severe punishment.其子王衍继位,以奢侈荒淫、刻剥百姓著称。In 925, Zhuang-zong of the Later Tang sent troops to destroy Shu and transferred Meng Zhixiang to be the associated garrison in commander.925年,后唐庄宗派兵灭前蜀,用孟知祥(李克用侄女婿)为剑南西川节度副大使。In 926, Meng Zhixiang entered Chengdu ,reformed the political system and lighted the taxes. He also seized Dongchuan from the Former Shu.公元926年,孟知祥入成都,整顿吏治,减少苛税,攻占东川。In 934, Meng Zhixiang proclaimed to be emperor of Shu, with Chengdu as capital, which was recorded as the Later Shu in history.公元934年,他在成都称帝,国号蜀,史称“后蜀”。After Meng Zhixiang died, his son, Mengchang, the new emperor took Fengzhou and extended his territory as wide as that of the Former Shu.当年孟知祥死,子孟昶继位,又攻取凤州,疆域与前蜀相同。However, he committed the same ill-ruling as Wang Yan exploited and suppressed his officials and citizens ferociously.但孟昶和王衍一样,残酷剥削压榨高官、百姓,奢侈成性。And in 965, the Later Shu was ended by the Northern Song.965年为北宋所灭。The State of Wuyue:The State of Wuyue was established by Qian Liu who was the garrison commander of Zhenhai in 893.吴越:吴越的创建者钱镠,在公元893年被唐昭宗任命为镇海节度使。He won his position in charge of Zhen-hai and Zhendong while fighting with warlord Dong Chang in Yuezhou.不久, 因讨越州军阀董昌有功,升任镇海、镇东两军节度使。In 907, Qian Liu was granted as the King of Wuyue with Hangzhou as capital.公元907年,后梁封他为吴越王,建都于杭州,拥有两浙之地。His kingdom embraced Zhejiang, and there were scarcely wars agitated in this period which retained the time for economic and agricultural development.这一地区战争很少,生产发达,经济繁荣。Their regime lasted five generations to Qian Chu and was finally ruined by the Northern Song Dynasty.钱氏政权五传至钱镠,于978年降于北宋。The State of Chu:The State of Chu was founded by Ma Yin.楚:唐末,马殷割据湖南。In 907, he was acknowledged as King of Chu by the Later Liang and Tanzhou (Changsha, Hunan now) was the capital. There was a chaos among his sons in the court for the posiDynasty.公元907年,后梁封他为楚王,都于潭州(长沙)。公元927年,马殷死,诸子争立,政局混乱,公元963年为北宋所灭。The State of Min:The State of Min was set up by Wang Shenzhi who followed his elder brother Wang Chao to Fuzhou (Fujian province now). In 897, Wang Shenzhi succeeded his brothers position as the garrison commander and was later granted as King of Min taking charging of Quanzhou and Tingzhou. Other successors of the Min were all tyrannies therefore caused constant confusion within the state and received downfall from the Southern Tang.闽:公元893年,王审知随其兄王潮据福州(今福建),公元897年,继王潮为威武军节度使。公元909年,后梁封他为闽王,据有泉、汀等地。王审知死后,继位的都是暴君,内乱不休,公元945年被南唐攻灭。The State of Southern Han : In 905, Liu Yin was a garrison commander of Jinghai in the Tang Dynasty.南汉:公元905年,刘隐为唐静海军节度使。In 907, he was granted as King of Dapeng and his brother, Liu Ying after succeed him, extended his territory and proclaimed to be emperor of Yue in 917 with Guangzhou as capital. In the following year, he renamed his regime Han, which was the Southern Han in Chinese history.公元907年,后梁封他为大彭郡王。隐弟刘葵继位后,扩大了势力范围,于公元917年称帝,国号越,建都广州,次年改国号为汉,史称“南汉”。The rulers of the Southern Han were extravagant and cruel therefore caused an intense class contradictory. In 971, the Southern Han was also taken over by the Northern Song.南汉君主都极其奢侈,统治十分残暴,境内阶级矛盾非常尖锐,公元971年为北宋所灭。The State of Later Liang : In 907, Gao Jixing, was a garrison commander in Jingnan during the period of the Later Liang.后梁:公元907年,后梁任命高季兴为荆南节度使。In 924, he was granted King Nanping with Jiangling as cspital, owning only Jingzhou, which was the smallest state.924年,后唐庄宗封他为南平王,都于江陵,仅有荆州一地,是十国中最弱小的一国。In 963,it was taken over by the Northern Song.公元963年亡于北宋。The State of Northern Han : The State of Northern Han by Liu Chong appeared somewhat later than the others, it was established towards the end of the Later Tang, during the period of the Later Jin, and the Later Zhou.北汉:北汉为后汉高祖之弟刘崇所建,是建国最晚的一个,成立后唐末期、后晋和后周之间。In 951, located in the east of the Yellow River, Liu Chong declared to be emperor with Taiyuan as capital and still took Han as its name. It was the Northern Han in Chinese history.公元951年,刘崇据河东之地,在太原称帝,仍以汉为国号,史称“北汉”。The Northern Han was based on weak economy on which its people suffered from the heavy taxes for military expenditure and payment to Qidan in the north. To earn a living was terribly hard in the Northern Han and there were acute social struggles within.北汉“土瘠民贫,内供军国,外奉契丹,赋繁役重,民不聊生”,社会矛盾十分尖锐。In 979 the Northern Song took over it.公元979年被北宋所灭。Along with the improvement of handicrafts, the economy of the south was booming.随着手工业的发展,南方的商业也相当活跃。Hangzhou, the capital of Wuyue, grew into a prosperous metropolis in the southeaster of China enjoying the faming of the richest and thriftiest city that could be compared to the heaven.吴越都城杭州,已成为东南繁荣 的大都市富兼华夷”,“百事繁庶”,有“地上天宫”之称。Chengdu was also well-developed and famous for its silks, herb medicine and jewels concerning the amount of goods exchange.成都市场也相当繁荣,有蚕市、药市、珠宝市,市场交易量很大。Besides, there were many trades by sea.valley after the periods of growth in the five Dynasties.此外,当时的海上贸易也相当活跃。According to the demographic toll at the dawn of the Northern Song that there were 2. 3 million people was added to the Song’s original 1 milliom after removing all the small states in the south.经过五代时期的发展,全国的经济重心已从黄河流域逐渐转移到长江流域。据北宋初年统计,北方人口只有100多万户,后来陆续平定南方诸国,又得230多万户。This indicated that the population of the south was double that of the north which meant the progressive surplus of the north in economy and a gradually prominent position in imperial China.可见南方人口已经超过北方二倍。这说明南方经济的发展日益超过北方, 越来越在全国占据重要的地位。 /201602/421849河南郑州市华山整形美容医院做双眼皮手术多少钱郑州华山医院激光祛痘多少钱



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