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A gold rush sparks a boom in trade一场贸易上的淘金热风靡一时And a new chapter for mankind.人类历史翻开新的一章From the trading center of Mecca,在麦加古城的商贸中心A charismatic leader emerges, the prophet Mohammed,一位天赐神明出现了 他就是先知穆罕默德And a new religion.同时还带来了一个新的宗教In twenty years,Islam unites the warring tribes of Arabia.在二十年的时间里 伊斯兰教徒联合了敌对的阿拉伯部落It was a particular genius of the burgeoning Islamic state,这是一个让伊斯兰国家 迅速壮大的天才般的构想to use that gold to fund a massive army用金矿建立一个庞大的军队that was able to push beyond the Arabian Peninsula,用以牵制阿拉伯半岛to create a new kind of empire,建立一个全新的帝国a distinctly Islamic Empire.一个截然不同的伊斯兰教帝国From Mecca, in modern-day Saudi Arabia,从麦加古城 也就是现今的沙特阿拉伯Islam sps across North Africa and into Europe,伊斯兰教传遍北非并渗入欧洲Dominating lands once controlled by the Romans.主宰了那个曾被罗马人掌控的世界A new civilization reaches into Spain一种新的文明传入西班牙And builds a new city:Cordoba.随之诞生了一座新城市:科尔多瓦 Article/201511/408382

  If they found even a few martian microbes,如果他们找到哪怕只是几种火星微生物in my opinion,在我看来it would be one of the most exciting discoveries ever made.这将成为有史以来最令人振奋的发现之一But even if mars is barren,但是即便火星没有生命there are other places to look for liquid water.仍可以在其它星球寻找液态水One of them lies a mere 30 million miles from Mars.其中一处距离火星仅有3万千英里远On a small, mysterious moon that orbits the giant planet Jupiter.就在大行星木星的一个小而神秘的卫星上This is Europa.这就是木卫二Europa is tiny -- just under 2,000 miles in diameter木卫二非常小,直径不到2千英里and it#39;s very cold -- minus 260 degrees.而且非常冷,仅有零下260度The entire moon is covered in a layer of ice perhaps 15 miles thick.整个卫星被大约15英里厚的冰层覆盖着But Europa may have a hidden heat source beneath the surface.但是木卫二地表以下可能隐藏着一个热源Europa orbits Jupiter once every 3.6 days,木卫二每3.6天就围绕木星转一圈in an egg-shaped path.其轨道呈鸡蛋形状The gravitational pull from Jupiter changes constantly,木星对其的引力不断变化stretching, then compressing europa.不断拉伸然后挤压木卫二This process is like kneading a piece of clay这过程就像揉捏一块粘土to make it warm and soft,使其变得又热又暖and the heat produced may be enough to melt the underside of the ice sheet.所产生的热量也许足够融化冰层的底层creating a hidden ocean of liquid water protected从而产生一个隐蔽的液态水的海洋from the vacuum of space by the solid ice above.由上面覆盖着厚厚的冰层保护着与真空隔绝If so, there could be aliens living here --若真如此,那里可能有生命存在creatures that have evolved to exploit this dark and ancient water world.进化得足以适应这种黑暗和古老的水世界I think it#39;s even reasonable to guess at some of their physical features.我认为甚至可能想象得出它们的体征Aliens here would probably swim in a similar way to our own ocean life,那里的生命可能和我们的海洋生物一样游泳since liquid water is the same stuff everywhere.因为液态水在哪里都是一样的 Article/201505/377765

  Look at the earth-isn#39;t beautiful?Blue oceans,white polar ice-caps,and verdant green land.Some brown as well,where there aren#39;t as many plants.But why are those parts of our earth barren,and others green?I mean,deserts cover much of Africa and Australia,but not Europe!看看这个地球,它真漂亮。蔚蓝的海洋,雪白的冰盖,还有嫩绿的绿洲。还有一些事棕色的,那里植被少一些。但是,为什么,地球一部分是荒原,另一部分是绿洲呢?我是说,沙漠覆盖着非洲,和澳洲大半面积,但是欧洲却没有!Europeans,it turns out,discovered the answer,but in the most unlikely of places the oceans!When sailing from Europe,trade winds pushed ships enthusiastically southwest to the equator,where suddenly,the winds would die.These were the doldrums.And for sailors,they were a pain.They were also annoying to scientists like Galileo,kepler,and Halley.who all had theories about why the wind blew to the southwest : Did the wind somehow follow the wun from morning till night? Or did it have trouble keeping up with the ground spinning beneath it ?事实明,欧洲人发现了问题的,不过在那最不可能的地方,海洋!当人们从欧洲起航,信风主动将船只向西南方向吹动,一直到赤道,在那里,风突然停了.这就是赤道无风带.对于水手来说,这是空空的痛.这个现象也困扰着如伽利略,开普勒,哈雷等等科学家,他们都持着,各种西南风成因的理论.这种风从早到晚随太阳,移动吗?或者是它没法跟上其下大地旋转的速度?In 1735,a London lawyer and amateur meteorologist named George Hadley came up with an even brighter idea that ultimately helps explain not just ocean winds,but also why our planet has rainforests in a belt near the equator and deserts just north and south of that.Hadley figured that,since the sun warms the Earth must be cooler--and therefore more dense.Just as cold air rushes in through an open door in winter,cool air north and south of the equator must flow toward the warm air in the middle,bringing sailors with it.在1735年,一位名为George Hadley的伦敦律师兼业余气象爱好者,想到了一个更高明的主意,它不只从根本上帮助解释了海风成因,也解释了为何地球上热带雨林在赤道旁边的一带,沙漠挨在热带雨林的南北方 Hadley发现,正因为太阳照耀着大地时,两级照射最多,其南北方的空气,就会冷些,密度就更大。正如冬天冷空气通过一扇敞开的大门,闯进来,赤道南北方的冷空气必须跟随中间的暖湿气流流动,一并带着出海的水手。There,in the doldrums,the air didn#39;t actually stop moving,it jsut headed upwards,heat rising to make way forthe denser air flowing in from both sides.And here#39;s where the earth#39;s greens and browns come in:As warm,humid air at the equator rises,it cools,and--since cool air can#39;t hold as much moisture as warm air--it rains A lot.Enough to make rian-forests.在赤道无风带,空气并未停止流动,它只是向上流动,热空气上升为两边流入的密度更高的空气腾出空间。而地球菌表面绿色和棕色的成因在此:在赤道两边暖湿空气上升时,它的温度会下降;由于冷空气不能像暖空气携带大量水分,雨由此而来。这雨量极大以至于能造出热带雨林。At an altitude of about 17 kilometers,the rising (and drying)air hits the stratosphere,which acts kind of like a ceiling,causing the warm air to sp out and separate-some goes north,some south,As the air departs from the equator,it rains away more moisture,becoming denser and slightly cooler,until finally dry,it sinks,creating the arid bands where many of the world famous deserts lie.在17千米的高空,上升的(干燥)暖空气到达平流层,平流层就像一个屋顶一样,让暖空气分散,延展开来,一些北上,一些南下。空气在赤道上空分离后,以降雨消耗大部分水分,其密度上升,变得稍微冷些,直到最终干燥,下沉,制造出了世界上许多有着著名沙漠的干燥带。This giant atmospheric conveyor belt,officially called a Hadley cell,brings up both tropical rainforests and deserts,So the locations of greens or browns of the earth come courtesy of a lot of hot air.这个巨大的传送带学名为Hadley环流圈,它为我们带来了雨林和沙漠。因此,地球上的翠绿和棕黄,都得归功于这体积庞大的热空气。 Article/201508/391588。

  Mars is also bathed in harmful radiation from the sun,火星还沐浴在太阳的有害辐射中As it runs out of fuel, the sun will start to expand, 当燃料消耗殆尽时,太阳便开始膨胀turning into what#39;s called a red giant. 变成红巨星It will change from being the object 太阳因此从赐予生命的万物之母that gaves us life to the one that annihilates it. 变成了毁灭一切的灾星In about seven billion years, 在约70亿年后the sun will be 200 times bigger, 太阳将膨胀为目前的200倍about 200 million miles across. 直径将达2亿英里So vast it will obliterate the inner planets, one after the other. 巨大的太阳将逐个湮灭太阳系内层的行星Mercury, Venus, 水星,金星 and most probably the lifeless Earth. 大概还有生命早已绝迹的地球But as the universe continues to evolve at its own relentless pace, 但宇宙以自己的速度不断演进着new opportunities will present themselves to us 如果它所育的生命能够幸存if we are able to preserve the life that the cosmos made. 就一定有机会找到其他赖以生存的家园This is Gliese 581D 这是葛利斯581DIt#39;s a large rocky, earth-like planet, the nearest known. 它是已知最接近地球的巨大类地岩状行星It#39;s just possible that this world or one like it could in the future 这颗,或类似的其他星球将有可能become home to the human race. 成为人类未来的新家园A second sanctuary against the unforgiving blackness of space. 第二个逃离太空无尽黑暗的避难所Discovered in 2007, it is seven times bigger than Earth.2007年人们发现了这颗大于地球7倍的星球It orbits a star smaller and redder than our own, 它环绕着一颗比太阳小且红的恒星运行but lies at just the right distance from its sun 但它与该恒星的距离刚好to allow water to exist on the surface. 能够让其表面存有液态水But even if this is the perfect home away from home, 但即使它是我们完美的第二家园there is a fundamental problem we will have to overcome. 仍有一个根本上的问题摆在眼前Gliese is a very, very long way away. 葛利斯离我们非常,非常遥远More than 20 light years from Earth. 距地球二十多光年That#39;s 120 trillion miles. 也就是120万亿英里 Article/201510/405274

  I#39;d heard a story from a Berber tribesman using a camel carcass as an emergency shelter in a sandstorm.我曾听柏柏尔部落的人讲过一个故事 在沙尘暴来临时 用骆驼尸体作紧急避难所The smell was absolutely disgusting.那气味实在是太恶心了Okay, it#39;s all just being held on at one point now.只有一处内脏还连在内腔上I have to hold my breath, get in there, and cut it.Stinks.I got it!我必须屏住呼吸 从里面切断它 真臭 好了Little did I know that this clip would follow me for a long time.And not just the smell.It#39;s here at number four.当时我知道臭味定会挥之不去 没想到这录像片段也是 还成为了经典时刻的第四名The Berbers could use this as an emergency shelter in a sandstorm.柏柏尔部落的人在沙尘暴时 将其用作紧急避难所And all they#39;d do is,Okey, I#39;m inside it,pull it over,and I#39;ll be 100% protected from the sand.他们只须要 好了 我进去了 把它盖上 这样我就可以完全免遭 沙尘的袭击了My number one has to be the texas biplane.要我说 最佳时刻 非德州双翼机莫属The texas biplane was a fun one and it barrel-rolls its way in to number three.德州双翼机是一次有趣的经历 它飞滚着排到经典时刻的第三名Our insertion into the chihuahuan desert was definitely one of my favorite,我们的奇瓦瓦沙漠之旅 绝对是我的最爱之一and we#39;ve done a lot of them helicopters, balloons, planes,you name it.我们用过很多飞行器 直升机 热气球 普通飞机 应有尽有But hanging inverted under a biplane at 8,000 feet,life definitely became interesting.That was a stunt and a half.但在八千英尺高空中 被挂在倒飞的双翼机下 让我的人生更丰富多了 那已经不仅仅是特技了Skydiving from a biplane is anything but straightforward.从双翼机上做特技跳伞绝非易事 Article/201612/484653Alibaba chairman: Chinese market promises huge potential阿里巴巴董事长表示中国市场潜力巨大The first Double Eleven Shopping Festival started in 2009, when online sales platform Tmall started its nationwide sales campaign.第一次的双十一购物节从2009年开始,当时在线销售平台淘宝商城开始在全国举行促销活动。Now, consumers in more than 200 countries and regions can choose from 6 million different goods.现在,超过200个国家和地区的消费者可以从600万种不同的商品中选购。Chairman of Alibaba group Jack Ma says the Chinese market promises huge potential.阿里巴巴集团董事局主席马云表示中国市场呈现出巨大潜力。 译文属 Article/201511/409478Japan, China hold maritime crisis talks in Tokyo中日讨论海上危机管理Japan and China have held their fourth round of talks in Tokyo on instituting a maritime crisis management mechanism.中日两国就建立海上联络机制在东京进行第四轮专家小组磋商。Both countries agreed to launch it as soon as possible, after a broad agreement is reached.中日双方达成一定共识后确认建立海上紧急联络机制。Taking part in the working level talks are officials from Japan#39;s Defense Ministry and the Maritime Self-Defense Force and China#39;s Defense Ministry.最新一轮会谈的与会者来自两国国防部及海军。They reaffirmed basic agreements to date and discussed specifics of the mechanism, including adjustments that are needed to address technical problems.双方将最终敲定细节并就机制包括技术问题在内的细节做出调整。 Article/201501/354010

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201511/407015Today, he#39;s known as Saint Paul.今天 人们尊称他为圣徒保罗He was a passionate guy,he was a guy with grit.他四射 他勇气过人He really believed in his God,他虔诚地信仰着自己的上帝really believed in his gospel,真心相信他的福音really believed that Christ was the only way.诚心相信基督是唯一的救赎For sping the message that Christ is the Messiah,为了传播基督就是弥赛亚(救世主)的讯息Paul is a wanted man.保罗被通缉了To Jewish leaders, he#39;s a heretic.对犹太统治者来说 他是个异教徒To the Romans, a rabble-rouser.对罗马人来说 他是个煽动者If caught, he#39;ll be executed.如果被捕 他将被处以极刑Damascus is a walled city.Every gate is heavily guarded.大马士革是一座石墙包围的城池 每个门都有重兵把守Paul#39;s escape route...Over the walls.保罗的逃亡路线...便是越墙而过For twenty years, Paul travels the Roman Empire接下来的二十年里 保罗游历了罗马帝国Contacting other believers,Sping a message of hope.他和其他的信徒们相互联系 传递着希望之音He#39;s telling people,;Christianity creates a salvation for anyone.;他告诉人们 基督教能让人获得救赎;If you have a slave who#39;s being abused by his master,;如果有个奴隶 一直被其主人虐待;Who has a horrible life, in the next life,;;His master will get what he deserves;此生悲惨万分 那在来世 他的主人会得到应有的报应;And the slave, if he#39;s a good man,;;Who accepts Jesus Christ as his lord and savior;;Will get what he deserves.;至于这个奴隶 如果他是个好人 相信基督耶稣并视之为其上帝和救世主 ;在来世 他就会得到好报 Article/201510/405220


  Compared to the whitewater streams that tumble down mountainsides,the meandering rivers of the plains may seem tame and lazy.But mountain streams are corralled by the steep-walled valleys they carve.their course are literally set in stone.Out on the open plains,those stony walls give way to soft soil,allowing rivers to shift their banks and set their own ever-changing courses to the sea:courses that almost never run straight.同山顶飞流直下溅出银白水花的湍流相比,平原上蜿蜒的河流就太无趣了点。不过,山间的湍流被困于它们蚀刻出的深谷。水流游走于巨石之间。到了开阔的平原,石壁被柔软的土壤取代,河岸地势逐渐提高,并由此奔向大海:但奔流时从不走直路。At least not for long.because all it takes to turn a straight stretch of river into a bendy one is a little disturbance and a lot of time.And in nature,there#39;s plenty of both.Say,for example,that a muskrat burrows herself a den in one bank of a stream.Her tunnels make for a cozy home,but they also weaken the bank,which eventually begins to crumble and slump into the stream.即使有时间也不长,因为,如果想把直流扳弯只需细微的干扰和极长的时间。自然中,这二者可不缺。比如,一只麝鼠在河岸某侧打出一个洞。这地道是为温暖小窝造的,但削弱了河岸,使其破裂并落入水流中。Water rushes into the newly-formed hollow,sweeping away loose dirt and making the hollow even hollower,which lets the water rush a little faster and sweep away a little more dirt...and so on,and so on.As more of the stream#39;s flow is diverted into the deepening hole on one bank and away from the other side of the channel,the flow there weakens and slows.水流冲入刚形成的洞中,带走松散的泥土,让洞更深,这也使水流流速加快,带走更多的泥土,周而复始,由于有深坑一侧的河水流量更多,在河的另一侧,水流流速有所降低。And since slow-moving water can#39;t carry the sand-sized particles that fast-moving water can,The dirt drops to the bottom and builds up to make the water there shallower and slower,and then keeps accumulating until it becomes new land on the inside bank.Meanwhile,the fast-moving water near the outside bank sweeps out of the curve with enough momentum to carry it across the channel and slam it into the other side,where it starts to carve another curve.由于缓流携带砂砾的能力不及湍流,泥土便落在水底,逐渐堆积,使该处河水更浅,流速更慢,泥土继续积聚,直到内岸变成新的土地。与此同时,外岸处的湍流,冲出弯曲处,带着足够的冲力横穿河道,撞在河岸另一侧,并开始割出另一道弧。And then another,and then another,and then another.The wider the stream,the longer it takes the slingshotting current to reach the other side,and the greater the downstream distance to the next curve.In fact,measurements of meandering streams all over the world reveal a strikingly regular pattern:the length of one S-shaped meander tends to be about 6 times the width of the channel.一道又一道,一处接一处。河流越宽,弹弓般的水流到达岸的时间就越长,弧间沿流距离也越长。实际上,对全世界蜿蜒河流的测量结果,展现了一个惊人的规律:S形曲流的长度大约为河道宽度的6倍。So little tiny meandering streams tend to look just like miniature versions of their bigger relatives.As long as nothing gets in the way of a river#39;s meandering,its curves will continue to grow curvier and curvier until they loop around and bumble into themselves.When that happens,the river#39;s channel follows the straighter path downhill,leaving behind a crescent-shaped remnant called an oxbow lake.所以,小弯流看上去正像是大弯的“迷你版”。若河流弯曲时不受外界阻碍,其弯曲处的弧度会越来越大直到形成环绕回自己身上,此时,河道会沿一条直路流下山,留下新月状的“牛轭湖”。Or a billabong.Or a lago en herradura.Or a bras mort...We have lots of names for these lakes,Since they can occur pretty much anywhere liquid flows,or used to.which brings up an interesting question:what do the Martians call them?或说“死河”(澳洲说法)“马蹄湖”(西语)“回水”(法语)……这种湖的叫法很多,在水流曾过的地方都可能发生。这也引出了另一个奇妙的问题:火星人该怎么说呢? Article/201503/365622。




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