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淮南/人民医院前列腺淮南/哪个医院治疗前列腺炎好淮南/职工大学附属医院包皮手术怎么样 Austria’s far-right Freedom party won an unexpectedly powerful victory in the first round of the country’s presidential election, highlighting the potential forEurope’s refugee crisis to send shockwaves across the continent. 奥地利极右翼自由Freedom)在该国总统大选的首轮投票中出人意料地赢得大胜,凸显出难民危机在欧洲各国引发冲击波的可能性FP#214; candidate Norbert Hofer won more than 35 per cent of the vote in Sunday’s poll far more than any other candidate with most of the vote counted. He had campaigned on a nationalistic platform of strict limits on immigration, tough rules for asylum seekers and the break-up of the two-party system that has dominated Austrian politics since the second world war. 在多数计票已经完成的情况下,自由党候选人诺贝#8226;霍弗(Norbert Hofer)在周日的投票中赢得了5%的票数,远超其他任何候选人。他以民族主义立场为竞选平台,包括严格限制移民、收紧对庇护寻求者的规定,以及打破二战以来主宰奥地利政坛的两党体制The result demonstrated the surging support for anti-immigrant parties in Europe. Although the Austrian president has largely a ceremonial role, it was the strongest national performance ever by the FP#214;, one of Europe’s best established far-right parties. 这一结果显示出欧洲反移民政党的人气急剧上升。尽管奥地利总统在很大程度上是一个象征角色,但这是自由党这个欧洲根基最深的极右翼政党之一历来最强劲的全国表现The result sent a signal to other European countries that the refugee crisis mattered hugely, said Franz Schellhorn, director of Agenda Austria, a think-tank. “You can’t just say we’re going to manage it, it is not a problem. This is the lesson from Austria.智库奥地利议Agenda Austria)主任弗朗#8226;舍尔霍恩(Franz Schellhorn)表示,该选举结果向其他欧洲国家传递出一个信号:难民危机影响巨大。“你不能只是在口头上说,我们会控制它,没有问题。这是来自奥地利的教训。Since 1945, the occupants of Vienna’s Hofburg palace have been backed by either the centre-left Social Democratic party (SP#214;) or the centre-right People’s party (#214;VP), which currently form a coalition government. But in a historic upset, the two main partiespresidential candidates each polled only around 11 per cent. 945年以来,入主维也纳霍夫堡宫殿(Hofburg Palace)的要么是中左的社会民主党(Social Democratic Party),要么是中右的人民党(Peoples Party),这两个政党目前组成一个联合政府。然而,这两个主要政党的总统候选者获得的票数均只1%左右,这是一个历史性的颠覆The election of a Freedom party candidate in the final election round on May 22 could trigger a political crisis in Vienna, especially if Mr Hofer tried to obstruct or even dismiss the government, led by social democratic chancellor Werner Faymann. 自由党候选人如果2日的最后一轮选举中当选,可能在维也纳引发一场政治危机——尤其是如果霍弗试图对以社会民主党总理维尔#8226;法伊Werner Faymann)为首的这届政府制造障碍甚至将其解散More broadly, Sunday’s results are likely to increase nervousness in capitals across Europe about the surge in populist, fringe and extremist political parties. 从更广泛的意义上说,周日的选举结果可能会令欧洲各国首都对民粹主义、边缘和极端主义政党的崛起愈发担忧。来 /201604/439403淮南/博大医院男性孕前检查

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淮南/哪里有不孕不育医院Russia on Wednesday suspended a three-year-old agreement with the ed States on cooperation on nuclear and energy-related research the latest move signifying a deteriorating bilateral relationship.俄罗斯周三暂停了同美国在核能以及与能源相关研究的一个三年合作协议,这一最新举动标志着两国关系的继续恶化;Its frankly concerning,; a senior U.S. official told VOA on condition he not be named.一位不愿意透露姓名的美国资深官员对美国之音说:“坦率地讲,这一情况令人担忧。”Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday also signed a decree suspending an agreement with the U.S. on disposing weapons-grade plutonium, citing ;unfriendly actions; by Washington a reference to U.S.-led sanctions on Moscow for its actions in Ukraine.俄罗斯总统普京周一还签署了一道命令,暂停了一项与美国达成的处理武器级钚的协议,理由是华盛顿采取了“不友善的行动”,意指以美国为首的国家对莫斯科在乌克兰的行动进行了制裁。Nullifying the plutonium pact is ;a real tragedy because these are areas where we have successfully cooperated in the past,; State Department spokesman Mark Toner said during Wednesdays daily briefing.美国国务院发言人托纳在周三的每日通报会上说,废弃钚协议是“一个真正的悲剧,因为在这些领域内,我们以前的合作是成功的。”The ed States has halted Syria cease-fire direct talks with Russia amid continuing military attacks against civilian targets, with the U.S. administration declaring its patience at an end with Moscow. However, Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke again Wednesday about Syria.由于针对平民目标的袭击持续不断,美国中断了和俄罗斯就叙利亚停火的直接会谈。美国政府宣称已经对莫斯科失去耐心。但美国国务卿克里和俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫周三再次就叙利亚问题进行了交谈。Diplomats in both Washington and Moscow say the ed States requested the call, which also covered the situations in Ukraine and North Korea.华盛顿和莫斯科的外交官员均表示,美国主动提出了电话交谈的要求,交谈内容还涉及乌克兰以及朝鲜问题。来 /201610/470556 In order to remind the public of its duty to protect the health of future generations, Secretary of State John Kerry brought his young granddaughter with him to the ed Nations as he signed an international commitment to curb the pace of global warming.为了使公众意识到保护后代健康的责任,美国国务卿克里携外孙女在联合国签订了遏制全球变暖步伐的国际协定。Over 150 nations signed the agreement on April 22nd, a truly historic feat based on a previous accord set in Paris that aims to limit the Earths temperature to 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.此前,世界各国在巴黎达成共识,一致同意将全球升温幅度限制.5度的范围之内。超50个国家在42日签署协定,这无疑是一个真正的历史性壮举。Kerry hoisted his granddaughter onto his lap in front of a large assembly gathered for the signing ceremony, kissing her on the cheek after adding his signature on behalf of the ed States. Isabelle, 2, is the only child of Kerrys eldest daughter, Alexandra Kerry, and her husband, Julian Dobbs-Higginson.在一个大型签署仪式的集会上,克里代表美国签名后,亲吻了放在膝上的外孙女。伊莎贝尔,这个两岁的小女孩,是克里的大女儿亚历山德拉和丈夫朱利安唯一的孩子。The agreement, signed on Earth Day, marks the first time the worlds most prolific polluters, including the U.S., Europe, China and India, have all agreed to set specific, verifiable goals to reduce carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels. The deal also calls on countries such as Brazil to enforce strict policies on deforestation.这个在“地球日”签订的协议,标志着世界污染物最多的国家们第一次在这方面达成了一致。包括美国,欧洲,中国和印度几个国家和地区,为减少对碳排放和化石燃料的依赖,设立了确实可行的目标。这个协定同时也呼吁像巴西这样的国家用政策严厉打击毁林行为。The deal still has to be ratified by each signatory nation. In the ed States, President Obama is expected to ratify the agreement through executive action. The deadline for ratification is April 21, 2017, one year from now.这个协议仍然有待于被每一个签约国正式批准。美国总统奥巴马也期待着能通过行政权力正式批准这个协定。正式批准的期限是一年后0171日。来 /201605/440774淮南/治疗软下疳哪家好淮南/人民医院网上预约



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