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It’s more than fair to say that Wong Kar-wai’s movies are not easy to understand. The Hong Kong director rarely focuses on narratives in his works. Yet, he is undeniably an excellent storyteller who always feeds audiences with a visual and emotional feast.说王家卫的电影难懂,这一点都不夸张这位香港导演在其作品中很少强调叙事手法,然而不可否认的是,他是位优秀的叙事大师,总是能够为观众带来一次又一次打动人心的视觉盛宴His latest eft, The Grandmaster, is another of Wong’s typical movies: light on narrative, but full of his trademark elegance, the movie weaves the director’s familiar themes of love, loss and the corrosive nature of time around gorgeous martial arts sequences.他的最新力作《一代宗师又是一部典型的王氏电影:对于叙事轻描淡写,却充满了王氏特有的优雅印记该片用一系列美轮美奂的武打片段,编织出王家卫所驾轻就熟的主题——爱与失去,以及岁月无情When Wong first announced his intention of creating the movie in , it was described as a biopic of Ip Man, a real-life master of the Wing Chun school of martial arts. Even though we know that Ip will eventually prosper, Wong’s version of Ip (Tony Leung) is a portrait of a sad, isolated figure, and much less accessible than director Wilson Yip’s portrayal of the same character in the Ip Man series.年,当王家卫首次宣布将拍摄这部电影时,该片被称为咏春拳一代宗师叶问的传记片尽管我们清楚叶问势必大火,但王家卫版本的叶问(梁朝伟饰)却刻画出一个孤独的悲情人物形象,比导演叶伟信在《叶问系列影片所刻画出中的那个叶问形象要难懂得多In The Grandmaster, the narrative is framed by Ip’s perception of the world, outlined in voiceovers explaining his background and his observations of life and the people around him.《一代宗师以叶问对世界的认知为叙事框架,画外音则解释了叶问的背景,以及他对生活和周围人的观察The movie, however, also dedicates a lot of screen time to Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi), the daughter of Gong Yutian, a martial arts master from northeastern China. Other masters weigh in with their philosophical and physical presence as well.而本片也将大量镜头对准了由章子怡饰演的宫二(章子怡饰)这个角色宫二是中国东北武术大师宫羽田的女儿其他几位武术大师也凭借各自的武术精神和造诣现身片中Wong is a fan of recurring themes and The Grandmaster is no exception. example, time proves once again to be the greatest enemy, causing people not only to grow old but also to get the things they hold dear. In this movie particularly, the idea that age makes them weak and less able to defend themselves troubles the martial arts masters.王家卫钟爱重复使用的主题,而《一代宗师也不例外比如片中再次明了时间是最大的敌人,不仅令韶华老去,还让人们遗忘了那些曾珍视的东西时间让人变得脆弱,无力自护,该片尤其表现了这点是如何令一代宗师身陷困境的Ultimately, the movie poetically delivers the wisdom of martial arts tradition in which Ip was deeply entrenched. But it’s not always easy the audience to understand what Ip is thinking or what the story is trying to convey.最终,影片用诗意手法传达出对叶问影响深远的那份传统武学智慧而对于观众而言,要明白叶问的想法或电影所要传达的内容并非易事As a line in the movie goes: “They say, live without regrets. But how boring life would be if there was no regret.” The culture of martial arts is entrenched in a profound philosophy of life. Its interpretation by Wong cannot be embodied in exquisite action sequences and breathtaking visuals just to make it “easy to understand” — that would be boring, too.正如电影里的一句台词:“说人生无悔,那都是赌气的话若真无悔,那人生该多没趣啊!”武术文化深植于对人生哲学之中对于这点的诠释,王家卫并未动用精良的动作场面或令人惊叹的视觉效果来使之“浅显易懂”——若真那样,也太无趣了 079

After watching too many Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters and animated films this year, Dearest, by Hong Kong director Peter Chan, is just what I needed: a warm, touching movie that’s free of any fuss.今年,看过了太多好莱坞科幻大片和动画电影,香港导演陈可辛指导的电影《亲爱的才正是我想看的:温暖、感人,没有丝毫矫揉造作In Dearest, Tian Wenjun (Huang Bo) and Lu Xiaojuan (Hao Lei) is a divorced couple who pretty much have moved on with their lives. That is until the day their 3-year-old son goes missing. You can guess most of what happens the next hour: There’s panic and tears, visits to the police station and the divorcees turning to each other again to find their son.《亲爱的讲述了一对离异的夫妻——田文军(黄渤 饰)和鲁晓娟(郝蕾 饰),就在他们在分道扬镳的路上越走越远时,他们3岁的儿子失踪了接下来的故事你也许已经猜到:恐惧和泪水接踵而至,一次次的来到公安局,而这对离婚的夫妇为了寻子再次走到了一起Chan breaks away from convention by dividing the film into two parts. In the second half, audiences are taken directly to two years later, when Tian receives a tip suggesting his son has been spotted in Anhui ( hours away by train). The film then follows how Tian and his ex-wife rationalize the decision to steal a child they believe to be theirs back from its new mother, Li Hongqin (Zhao Wei).但是,陈可辛并没有落入俗套,而是将影片一分为二,后半程的故事直接从两年后开始讲起田文军得到一条线索,说有人在距离他们家小时车程的安徽县城看见了他的儿子影片接下来则围绕田文军和前妻如何相互劝彼此,将自己的儿子从她的新母亲李红琴(赵薇 饰)手中“偷”走而展开That’s where the movie really start to get interesting, and to tug at your heartstrings with its based-on-a-true-story premise. It’s quite a daring move Chan to withhold the film’s strongest permer, Zhao, until the midway point.此时,电影才开始变得真正有趣起来,而根据真实故事改编的动人之处也逐渐显现将电影中实力最强的演员赵薇安排在影片一半处才出现,可谓陈可辛颇为大胆之举Whereas the other cast members deliver great but predictable permances, Zhao brings contradictions and intrigue to her character. It’s more than impressive to see how she’s able to feed each new crying scene with slightly different emotion. Nothing is too weepy or melodramatic in her permance here.虽然其他演员都发挥不错,但表演都在预料之中,而赵薇却将其人物的矛盾与纠结表现的淋漓尽致每一场哭戏中她都演出了情绪的微妙不同,让人印象颇深而她的表演中却丝毫没有矫揉造作或是过于浮夸之感Zhao’s permance even makes up the fact that the screenplay by Zhang Ji, who also wrote Chan’s American Dreams in China, is a little unfocused. Maybe too eager to stick to the real-life story, Zhang introduces so many characters that each ends up not being emotionally complex enough.赵薇的演技甚至弥补了编剧张冀(也曾担任《中国合伙人的编剧)在剧本方面的重点不够突出的缺陷也许是太过于贴近现实,张冀在影片中安排了太多人物,却最终使得每一个在情感复杂性上都略显不足Dearest may not be a sophisticated film, but it manages to hit audiences twice — first in the heart and later in the head. It shines a light on the ugly problem of child abduction in society, and raises intriguing questions about what authorities should do to handle this unusual situation.《亲爱的也许并不是一部复杂的影片,但是它却两次打动了观众,先是打动了观众的心,接着又引起了观众的思考影片不仅折射出拐卖儿童的社会问题,也同时引发了在这种特殊情形下政府应该何为这样发人深省的问题 3736

JENNIFER GARNER詹妮弗;加纳Bee welcoming son Samuel in February, the pregnant actress shuttles her little ballerinas Seraphina, frac;, and Violet, 5frac;, to a Santa Monica, Calif., dance class in November .詹妮弗;加纳一直被称为是好莱坞的模范妈妈和很多别的女星给自己的孩子穿戴名牌不同,她的两个宝贝女儿一直都是平民打扮也正因为如此,她一直收到舆论的好评上个月,这位幸福的妈妈又迎来了自己的第三个孩子也会变得更加繁忙起来 0

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