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六年级英语作文:Our English teacher --1 :: 来源:   Our new English teacher, Mr chang, is about twenty-two years old. She is easygong, and treats us as her friends. She hel the boys and girls and write, we all like her. She is busy with her work all the day, because she loves teaching children. Both in and after cla she is very kind to us.She often tells us how to study well.She often to urge student,“good!;very good!”  Do like Mi chang? Oh, you like!湖边小屋精对白:Kate给Alex的第一封信 -- :: 来源:kekenet 本文是经典爱情电影对白系列The Lake House(湖边小屋,又叫“触不到的恋人”)的第三段对白 一个清冷的早晨,Kate离开伊利诺伊州美丽的湖边小屋,去繁忙的芝加哥医院工作其实她不愿离开这个宽敞明亮、甚至还能在房中看到湖景的地方Kate离开时在门外的信箱里留下了一封信,希望小屋的下一个住客能转交她的信件,还顺便解释说前门擦不掉的爪印早在自己搬进的时候就已存在,希望不要介意……Kate:Dear new tenant, welcome to your new home. As the previous tenant, let me say, I hope you'll like living here as much as I did. I filed the change of address with the post office but, you know what a crapshoot that can be. So if anything slips through, would you do me a favor and ward my mail? I'd appreciate it. My new address is below. Thanks in advance. P.S.:Alex:Sorry about the paw prints by the front door. They were there when l moved in. Same with the box in the attic. Paw prints? What the hell is she talking a bout? Kate:Hey, baby girl. Hi. Hi. Hey. Fix the light. Get dog food, huh? Get human food.注释:1. tenant:n. 房客. crapshoot:有风险的事业这里指Kate担心邮局会出错,仍然把她的信寄到旧的地址3. do me a favor:帮我一个忙. I'd appreciate it.:这句是在美国口语里经常用到的表示“感谢、感激”的话5. in advance:提前,预先6. attic:n. 阁楼,顶楼7. what the hell:(用以加强语气或咒骂)究竟,到底,也是口语里常用的 湖边 对白 小屋 精 第一封信 KateMy Hoy -- :58:5 来源: My Hoy I'm Wang Yu. I live in China. I like swimming, ing books, cooking, watching TV, listening to music, and riding bikes.Tell me something about you: what's your hobby?

Goldie finds a New Friend --1 :3:38 来源: Goldie finds a New Friend  Goldie looked sad. He didn’t swish his tail. He didn’t blow bubbles.  “When I’m sad, Mommy gives me a treat.” said Daniel.  He dropped a goldfish treat in the fishbowl. But still Goldie looked sad.  “When I’m sad, Mommy sings me a song.” said Daniel. He sang a song. But Goldie still looked sad.  “When I’m sad, mommy s me a book.” said Daniel. He a book about goldfish.   Goldie peeked at the book.   Goldie peeked at the book.   “You need a friend.” said Daniel. He swished his tail. Goldie loved his new friend in the mirror.

Our City -- ::33 来源: Our CityOur CityGuangzhou is the capital of Guangzhou. It is the biggest city in south China. And it is one of the most important cities in Guangdong. The population of Guangzhou is more than 700 million. Just like many cities, there are a lot of cars, buses and trucks. So the air in the city is not clean. Guangzhou is a noisy and crowded city. But I like it best. Because Guangzhou is my home.my household --19 :19:3 来源: 材料: 我家有五口人 姥姥,姥爷,爸爸,妈妈,和我,我的妈妈是老师, 爸爸是医生,他们工作很忙,平时就我和姥姥,姥爷在家,他们和疼爱我,我很爱这个家There are five people in my house: grandma,grandpa,father,mother and me.My mother is a teacher,father is a doctor.They are both busy working. Usually, only my grandma, grandpa and I at home.They all love me very much. I am very fond of this home.My friend --1 18:5:18 来源: My friendI have a friend. Her name is Candy. She is twelve year old. She has black and short hair. She has a little mouth, two big eyes. She is so cute. Her mom and dad love her. She has a happy family. Her friends like her too, So she’s happy every day. She is a student of Yi Zong Fu Xiao. She is in Class Four Grade Six. She studies very hard. English is her favourite subject. She likes to speak English. She can speak English very well now. She always says “Learn by doing.” So she thinks speaking is very important in learning English.We are very busy studying when we are in school. But on the weekend, we are free. We often do homework together on Saturdays. After that, we can watch TV at home. Sometimes, we play games. We have the same hobbies. She likes riding bikes and watching TV and so do I. Her favourite sport is swimming. She’s very good at it. She often teaches me how to swim in summer.I like her very much. I am lucky to be her friend.

My Family --19 ::5 来源: There are three people in my family. They’re father, mother and I.My mother is a Chinese teacher. She is not tall, nor short, just right. She is fat. She likes to eat noodles and vegetables. Her favorite colors are brown and red. She doesn’t like animals. She lets me to learn playing piano. I love her because she is nice and hard-working. She cares me a lot. She is take cares of grandparents. Sometime my father and my mother fight each other.My father is a manger. He is thirty-six years old. He is fat and tall. He is good at maths and physics. He cares me much. Sometimes he buys me stationary. I like my dad.Now it’s my turn. My name is Tina. I’m eleven years old. I’m not thin, nor fat, just right. I’m tall. I go to Simon English School. I’m in grade four class one. I like to eat french-fries and some friends but I don’t like meat. I can paint. My best friends are Lily and Helen. My favorite colors are black, white, yellow and blue.Sometime in my family everything is very nice.The Teacher Who I Love 我所爱的老师 --9 ::5 来源: The Teacher Who I Love 我所爱的老师  Mr Zhao is my math teacher. He is wise and friendly. He teaches us very well and we like him.  He works hard everyday from morning to late evening and he can work out all the difficult questions. He is not rich at all. But he is so proud of being a teacher. He is kinder to us than anyone else. But in class he is strict with us. He scolds us when we make mistakes.  Our classmates all want to do one thing very much-to become a man like our teacher.  赵老师是我的数学老师他既聪明又为人友好他教得很好我们都很喜欢他  他每天从早到晚努力地工作,任何难题都难不倒他他并不富裕,但他以作为一名教师而骄傲他比任何人都对我们好但是在上课时,他对我们很严格当我们犯错误时会训斥我们  我们班的同学最想做的一件事是-成为像我们老师一样的人

湖南旅游景点岳麓书院英文导游词 -- :8:39 来源: 湖南旅游景点岳麓书院英文导游词岳麓书院位于湖南长沙湘江西岸,是中国四大著名书院之一,北宋开宝九年,由潭州太守朱洞主建Good morning! Ladies and Gentlemen: Today we will go and visit the Yuelu Academy! Yuelu Academy is one of the four famous academies in China, and it was established by Zhudong, magistrate of Tanzhou prefecture in 976A.D at the time of Northern Song Dynasty. The academy accepted disciples throughout the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was only in 19 that the academy was transmed from a school of traditional Confucian learning to an insitute of higher learning and in 196 it was officially named Hunan University.Early in , Emperor Zhen Zong of the Song Dynasty awarded the academy hid Majesty’s own handwriting “Yuelu Academy” on a tablet. m then on many famous scholars and great thinkers gave lectures here, among them were Zhangshi, Zhuxi and WangYangming, thus making a great impact on the province’s culture and education. Most of the existing buildings here were constructions of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the bulk of the engraved stone plates and inscribed tablets have all been kept intact, In 1956 the academy was listed as a historical site at the provincial level and later, in 1988 it became a historical site at the state level. The last restoration project started in 1981 and the major part was completed in 1987. Now, here we are at the “He Xi Platm”, “He Xi” means the “the splendour of the sunrise”, It was named by Zhuxi, a great idealist philosopher of the Confucian school during the Song Dynasty, The platm was first built on the top of Yuelu hill, by Zhanshi, and later in , a pavilion was built on it, But it became deserted with the passing time. In 90 Luodian, the master of the academy, built a platm at the present site, In 18, the succeeding master, Ouyang Houjun, renamed it “He Xi Platm” in order to memory Zhuxi and Zhanshi. It was restored in 1868.On the inner walls of the platm are two big Chinese characters “Fu” and “Shuo”, which mean “blessing” and “longevity” respectively. Legend has it that the Character “Shuo ”was written with a broom soaked in yellow mud by a Taoist master at the time Master Luodian was attending a banquet in honour of the examination officials and those dispels who had passed the civil exam Hence it has been regarded as having “celestial touch” The character “Fu” was written by Luodian, the master himself.This gate in front of us is the Main Gate, the gate was merly built at the time of the Song Dynasty, and was then called “Central Gate”. The main gate underwent both destruction and reconstruction in the course of time. The present structure was once thoroughly renovated in 1868.The characters “Yuelu Academy” on the horizontal tablet were inscribed by Emperor Zhen Zong of the Song Dynasty. It was presented as an award to Zhoushi, the master of the academy, when he was summoned to the emperor’s presence. On both door posts are couplets which “The kingdom of Chu, unique home of the talents, The Academy of Yuelu, the very cradle of all ”.It was composed in the Qing Dynasty by the master of the academy, Yuan Jiangang and his disciple Zhang Renjie. This gate was the Second Gate, It was first built in 7 during the Ming Dynasty. It underwent repairs and restoration many times .It was completely devastated during the Anti-Japanese War .In 198, the gate was restored to its mer state.This is the Lecture Hall, where the students had lessons here, it was first built at the time of the Song Dynasty and was once named “Jing Yi Hall”. Now, it has a more elaborate name “The Hall of the Loyalty, Filiality Honesty and Integrity”, because on the inner walls of the hall are engraved four big Chinese Characters:“ loyalty, filiality, honesty and integrity. They were handwriting by the great scholar, Zhuxi, who once lectured here. Others, such as the School Regulations, the Administrations and Way to Read were masterpieces of the masters of the academy. On the two horizontal tablets hanging on top were written:“Learn bee you can probe the infiniteness of the universe.”“The doctrines taught here in the south are genuine Confucian doctrines.”They were inscribed by the emperor Kangxi and Qianlong respectively during the Qing Dynasty.The building in front of us is the Yushu Library, “yushu” literally means “imperial books”, so Yushu Library ,built in 999A.D in the early Song Dynasty, was a place to keep imperial books. Books were continuously sent here during the succeeding dynasties. The library was first named “Classics Treasuring House” in the Song Dynasty, “Classic Venerating House” in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, and finally “Yushu Library” in the Qing Dynasty,. It had been repaired and expanded many times, and now it has a collection of over twenty thousand Chinese classics. This building was rebuilt on its original site in 1986.The two small pavilions Xi Quan and Ni Lan , built during the Song and Ming Dynasties, were restored to the right and left of the compound galleries in order to display cultural relics. 湖南旅游景点 英文导游词Is Money Everything? 钱就是一切吗? -- :5:3 来源: Is Money Everything? 钱就是一切吗?  Everybody knows that money is good, if they are not foolish. With a lot of money, you can buy a big house, you can buy BMW or Benz, and you can visit all the countries in the world. But I don't think money is everything. Some people want to get much money. They steal or rob, and at last they are put into prison. Money can not bring love or friendship. We must work hard, be kind to our parents, and make real friends. That's real happiness.  只要不是傻子,人人都知道钱是好东西有了好多钱,你可以买一座大房子,你可以买宝马或奔驰,你可以周游世界可是我认为钱并不是一切有些人想得到很多钱他们去偷去抢,最后被关进监狱钱并不能给人带来爱和友谊我们必须努力工作,善待父母,多交真正的朋友,这才是真正的幸福有关顾客与店员间纠纷的 -01- :35:5 来源: When you meet with such shop assistants in the store,what will you do ?(人物:customer A,customer B ,two assistants)customer B:oh ,finally I didn't find the photo developers!customer A:Hi long time no see! my friend !customer B:oh! it's you ! how's everything going !customer A:not bad! my son has been admitted to Yale university !customer B:oh! congratulations ! then ,what are you doing here ?customer A:I just bought a new pair of shoes my son from the fox supermarket .and you know ,he can't always have that sports shoes on his feet .In addition ,I bought meat from the delicatessen .he like it .Oh , I'm sorry ,I have to go .my son is waiting ! good bye !customer A:good bye (sigh!) Oh,why didn't Ihave such a good son .Oh ,get it .I even didn't have my soulmate yet !oh ,I'd better hurry ,Mike the perfect chemist still waiting his lunch .shop assistant A:Hey ! did you know that a gun fight took place in the next street .shop assistant B:which street ?shop assistant A:it's the street which has a toy shop and a shop !Oh ,your uncle's big store is right there .isn't it ?shop assistant B:oh ! Yes ,I think I'd better ask the manager a leave !shop assistant A:go ahead !customer B:(deliberately cough ) Is this a bakery ?I don't think thisthe right place chatting around !shop assistant A:Oh ! sir ,I think your purpose to come here is buying b not finding fault with me !customer B:wow!what a bad manner .I want to meet your manager .shop assistant A:Be my guest !customer B:where is the manager I want to talk to him about his rude employee !manager : Oh ! I'm sorry, sir .it must be a misapprehension!customer B:you’d better give a good reason why I don't have to charge you !manager:(turn around)what are you doing ,who the hell do you think you are ,you'd better go to apologize right now .or I will fire you .shop assistant A:I didn't do anything wrong . if you want to my apology to him .I'd rather being fired ! and you can wait your Subpoena firing me unreasonably .manager:(sigh!)what I have done ? what I'm going to do ?

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