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As the Chinese stock market slumps, the country’s government has stepped in boldly, unveiling a series of measures to prop up shares. But those efforts have done little to stabilize the market, with stocks continuing to slide on Wednesday.上海——中国股市暴跌之际,该国政府积极介入,已经推出了一系列托市措施。但是这些努力几乎没有起到稳定市场的效果,周三,中国股市继续收跌。The losses create a political and economic challenge for the nation’s leadership.对于中国领导层来说,这种暴跌带来了政治和经济上的挑战。Beijing could face social unrest if the sell-off accelerates, since tens of millions of ordinary investors have plowed their savings into the market. The psychological toll on investors, in turn, could erode consumer confidence, dragging down growth in the aly slowing economy.如果抛售加速,北京可能会面临社会动荡,因为数以千万计的普通投资者把自己的储蓄投入了股市。投资者承受的心理压力,可能会削弱消费信心,拖累已经放缓的经济增长。“The stock market is connected to the real economy,” says Fraser Howie, a longtime Asia banker and co-author of “Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China’s Extraordinary Rise.” “When you see such violent moves, you don’t know what kinds of ripples are going to come down.”“股市与实体经济相连,”侯伟(Fraser Howie)说。“当你看到这种剧烈的动荡,就不知道会有何种影响蔓延开来。”侯伟长期在亚洲业工作,是《红色资本主义:中国非凡崛起之下的脆弱金融基础》(Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China#39;s Extraordinary Rise)一书的合著者。The Chinese government is moving swiftly to prevent any broader fallout.中国政府正在迅速采取行动,防止产生影响更加广泛的后果。The country’s central bank has made extra cash available to fund share purchases. Brokerage houses have been ordered to pump billions of dollars into the market. And government-backed funds have earmarked billions more to prop up the shares of flagging companies.中国央行提供了额外的现金以供买入股票。经纪公司受命将数亿资金注入股市。由政府撑的一个基金则另外拨付了巨额资金,为股价低迷的公司护盘。The mess in China has not roiled global markets. That is partly because the “Chinese financial system is largely sealed off from the global financial system,” Derek Scissors, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, said in a report.全球市场并没有因为中国的混乱而陷入动荡。美国企业研究所(American Enterprise Institute)分析师史剑道(Derek Scissors)在一份报告中称,这在一定程度上是因为“中国的金融体系在很大程度上与全球金融体系相隔绝”。For now, the action is domestically focused. China’s Communist Party leaders are trying to restore confidence and stabilize the market before things get too ugly at home, introducing new fixes nearly every day. On Wednesday, China’s Ministry of Finance pledged to “adopt measures to safeguard the stability of capital markets,” and in particular protect state-owned financial enterprises. The move signals that this broad-based effort is being directed from the very top echelons of the state.目前采取的行动主要集中在国内。中国共产党的领导人几乎每天都出台新的解决措施,试图在国内情况变得太不堪之前,恢复投资者的信心、稳定市场。周三,中国财政部甚至发誓要采取措施,以保障资本市场的稳定,特别是保护国有金融企业。这显示出,这场广泛的运动是由国家最高领导层指挥的。“There are no buyers, only sellers,” said Francis Cheung, a market analyst at CLSA, the brokerage house. “So the government is buying, and they’ll ramp up buying to stabilize the market.”“市场上没有买盘,只有卖盘,”里昂券(CLSA)的分析师郑名凯(Francis Cheung)说。“因此政府正在买入,他们还会进一步买入股票,来稳定市场。”Trouble is, they haven’t found the right formula. Despite the latest batch of moves, China’s markets were battered on Wednesday. In Shanghai, prices plunged 5.9 percent. In Shenzhen, they fell 2.5 percent. The damage is also sping regionally, to Hong Kong and Japan, where shares also fell sharply.麻烦的是,他们还没有找到正确的办法。尽管采取了这批新的措施,周三中国股市还是遭受重挫。沪市跌5.9%,深市跌2.5%。影响还蔓延到了周边地区,香港和日本股市也大幅下跌。While the markets are up over all for the year, the recent downward spiral is creating substantial pain. Both major exchanges are off between 30 percent to 40 percent in six weeks, putting them in bear market territory.虽然从一年的周期来看,股市仍然有涨幅,但近期的下跌行情造成了巨大打击。在过去六周里,这两大交易所暴跌30%至40%,进入了熊市。The numbers don’t give the complete picture either. In recent days, many stocks have been halted because of exchange rules that are supposed to guard against too much misery in a single trading session. At least a third of the companies listed on the major stock exchanges had trading in their shares suspended on Wednesday.但这些数字也没有勾勒出完整的画面。近日来,不少个股已经跌停。中国股市有跌停机制,是为了防止在单一交易日内产生太惨烈的冲击。在沪深两市上市的公司,至少有三分之一在周三停牌。Those market dynamics can create a chain reaction of selling. China’s major exchanges prevent a stock from falling more than 10 percent on any given day. When that happens, analysts say, many investors opt for selling other shares, broadening the sell-off. Then when the market opens the next day, they continue selling down the stock that was previously halted, effectively prolonging the turmoil.这种规则可能会造成连锁抛售状况。沪深两市不允许股价在同一天跌幅超过10%。分析师说,当一只股票跌停,很多投资者就选择卖出其他股票,让更多股票遭到抛售。而当股市第二天开盘的时候,投资者会继续抛售前一天跌停的股票,实际上延长了动荡的时间。“It just delays the correction, so it delays the downturn,” said Mr. Cheung at CLSA.“这只是推迟了调整,因此延长了低迷时间,”里昂券的郑名凯说。While China’s stock markets have a long history of volatility, the environment is different now. The country’s economy has been sluggish. The stock market is far bigger than it has ever been, second in size only to that of the ed States.虽然中国股市长期以来都有较强的波动性,但现在已经不同于过去。目前该国经济形势不景气。股市规模也远远大于以往任何时候,在全球仅次于美国。And aggressive investors, many of them first-time buyers of equities, have been playing a different game. They were buying stocks with borrowed funds, using leverage as if they were “barbarians at the gate.”而激进型投资者也在玩一个不同的游戏,他们中不乏首次炒股的新手。这些人使用杠杆,借钱来炒股,就像“门口的野蛮人”一样。The panic, in part, is being driven by concerns about the huge amount of borrowing. Some analysts estimated that margin buying reached about 0 billion, or as much as 15 percent of the value of all tradable shares on the two major exchanges.人们对负债炒股的金额巨大感到担忧,这在部分上推动了市场的恐慌情绪。一些分析师估计,目前保金交易达到约5500亿美元,相当于沪深两市所有流通股价值的15%。Fear is gripping the market after a phenomenal bull run in which mainland China’s major stock indexes doubled, tripled and even quintupled over the past few years. By the time the market peaked, in early June, share prices in China were among the most expensive in the world, vastly costlier than in the ed States, Europe or Hong Kong.在过去几年里,内地主要股指涨了一倍、两倍甚至三倍。在大牛市之后,市场陷入了恐惧。行情在6月初达到最高点时,中国的股价堪称是全世界最昂贵的,远超美国、欧洲和香港的水平。Investors in mainland China, in other words, had to pay a huge premium to buy domestic shares, a sign the country’s stock market was frothy. Some analysts have noted that the price-to-earnings ratio of companies listed on China’s start-up index, called ChiNext, were far higher than those listed on the Nasdaq stock market in 2000, when the Internet bubble burst.换句话说,内地投资者购买国内股票时不得不付溢价。这个迹象表明,中国股市存在泡沫。一些分析人士指出,中国创业板上市公司目前的市盈率,远高于2000年互联网泡沫破灭时,纳斯达克(Nasdaq)上市公司的水平。Just a few weeks ago, the pipeline of initial public stock offerings was robust. There was the promise of innovative companies that could use the capital markets, rather than the banks, as a source of cash, and the prospect of new bourses being set up for China’s technology start-ups.就在几周前,新股发行的势头还颇为强劲。创新公司有望通过资本市场而非募集资金,并且中国还有望设立新交易所,面向科技初创企业。China’s state-run news media, including The People’s Daily, helped hype the rip-roaring market. As recently as April, news media said that the bull market had “just begun,” only to warn some weeks later of the risks.包括《人民日报》在内的中国官方新闻媒体,也帮助了对热火朝天的股市的炒作。最近一幕发生在4月。新闻媒体当时称牛市“才刚刚开始”,但仅过了几周,就转而发出了危险警告。Since then, sentiment has soured, and investors have lost confidence. The worry, analysts said, is that it could be a prolonged downturn, like the one that began in 2007 and lasted about seven years.在那之后,情绪发生了变化,投资者失去信心。分析人士称,人们担心的是,它可能会成为一场旷日持久的低迷,就像之前那次一样。那次下跌始于2007年,持续了大约七年。The sharp decline in prices wiped out trillions of dollars in value from a market that at one point topped trillion. Still, the decline has not yet erased all, or even most, of the gains. China’s major exchanges remain up about 75 percent from a year ago, in part because big state-owned companies have fared better.股价的大幅下跌导致数万亿美元的市值从股市蒸发,中国股市的总市值一度达到了10万亿美元。然而,下跌尚未抵消掉全部甚至大部分的涨幅。中国两大交易所的指数仍比一年前高出大约75%。这在一定程度上是因为大型国企表现得比其他公司好。In late June, the government cut interest rates, which is ordinarily a good sign for stocks, since it makes them more attractive relative to bank deposits. But share prices fell anyway.6月末,政府调低了利率。对股票来说,这通常是一个利好,因为这样会让它们比存款更具吸引力。但股价还是在下跌。Since then, the authorities have introduced a wave of additional measures meant to prop up prices. Stock trading transactions were slashed. I.P.O.s were suspended. Huge stabilization funds were set up to purchase shares. Brokerage houses promised to buy more. And China’s insurance regulator eased rules so that insurers could more easily invest in stocks.那之后,当局又出台了一波旨在稳定股价的措施。下调交易费率、暂停新股发行、设立巨额救市基金买进股票、券公司承诺增购股票。此外,中国的保险监管机构也放宽了规定,这样保险公司就更容易投资股市了。In the face of further selling, the government continued to introduce new measures on Wednesday.周三当天,面对进一步的抛售,政府继续出台新举措。管理大型国企的国有资产监督管理委员会对很多大型国有上市企业下令,不得减持自己的股票。China’s State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, which oversees the country’s big state corporations, ordered many such companies with public listings not to reduce holdings of their own stock.监会甚至发布通知,鼓励大股东和企业高管增持自己公司的股票。监会在通知中还强调,为防止内幕交易而对交易时机实施的规则,当下并不适用。The China Securities Regulatory Commission even issued a notice encouraging major shareholders, directors and executives of companies to increase their holdings of their companies’ stock. The commission emphasized that rules about the timing of insider stock transactions that might deter such purchases would not apply.瑞银(UBS)驻香港市场分析师何伟华(Patrick Ho)称,这是一种“试错”的办法。而且鉴于当局希望刺激经济,并试图阻止市场过快跌落,可能还会有更多举措。 /201507/385242Major Japanese manufacturers are raising base wages for the first time in years, responding to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe#39;s request for action ahead of a sales tax increase that is widely expected to lead to a temporary economic slowdown.日本主要制造商将数年来首次提高基本工资,对首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)提出的在销售税上调之前采取行动的要求做出回应。外界广泛预计销售税上调将导致暂时性的经济放缓。Concerned about the impact that a combination of stagnant wage growth and rising prices would have on consumption, Mr. Abe has directly exhorted corporate leaders since last year to raise regular salaries. Japan#39;s base wages have fallen since the late 1990s and the premier sees a reversal in this trend as crucial for the success of his pro-growth strategies.由于担心工资不涨而物价上升会给消费带来影响,安倍晋三自去年以来就直接指示公司高管提高常规工资水平。日本基本工资自上世纪九十年代末以来就在下降,安倍晋三认为,扭转工资下降趋势是他的促增长策略能否取得成功的关键。Following annual wage negotiations between unions and employers that wrap up Wednesday, many leading companies, including Toyota Motor Corp. and Panasonic Corp., said they would offer base pay raises. In Japan, manufacturers typically announce the results of their labor talks first, often setting the tone for the rest of the country.周三工会与雇主之间的年度薪资谈判结束之后,包括丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Co.)和松下电器产业公司(Panasonic Co.)在内的很多领军企业表示将提高基本工资水平。在日本,制造业企业一般会率先公布劳资谈判结果,为国内其他行业定下基调。Predicting a record net profit for the current fiscal year, Toyota said it will increase base monthly salaries by an average Yen2,700 per worker from April. While that figure falls short of the Yen4,000 per month raise that the firm#39;s labor unions were demanding, it is well over the previous Yen1,000 raise in 2008.丰田汽车预计当前财政年度将实现创纪录的净利润。该公司称将从4月份开始将每位员工的基本月薪平均提高2,700日圆。虽然这个数字低于该公司工会要求的4,000日圆,但远远高于2008年1,000日圆的涨幅。Honda Motor Co. said it will lift base wages by an average of Yen2,200 per worker. The company also decided to pay bonuses equivalent to close to half a year#39;s worth of monthly pay, in line with its union#39;s request.本田汽车(Honda Motor Co.)宣布每位员工基本工资平均上调2,200日圆。该公司还决定向员工付相当于近六个月工资的年终奖,与工会的要求一致。Panasonic Corp., Hitachi Ltd., NEC Corp., Toshiba Corp. and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. all said they will offer monthly increases of Yen2,000 per employee.松下电器产业公司、日立公司(Hitachi Ltd.)、日本电气公司(NEC Corporation)、东芝公司(Toshiba Co.)和三菱电机(Mitsubishi Electric Co.)都表示,他们将把每位员工的月工资上调2,000日圆。Even though the figures are relatively small, economists took the news positively, noting that higher base pay will also further boost overtime rates and bonus payments and would have a larger net effect.尽管工资上调幅度相对较小,但经济学家们对这些加薪消息持肯定态度,他们指出,基本工资上调还将进一步促进加班费和奖金上调,将产生更大的实际效果。#39;The figures that have come out so far are relatively strong,#39; said Yoshimasa Maruyama, senior economist at Itochu Economic Research Institute.伊藤忠经济研究所(Itochu Economic Research Institute)高级经济学家丸山义正(Yoshimasa Maruyama)表示,迄今为止公布的工资上调数字相对来说还不错。But even with overtime, bonuses and other payments included, the salary rises still appear to fall short of a 3% rise expected for the nation#39;s consumer price index. Prices are expected to jump in part due to an increase in the sales tax from 5% to 8% on April 1. That will mean that even with higher wages, compensation levels will fall in real terms, eroding consumers#39; purchasing power.但即便是把加班费、奖金和其他薪酬项目包括在内,工资上涨幅度似乎仍不到3%,即预期中的日本消费者价格指数(CPI)升幅。价格可能将出现大幅上涨,部分原因是4月1日销售税将从5%上调至8%。这就意味着,尽管工资水平更高了,但实际意义上的薪酬水平还是会下降,从而侵蚀消费者的购买力。#39;It could have a positive impact on the mind-set of consumers if people see increases in their nominal wages,#39; Mr. Maruyama said.丸山义正说,名义工资的上涨可能会对消费者心态有正面影响。 /201403/279753

The bill for closing down and cleaning up the world’s ageing nuclear reactors will exceed 0bn, the leading energy watchdog will say today, warning that governments risk underestimating the cost.全球能源监督机构国际能源署(IEA)今日表示,全球用于关闭和清理日益老化的核反应堆的成本将超过1000亿美元。它警告说,各国政府可能会低估这一成本。With almost 200 reactors due to be shut down by 2040, the International Energy Agency says in its annual report there are “considerable uncertainties” about decommissioning costs, reflecting governments’ limited experience in safely dismantling nuclear plants. In the past 40 years, only 10 reactors have been closed down.国际能源署在其年度报告中表示,按照计划,2040年前全球将关闭近200座反应堆,由于各国政府在安全拆除核电站方面的经验有限,这些反应堆的退役成本有“很大不确定性”。过去40年里,全球只关闭了10座反应堆。“This is an urgent area that needs consideration,” Fatih Birol, the IEA’s chief economist, told the Financial Times. He called on regulators and utilities to ensure enough funds were set aside to cover future expenses.国际能源署首席经济学家法提赫#8226;比罗尔(Fatih Birol)告诉英国《金融时报》:“这是个需要马上给予关注的领域。”他呼吁监管机构及公用事业企业确保拨出足够资金,以备未来的开销。The estimates for clean-up costs are contained in the IEA’s closely watched World Energy Outlook, which this year includes a comprehensive analysis of the global nuclear industry.国际能源署发布的备受关注的《世界能源展望》(World Energy Outlook)中,包含了关于清理成本的预估数字。今年,该报告囊括了一项对全球核电业的全面分析。It will inevitably raise questions about the economics of nuclear power at a time when countries such as China and the UK are pressing ahead with ambitious reactor-building programmes.在中国和英国等国大力推进雄心勃勃的反应堆建设计划之际,该报告将不可避免地引发对核电经济成本的质疑。Nuclear energy has been seen by many nations as an effective way of cutting their carbon dioxide emissions, as well as reducing their dependence on expensive energy imports.许多国家都将核能视为减少二氧化碳排放量、降低对高成本能源进口依赖程度的有效手段。But governments pursuing nuclear expansions have long been criticised for underplaying the lifetime costs of operating reactors, which include shutting them down and cleaning up their sites.但长期以来,一直有人批评各国政府在推进核电发展的过程中低估了反应堆整个生命周期的运营成本,其中包括关闭反应堆和清理现场的成本。Critics have also pointed to the issue of safety, which was dramatically underscored by the Fukushima disaster in 2011, and the still unresolved question of how to dispose of radioactive nuclear waste. The IEA said the amount of spent nuclear fuel would double to more than 700,000 tonnes by 2040. But even now, Mr Birol noted, “some 60 years after the first nuclear power plant started operation, no country has yet opened a permanent disposal facility for commercial high-level waste”.批评人士还将矛头指向了安全问题以及仍未得到解决的放射性核废料的处置问题。2011年的福岛(Fukushima)核灾难,就凸现出核电的安全问题。国际能源署表示,到2040年,全球核废料将增加一倍,达到逾70万吨。但比罗尔指出,即使是现在,“在首座核电站开始运营大约60年后的今天,仍然没有哪个国家为商用高放射性核废料设立永久性处置设施”。Paul Dorfman, of the Energy Institute at University College London, an outspoken critic of nuclear power, noted that the IEA’s 0bn figure is only for decommissioning and does not include the costs of permanent waste disposal.伦敦大学学院(University College London)能源研究所(Energy Institute)的保罗#8226;多尔夫曼(Paul Dorfman)是一位直言不讳的核电批评人士。他指出,国际能源署给出的1000亿美元的数字,只包括退役核电站的成本,未包括永久性处置核废料的成本。“The UK’s own decommissioning and waste disposal costs are #163;85bn alone, so that gives you an idea of the astronomical costs associated with nuclear,” he said.他说:“仅英国一国退役核电站和处置核废料的成本就达到850亿英镑,可想而知,与核电有关的成本是个天文数字。”But Andrew Sherry, director of the Dalton Nuclear Institute at Manchester University, said the surge in decommissioning reactors will “spur” the sector to find ways to generate less radioactive waste.不过,曼彻斯特大学(Manchester University)道尔顿核研究所(Dalton Nuclear Institute)主任安德鲁#8226;谢里(Andrew Sherry)表示,退役反应堆数量的激增会“鞭策”该行业找到办法,来生成放射性较低的核废料。Addressing broader concerns around global energy security, Mr Birol stressed that despite a well-supplied oil market, production may fall short of expectations in 2020 and beyond: “Short-term conditions should not blind us to the problems that may be around the corner [as the world increasingly relies on only a handful of producers]”.在提到人们对全球能源安全的更广泛关注时,比罗尔强调,尽管石油市场供应充足,但2020年及以后,石油产量可能达不到人们的预期:“(在全球日益依赖少数产油国之际,)我们不应被短期状况蒙蔽双眼、看不到即将到来的问题。”US shale oil production will begin levelling off at the start of the next decade, developing Brazil’s deepwater fields will be a complex and capital intensive process and the lack of investment amid security risks in regions such as Iraq, will all contribute to greater stress on the oil market, he said.他说,美国页岩油产量将在下个十年之初开始企稳,巴西深水油田的开发将是一个复杂的过程,需要大量资本投入,伊拉克等地区则因安全风险而缺乏投资,所有这些因素都将加大石油市场承受的压力。 /201411/342248

Tokyo is on the wane. After holding the dubious title of the world’s most expensive city for expats for much of the past two decades, Japan’s biggest metropolis no longer even makes the top 10.东京正在走下坡路。过去20年的很大一部分时间里,东京都拥有外侨眼中全球生活成本最高城市的“殊荣”。如今,这座日本最大的都市甚至未能跻身前十名。At least those are the findings of the annual cost of living survey by consultants Mercer. The reason behind its demise — Tokyo slid from seventh to 11th spot after occupying third spot in 2013 rankings — was the weakness of the yen against the US dollar over the past year.至少,这是咨询公司美世(Mercer)在其生活成本年度调查中得出的结论。东京从第七名滑落至第11名,而2013年这座城市还曾占据第三名的位置。东京排名下滑背后的原因是,过去一年里日元相对美元走软。Indeed, exchange rate fluctuations have played havoc with the 2015 rankings, which are now in their 21st year.事实上,汇率波动让2015年排行榜的座次发生了很大变化。今年是美世第21年发布这一排行榜。“Currency movements will always play a really big part in the rankings but the impact this year has been particularly acute,” said Kate Fitzpatrick, a consultant at Mercer.美世咨询师凯特#8226;菲茨帕特里克(Kate Fitzpatrick)表示:“汇率波动总是会对排名产生很大影响,但今年它的影响格外突出。”Both the yen and the euro have weakened markedly against the US dollar and Chinese renminbi, while the Swiss franc has also strengthened after the surprise lifting of its currency cap at the start of the year.日元和欧元相对美元和人民币都已大幅走软。此外,今年初瑞士出人意料取消汇率上限后,瑞士法郎的汇率也已走强。As a result, Zurich and Geneva have both moved up one place to occupy two of the five top spots in the rankings. Bern slid one place to ninth but only because of a strong showing from Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul.因此,苏黎世和日内瓦双双上升一位,在前五名中占据两席。瑞士首都伯尔尼下滑一位至第九名,但这完全是因为上海、北京和首尔的表现太过抢眼。 /201506/381553

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