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While it may appear to be a completely chaotic place,虽然它看上去好像是一个很混乱的地方,when you see it from above, there seems to be a whole grid of waterways and canals connecting each and every home.但当你从上往下看,那里好像存在一个由水路和运河形成的格子网连接着每家每户。From the main dock, people board long wooden canoes which carry them out to their various homes and shops located in the expansive area.从主码头,人们坐上长木做的小木舟带他们前往在很大一片区域里的各种房屋和商店。When out on the water, its clear that life has been completely adapted to this very specific way of living.当进入水域时,很明显生活已经完全融入这种特殊条件下的生活方式。Even the canoes become variety stores where ladies paddle from house to house,甚至木筏子也变成各种各样的小店女人们划着木舟从一家到另一家,selling anything from toothpaste to fresh fruits.卖着从牙膏到新鲜水果的各种东西。Behind every window and door frame,在每一扇窗户和门框背后,youll see a small child peering back at you,你都会看到有小孩子在背后盯着你,and while Makoko seems to be packed with people,虽然马卡卡看上去到处都是人,whats more shocking is actually the amount of children pouring out of every building.但更让人吃惊的是实际上每座房屋里面拥有的孩子的数量。The population growth in Nigeria,尼日利亚的人口增长,and especially in these areas like Makoko,尤其是在像马卡卡这样的区域,are painful reminders of how out of control things really are.痛苦地提醒着人们 生育失控后带来的结果。In Makoko, very few systems and infrastructures exist.在马卡卡,只有非常少的生活系统和基础设施存在。Electricity is rigged and freshest water comes from self-built wells throughout the area.电是被垄断的,且干净的水来自于这片区域里自己建造的井。This entire economic model is designed to meet a specific way of living on the water, so fishing and boat-making are common professions.整个经济模式是为了应对特殊的水上生活方式而设计的,所以和造船是普遍的职业。Youll have a set of entrepreneurs who have set up businesses throughout the area,这里还有一系列的商户在这片区域建立经营着自己的生意,like barbershops, CD and DVD stores,比如理发店,CD和DVD商店,movie theaters, tailors, everything is there.电影院,裁缝铺,和其它的一切。201601/423321。

  • Hi, everybody.嗨,大家好!Over the last few years, Democrats and Republicans have come together and cut our deficit by more than .5 trillion through a balanced mix of spending cuts and higher tax rates for the wealthiest Americans.过去几年里,民主党和共和党携起手来,按照削减出及提高富人税率的综合平衡方案,削减了超过2.5万亿元的财政赤字。Thats more than halfway towards the trillion in deficit reduction that economists and elected officials from both parties say we need to stabilize our debt.这已经达成了经济学家们及当选的两党官员们都认为稳定我们的债务需要削减四万亿美元的赤字目标的一半。I believe we can finish the job the same way weve started it—with a balanced mix of more spending cuts and more tax reform.我相信我们通过同样的方式一定能完成这一目标—采取更大程度的削减出及税务改革。And the overwhelming majority of the American people agree—both Democrats and Republicans.而且绝大多数美国人都认同这一观点,无论是民主党人还是共和党人。Now, my preference—and the preference of many Members of Congress—is to do that in a balanced, comprehensive way, by making sensible changes to entitlement programs and reforming our tax code.现在,我以及国会的众议员们优先考虑的事情就是通过对应得权益计划及税法做出合理的改革达成这样平衡而全面的方案。As we speak, both the House and Senate are working towards budget proposals that I hope will lay out this kind of balanced path going forward.而就在我讲话的这个时候,参众两院都在制定我希望的能推动平衡方案的出台。But the budget process takes time.但是预算过程需要时间。And right now, if Congress doesnt act by March 1, a series of harmful, automatic cuts to job-creating investments and defense spending—also known as the sequester—are scheduled to take effect.而此时此刻,如果国会不能在3月1日前完成,将导致一系列就业岗位、投资和国防出自动削减的严重后果,也就是所谓的自动减将如期发生。And the result could be a huge blow to middle-class families and our economy as a whole.这样的结果将对中产阶级家庭及我们的整个经济都会造成重大打击。If the sequester is allowed to go forward, thousands of Americans who work in fields like national security, education or clean energy are likely to be laid off.如果发生这样的事情,成千上万在国家安全部门、教育部门及清洁能源领域工作的人员将被裁员。Firefighters and food inspectors could also find themselves out of work—leaving our communities vulnerable.消防队员和食品检验员也会相继失业,致使整个社会也将变得脆弱不堪。Programs like Head Start would be cut, and lifesaving research into diseases like cancer and Alzheimers could be scaled back.而像开源计划这样的计划也将被削减,针对癌症及老年痴呆症等重大疾病医疗研究的项目经费将被迫削减。Small businesses could be prevented from getting the resources and support they need to keep their doors open.中小企业也将无法得到必要的资金持而面临关门大吉的窘境。People with disabilities who are waiting for their benefits could be forced to wait even longer.而等待福利救助的残疾人士也会等待更长的时间。All our economic progress could be put at risk.总之,我们的整个经济都在承担着这个风险。And then theres the impact on our military iness.而且,这对我们的军备也将产生重大影响。Aly, the threat of deep cuts has forced the Navy to delay an aircraft carrier that was supposed to deploy to the Persian Gulf.大幅削减军费的压力已经迫使海军推迟了原定在波斯湾部署一艘航空母舰的计划。As our military leaders have made clear, changes like this affect our ability to respond to threats in an unstable part of the world.正如军方高层明确表示的一样,如此的改革已经影响到了我们在面对全球不稳定威胁时的应对能力。And we will be forced to make even more tough decisions in the weeks ahead if Congress fails to act.而如果国会不能在未来几周做出行动,我们将会做出更为艰难的决定。The good news is, theres another option.但也有好消息,我们还有别的选择。Two months ago, we faced a similar deadline, and instead of making deep, indiscriminate cuts that would have cost us jobs and slowed down our recovery, Democrats and Republicans came together and made responsible cuts and manageable changes to our tax code that will bring down our deficit.两个月前,我们也曾面临过同样的最后之期,当时不是采用减少就业,减缓经济复苏步伐的大幅度无差别出削减计划,而是民主党和共和党一起努力,通过审慎的、可操作的税法改革来削减赤字。This time, Congress should pass a similar set of balanced cuts and close more tax loopholes until they can find a way to replace the sequester with a smarter, longer-term solution.而这一次,国会还应通过类似的一系列均衡的削减出和消除更多税法漏洞的方案,直至他们找到更好的消除自动减威胁的长远解决方案。Right now, most Members of Congress—including many Republicans—dont think its a good idea to put thousands of jobs at risk and do unnecessary damage to our economy.现在,包括共和党议员在内的国会大多数的议员们,都认为把放弃成千上万的就业岗位,给我们的经济带来不必要损害的方案不是什么好主意。And yet the current Republican plan puts the burden of avoiding those cuts mainly on seniors and middle-class families.而当前共和党的方案主要就是避免这些出削减的重担转给老年人及中产家庭。They would rather ask more from the vast majority of Americans and put our recovery at risk than close even a single tax loophole that benefits the wealthy.他们宁可向广大美国人民提出更多要求,将我们的经济复苏置于危险境地,也不愿取消哪怕一项有利于富人的税法漏洞。Over the last few years, weve made good progress towards reducing our deficit in a balanced way.纵观过去几年,我们在通过平衡方式削减赤字的道路上已经取得了卓越成效。Theres no reason we cant keep chipping away at this problem.但我们不能在这一问题上继续为一些细枝末节而烦扰。And theres certainly no reason that middle-class families and small businesses should suffer just because Washington couldnt come together and eliminate a few special interest tax loopholes, or government programs that just dont work.而且也没有什么充分的理由,仅仅因为华盛顿不能团结合作,不能取消那些有利于特殊利益集团的税法漏洞或是一无用处的政府项目,就让中产家庭和中小企业受到损害。At a time when economists and business leaders from across the spectrum have said that our economy is poised for progress, we shouldnt allow self-inflicted wounds to put that progress in jeopardy.来自各行各业的企业领袖和经济学家们曾指出现在的经济形势一片大好,我们不能让这种自伤自己的行为危害到我们的经济发展。So my message to Congress is this: lets keep working together to solve this problem.所以我给国会的忠告就是:让我们共同努力解决这个问题。And lets give our workers and our businesses the support they need to grow and thrive.让我们给我们的工人们和企业成长和繁荣所需要的持。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快!201302/225777。
  • THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Ohio! (Applause.) It is good to be backin Cleveland. The last time I was herewas about a year ago, in the final days of the campaign. I know how much you miss hearing how Iapprove this message every night on your TV. (Laughter.) I will say it is niceto be here when the only real battle for Ohio is the Browns-Bengals game thisSunday. (Applause.) He’s got the Browns shirt right here, Brownscap. (Laughter.) I want to thank Scotty for thatterrific introduction. Give him a biground of applause. (Applause.) He is a natural. I want to thank your CEO, Lakshmi Mittal, forinvesting in America and the Cleveland area. We appreciate him. (Applause.) And I want to thankall of you for having me here today.Along with me, there are a coupleof people I just want to acknowledge. First of all, America’s Secretary of Energy, Ernie Moniz, is here. Right there. (Applause.) And CongresswomanMarcy Kaptur is here. Give Marcy a biground of applause. (Applause.) Fighting for working people every day.And earlier this afternoon I hada chance to see your mayor, Frank Jackson; your county executive, EdFitzGerald. And even though they’re nothere, I want to thank them for the great work they’re doing on behalf ofworking people throughout the region. (Applause.) And then, finally, I want tothank Mark and Gary for showing me one of the biggest steel plants inAmerica. And they told me that folks areproud to have been making steel right here for a century -- 100 years -- righthere. (Applause.) And they explained that, today, the steel youmake in Cleveland is some of the strongest you’ll find anywhere in theworld. It’s one of the most productiveplants in the world. Best workers in theworld. (Applause.) And what’s remarkable is, whenyou think about it, go back to where this plant was just a few years ago. The economy was in free fall, auto industryon the brink of collapse. And that meantdemand for steel had dried up. The blastfurnaces went quiet. About 1,200steelworkers punched out for what might have been the last time. And that all came at the end of a decade whenthe middle class was aly working harder and harder just to get by, andnearly one in three American manufacturing jobs had vanished -- a lot of themgoing overseas. And that could havedevastated this community for good.But we rolled up our sleeves, wemade some tough choices. We rescued andretooled the American auto industry; it saved more than a million jobs. We bet on American ingenuity and Americanworkers. (Applause.) And assembly lines started humming again, andautomakers started to make cars again. And just a few months after this plant shutdown, your plant manager got the call: Fire those furnaces back up, get those workers back on the job. And over the last four years, you’ve madeyourselves one of the most productive steel mills not just in America, but inthe world. In the world. (Applause.) So you retooled to make thestronger steel that goes into newer, better American cars and trucks. You created new partnerships with schools andcommunity colleges to make sure that folks who work here have the high-techskills they need for the high-tech jobs -- because I was looking around thisfactory, and there’s a whole bunch of computer stuff going on.One of your engineers -- and Iwant to make sure I get Margaret’s name right here -- Margaret Krolikowski. Did I get that right, Margaret? (Applause.) Where’s Margaret? Where isshe? There is she is, back there. So I’m going to e you -- I’m going toe you. Here’s what Margaretsaid: “When we came back, we wanted tomake sure we were in a position where we never shut down again.” Never shut down again. And that means making sure that workers hereare constantly upgrading their skills and investments being made in thestate-of-the-art technology.And it was interesting, when Iwas meeting a number of the folks who were giving me the tour -- folks who havebeen here 30 years, 40 years -- but obviously the plant has changed, and soduring that period they’ve had to upgrade their skills. And that’s what’s happened. And the story of this plant is the story ofAmerica over the last five years. Wehaven’t just been recovering from a crisis. What we’ve been trying to do is rebuild a new foundation for growth andprosperity to protect ourselves from future crises. And because of the grit and resilience andoptimism of the American people, we’re seeing comeback stories like yours allacross America. Over the last 44 months, ourbusinesses have created 7.8 million new jobs. Last month, another 200,000 Americans went back to work. (Applause.) And a lot of those jobs are in manufacturing. So now we’ve got more work to do to get thoseengines of the economy churning even faster. But because we’ve been willing to do some hard things, not just kick thecan down the road, factories are reopening their doors, businesses are hiringnew workers, companies that were shipping jobs overseas, they’re starting totalk about bringing those jobs back to America. We’re starting to see that. And let me give you an example,because we were talking about this -- Mr. Mittal and others were talking aboutwhat’s different now. Take a look atwhat we’ve done with American energy. For years, folks have talked about reducing our dependence on foreignoil -- but we didn’t really do it. Andwe were just importing more and more oil, sending more and more moneyoverseas. Gas prices keep on going upand up and up. We finally decided wewere going to do something about it.201501/351434。
  • Yesterday my daughter was clinging to my leg, and Dont go.昨天我女儿抱着我的大腿,喊:别走。And you looked at me and said, you have to tell that story.然后你看着我说,你一定要讲这故事。I said, on the TED stage? Are you kidding?我说在TED讲台上?你在开玩笑么?。Im going to get on a stage and admit my daughter was clinging to my leg? 我要走到台上承认女儿抱我的大腿?And you said yes, because if you want to talk about getting more women into leadership roles,you have to be honest about how hard it is.而你说是的, 因为如果我要谈到 为更多女性争取领导职位就必须坦诚那是多么艰难的。And I did. And I think thats a really important part of the journey.所以我讲了这个故事 我想这真是历程中至关重要的部分。The same thing happened when I wrote my book. I started writing the book. I wrote a first chapter,I thought it was fabulous. It was chock-full of data and figures.当我写书时也发生过同样的事 我开始写书,写了第一章。我觉得它真的很棒里面全是数据和图表。I had three pages on matrilineal Maasai tribes, and their sociological patterns.我写了三页纸有关母系的马赛部落 以及她们的社会形态。My husband it and he was like, this is like eating your Wheaties.我丈夫读了之后,他说读起来就跟Wheaties 牌麦片一样。No one-and I apologize to Wheaties if theres someone-no one, no one will this book.没有人会,如果在座有 Wheaties 员工我先道歉,没人,没有人会读这本书。And I realized through the process that I had to be more honest and more open,and I had to tell my stories. My stories of still not feeling as self-confident as I should.从中我意识到我必须更真实也更坦诚必须讲自己的故事,在很多情况下自信心不足的的故事。in many situations. My first and failed marriage. Crying at work.我第一次婚姻失败了,上班时哭闹。Felling like I didnt belong there, feeling guilty to this day.觉得自己不属于那里 至今都觉得自责。And part of my journey, starting on this stage, going to Lean In, going to the foundation, is all about being more open and honest about those challenges.我的部分经历,从这个讲台, 到《向前一步》,到基金会都是关于更开放坦诚面对那些挑战。so that other women can be more open and honest,and all of us can work together towards real equality.从而让其他女性也能更开放坦诚,这样我们大家就可以 一起为真正的平等而努力。PM: I think that one of the most striking parts about the book,我认为这本书 最引人注目的其中一点。and in my opinion, one of the reasons its hit such a nerve and is resonating around the world,is that you are personal in the book, and that you do make it clear that.在我看来,它能引起如此大的轰动、 在全世界得到共鸣的其中一个原因就是你写的是自己 你把这点写得很清楚。while youve observed some things that are very important for other women to know, that youve had the same challenges that many others of us have.而你看到一些东西 对于其他女性来说也是很重要的。当你面对同样的挑战 就和我们面对的一样。as you faced the hurdles and the barriers and possibly the people who dont believe the same.你所面对的关卡和障碍 或许其他人并不相信同样的东西。So talk about that process: deciding youd go public with the private part, and then you would also put yourself in the position of something of an expert on how to resolve those challenges.那么说说这个过程吧 首先决定公开谈论个人的经历然后从专家的角度去看看如何解决那些挑战。After I did the TED Talk, what happened was-you know, I never really expected to write a book, Im not an author, Im not a writer.在我完成那场 TED 演说后 发生的事就是你知道,我从未想过写书 我不是作者,也不是作家。and it was viewed a lot, and it really started impacting peoples lives.那场演说点击率很高 确实影响着大家的生活。I got this great-one of the first letters I got was from a woman who said that she was offered a really big promotion at work, and she turned it down.我收到大量的 — 收到的第一封信来自一位女性,她说得到一个很好的晋升机会 但她拒绝了。and she told her best friend she turned it down, and her best friend said, you really need to watch this TED Talk.她告诉最好的朋友她拒绝了升职 她最好的朋友说你真的要看看这个TED演说。And so she watched this TED Talk, and she went back the next day, she took the job,she went home, and she handed her husband the grocery list.结果她看了这场 TED 演说后 第二天回去就接受那份新工作回到家,把超市购物单递给丈夫。And she said, I can do this.而她说她能做到的。201412/351451。
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