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Dont trash your old TV! Find out how to keep our landfills and foreign countries clean by recycling your obsolete TV and computer monitor.不要丢弃你的旧电视!以下方法可以教给你怎样回收废弃的电视或电脑显示器,以保持垃圾填埋场以及其他地方的清洁。Step 1: Haul It In1.回收中心You can easily find an electronic recycling drop-off center by going online. Depending on where you live, the electronic recycling center may pick up your monitor or television for you.通过上网或者,你可以很容易找到一家电子回收中心。根据你的住址,电子回收中心或许会上门收走你的电脑显示器或电视机。Step 2: Tech Tag2.合理拆分Make sure to ask your electronic waste facility to properly de-manufacture your old TV or computer monitor into glass,plastic and metal. Check with the facility and see if you can monitor the de-manufacturing process. These properly separated components will not only be kept from the landfills, but they can then be turned into new computer monitors and TV sets.确保电子垃圾回收厂家恰当地把你的旧电视或电脑显示器拆分成玻璃,塑料或金属。向你的回收厂家确认你是否可以监督整个拆分过程。这些经过合理拆分的元件不仅远离了垃圾填埋场,还可以被制造成新的电脑显示器或电视机。Step 3: Get Proof3.获得保One of the most important things to ask for when you take your old TV or computer monitor in to be recycled is a Certificate of Destruction. This will prevent any of the dangerous and toxic components from being improperly shipped off to third world countries or dumped in a local landfill. Fill out the necessary paperwork and the e-waste facility will issue you a Certificate of Destruction as well as a copy of your invoice.当你把旧电视或电脑显示器带到回收中心时,最重要的一件事就是要求提供销毁明。这可以防止危险有毒元件不恰当地被运送到第三世界或倾倒入当地的垃圾填埋场。填写必需的文件,电子垃圾回收中心就会向你颁发一份销毁明以及发票副本。Thanks for watching How To Recycle Your Television Or Computer Monitor感谢收看“怎样回收旧电视或电脑显示器”视频节目。201209/201231Its like one of those self-fulfilling prophecies.它就像是自行应验的预言之一You know,lets work for a better future.也就是说我们为了更美好的未来努力well get the better future.我们就会得到美好的未来Talk about the frontier spirit,谈到拓荒精神its not a question of succeeding or failure它无关成败荣辱its just continuous growth, which is really inspirational.而是不断壮大 令人倍受鼓舞25th space shuttle mission...航天飞机第25次出航But the nations faith in technology is about to receive a blow.但是 整个国家对技术的信奉即将遭到沉重的一击The shuttle is a new era for America.航天飞机开启了美国的新纪元Space-age technology is powering the country forward.航天时代的技术带动着国家经济的发展The nations been built on innovation.这个国家建立在创新之上New technology create progress, wealth, expansion.新技术带来了进步 财富和扩张As axes improve,随着斧子的改进forests can be cleared at a greater rate.森林以惊人的速度被开垦A new military technology wins wars,新的军事技术可以赢得战争makes nations.建立国家Throughout our history,纵观我们的历史every one of these technologies has been transformative in a way每一项技术进步都意味着变革that has changed economies, its changed lives,改变了经济 改变了生活 its changed settlement patterns.也改变了居住模式It takes entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie.是像安德鲁·卡内基这样的实业家He takes new steel production techniques他采用新的钢铁生产技术and supersizes them to produce vast quantities实现了钢的大规模生产of the raw materials that build the great American city.以此为原料 建设起了伟大的美国城市And engineering geniuses like Mulholland,还有像穆赫兰这样的工程天才his 200 mile L.A Aqueduct allows the city to grow from the desparate.他修建的长达200英里的洛杉矶引水渠使得这座城市从荒芜之地崛起But progress often carries a human cost.但进步往往是以人的牺牲为代价的1825,building the Erie Canal to connect the Great Lakes to New York City claims nearly 1,000 lives.1825年 建造连通五大湖区和纽约的伊利运河夺去了近千条生命1865, the transcontinental railroad,almost 2000 lives.1865年 修建横贯东西的大铁路 近两千人丧生 /201304/235587Make your own miniature greenhouse from recyclables and get a jump on spring by sowing winter seeds.利用可循环使用的物品,自己打造小型温室,冬季播种,让你穿越到春季好风光。You Will Need你需要Knife or scissors刀子或剪子Gal. milk jug牛奶罐Potting soil盆栽土壤Half-hardy annual and perennial seeds半耐寒性的一年生和多年生种子Clear packing tape清洁的包装带Liquid fertilizer液体肥料Garden花园Steps步骤Step 1 Cut the jug1.切割牛奶罐Cut the jug horizontally with the knife or scissors, leaving a small attached piece that acts as a hinge where the handle is connected. Poke several holes in the bottom for drainage, around the top for air, and one in each side.用刀剪将罐子水平剪开,在把手处留下一小片粘连在一起。在底部戳几个小孔用来排水,顶部戳几个孔用来通气,每一侧留一个孔。Step 2 Fill with soil2.装满土壤Fill the carton with 3 to 4 inches of potting soil. Add water until the soil is moist.向硬纸盒中装三四英寸盆栽土壤。加水,直到土壤比较湿润。Step 3 Plant seeds3.播种Plant half-hardy annual and perennial seeds according to package instructions and then tape the cut you made around the jug with the packing tape.按照包装上的说明,播种半耐寒性的一年生和多年生种子,然后用包装带把刚才的切口粘起来。Half-hardy perennials include dahlia, geranium, gerbera, and tuberous begonia.半耐寒性多年生种子包括大丽花,天竺葵,大丁草和球根秋海棠。Step 4 Place in sun4.放在阳光下Place the jug in a sunny area outside next to your house. Water it only when needed to maintain soil moisture.Poke extra holes in the top if theres too much condensation build-up.将罐子放在户外阳光充沛的地方。只有需要的时候才浇水,保持土壤湿润。如果过多水汽凝结,在上方多戳几个孔。Step 5 Fertilize5.施肥Fertilize with a very diluted liquid fertilizer if sprouts turn yellow or light green, which indicates a lack of nutrients.如果叶芽变成黄色或淡绿色,说明缺乏营养,用浓度非常低的液体肥料施肥。Step 6 Plant after frost6.霜冻后移栽Separate the individual plants and plant them in your garden after the last frost of the year.最后一次霜冻后,将单独的植株分开,移栽到花园中。Gardeners spent .5 billion on seeds, plants, fertilizer, tools, and other gardening supplies to grow their own food in 2008.2008年,园艺工作者花费了25亿美元购买种子,植株,肥料,工具和其他园艺用品,自己种植食物。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/232013

This may look like a slaughter或许这看上去像一场屠杀but as each heron can swallow only one frogat a time但每只池鹭一次只能吞噬一只蛙the vast majority will escape to croak another day此时剩余的多数派得以逃生并获得了明日再度高歌的机会Terrace paddies like those of YunYang county are found across much of southern China元阳县这样广泛种植水稻的This whole vast landscape is dominated by rice cultivation梯田横贯中国南部In heated Guizhou province theMiao minorityhave developed a remarkable rice culture苗族人在炎热的贵州发展了高度发达的水稻种植With every inch of fertile land given over to rice cultivation苗族人把木屋建立在陡峭低产的山壁上the Miao build their wooden houses on the steepest and least productive hillsides用其余每寸丰饶的土地来种植水稻In Chinese rural life everything has a use所有东西在中国农村都自有其用处dried in the sun manure from the cowsheds would be used as cooking fuel牛棚里的肥料在太阳下晒干用作煮饭的燃料 /201207/190353After a rough break-up or divorce, its not easy to get back in the game, so you may need some help.经过痛苦的分手或离婚后,重新开始恋爱生活并不容易,所以你需要一些帮助。You Will Need你需要The ability to handle rejection处理遭受拒绝的能力Memberships in various clubs不同俱乐部的会员身份Free time自由时间An online dating service (optional)网上约会务(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Determine that youre y1.做好准备Figure out if youre y to date again. If you can picture yourself with somebody other than your ex, you might be y to start.反省一下,自己是否做好了重新开始约会的准备。如果你能够想象出自己和前任以外的其他人在一起的情景,你或许可以重新开始了。Look at pictures of and talk to friends about your ex to see what you feel. If you still hurt, you may need more time.看看前任的照片,或者和朋友聊一下前任,看一下自己是什么感觉。如果你仍然很伤心,你或许还需要一点时间。Step 2 Determine if you can handle rejection2.遭受拒绝自己能否接受Picture yourself getting rejected, and ask yourself if you can handle it. Once you know you can, theres no reason to hold back.想像一下,如果自己被拒绝,能否恰当应对。一旦知道自己可以处理,就没有理由停止不前了。Step 3 Get involved3.参加俱乐部Join as many different clubs, groups, and organizations as you can. This will get you out there meeting people without actually going on a date.尽量多参加一些不同的俱乐部,团体或组织。这样可以让你水到渠成地多认识一些人,而不需要专门去约会。Try online dating. Even if you never follow through on any dates, its an emotional step in the right direction.尝试网上约会。即使你不能遇到合适的约会对象,这也是向正确的方向前进的令人激动的一步。Step 4 Define your needs4.确定自己的需求Define what you want and need -- to yourself and whomever you begin seeing. Its important to be honest with people so you can avoid wasting time.确定自己的要求和需求——对自己的和对约会对象的。要对人真诚,这很重要,可以避免浪费时间。Step 5 Persist5.坚持Be persistent. Dating invariably involves failures and awkward situations. Learn to laugh at them and chalk them up to experience.持之以恒。约会难免遇到失败和尴尬的情景。学会笑着面对,当作难忘的经历。Don’t always blame yourself when a date goes poorly; but also be honest with yourself.如果约会情况不尽如人意,不要总是责怪自己;但是对自己要坦诚。Step 6 Allow yourself to be happy6.开心面对Allow yourself to have fun and be happy. Treat dating as an experience rather than an inconvenience, and you will find somebody.允许自己开开心心地生活。把约会当成一种经历,而不是一种麻烦,你一定会找到心仪的另一半。201303/227935Step 1: Make time for each other 为彼此多留些相处时间The most common reason for the romance dwindling in a relationship is a simple lack of time spent as a couple. You need to make time for each other in order to get the ball rolling. Set aside one night a week to make a date. This could be anything from cooking a meal together at home to a night at the theatre, just as long as you both agree to spend time alone together with no distractions. Step 2: Tell them you love them 告诉她(他)你爱她(他)Try to find new and original ways to say "I love you" that will make it more memorable. Leave a little note for your partner somewhere they will see it, like on the fridge or their computer screen.Paying your partner a compliment is guaranteed to win their heart. Telling them how much you love their smile or how great they look will make them feel lucky to be with you. Sending your partner a love letter is the height of romance. Hand written letters are rare these days so if your partner is the traditional type, they will adore the fact that you took the time and effort to write to them just to tell them you love them.Step 3: Show them you care 表达你的关心If you want to treat your partner, surprise them by cooking their favourite meal at home which you can eat together by candlelight. You could even include aphrodisiac foods to put you both in the mood for romance. Foods you can eat with your hands, such as asparagus, exotic fruits, figs and chocolate, work best as you can feed them to each other.Pick wild flowers for your partner for a simple but effective gift. Your thoughtfulness will be hugely appreciated.Step 4: Think bigger 筹划下让她(他)吃惊的大型活动If little things aren't your cup of tea then by all means think big. Surprise your loved one with a romantic weekend break somewhere that you cannot be disturbed or buy them that piece of jewellery they've had their eye on.201110/158169

See how you can produce smoke from your fingertips. This is a very cool effect that will amaze anyone.日照香炉生紫烟,但是你想过手指指尖也能‘生烟’吗?是:能。而且效果非凡。Step 1: Trick Preparation1.准备工作Welcome to a presentation from easybartricks.com. In this I will show you how you can produce smoke from your fingertips, its a very cool effect.欢迎收看简单魔术网站带来的视频,本期视频中将向你展示如何让手指指尖‘生烟’,效果会非常酷。Step 2: The Trick2.魔术The first thing you need to do is tear the striker part from a matchbox. Then fold the striker part in half and place it in an ashtray. Now light the striker part and burn it for a little while.你要做的第一件事就是撕下火柴盒的磷砂面,向内对折,之后放在烟灰缸里点燃。Push the burned out striker part aside, and the brown or yellow residue will be left in the ashtray. Wipe the residue off with a finger, and now start to rub your fingers against each other and see the smoke appear.燃烧之后烟灰缸中会有剩余物,用拇指和食指指尖各蘸一些揩去,然后捻动擦两指尖,就会有烟产生。Step 3: Warning3.警告There is one final and important note to this trick, and that is that the residue can be harmful so it is very important that you wash your hands well after the effect is over.有一点需要注意,燃烧的剩余物对人体有害,所以演示完后要洗手。Thanks for watching Smoke From Fingertips谢谢收看本期“指尖‘生烟’”节目。201208/197486Perk up those dull and droopy peepers with these proven methods.You Will NeedEight hours of sleep Eye drops Two chilled teaspoons Under-eye concealer An eyelash curler Royal or navy blue eyeliner and mascara White, shimmery eye shadow An extra pillow (optional) Cucumber slices (optional) Step 1: Get eight hours of sleep(充足的睡眠)Get eight hours of sleep to ensure that your eyes look their best. An extra pillow may prevent fluid from gathering under your eyes, which can result in unsightly bags.A gentle eye massage will help drain fluids and fight puffiness. After carefully washing your hands, use your ring finger to softly pat under the eye sockets and around the brow bone.Step 2: Use eye drops(眼药水)Use eye drops to relieve any redness and irritation.Stop using the eye drops and consult your doctor if you experience eye pain or changes in vision, or if conditions last more than 72 hours.Step 3: Stimulate circulation(冰敷眼角)Stimulate circulation with cold teaspoons. Chill them in a refrigerator, and then place the backs of the spoons on your eyelids.Use the old standby – cucumber slices.Step 4: Apply under-eye concealer(用遮瑕霜粉饰眼袋)Apply concealer lightly beneath your eyes and around their inner and outer corners to hide dark circles.Step 5: Curl eyelashes and apply eyeliner and mascara(化眼线,涂睫毛膏)Use an eyelash curler to open up your eyes. Apply royal or navy blue eyeliner and mascara for a wide-awake sparkle.Step 6: Dab on shimmery white shadow(打荧光粉)Dab a dot or two of shimmery white eye shadow around the inner corners of your eyes for an instant brightener.Sir Paul McCartney released an exercise demonstrating “eye yoga,” an Indian technique used to strengthen eye muscles.201001/95204

消费者想感觉到他们所购买的是真实,但是“大规模个性化”作者约瑟夫派恩讲到销售真实性的困难,因为,真实本身就不存在。他讲到了几个也许是人造的体验,但是仍然成就了亿万富翁。201301/219832Caroline Phillips英文卡罗琳;菲利普斯用一种鲜为人知的乐器给我们上了一课。这件乐器就是绞弦琴,又名为手摇风琴。在这节课行将结束之时,她为我们演奏了一曲动人的巴斯克音乐。201201/169055墨西哥政府当局鼓励当地农民放弃种植玉米和小麦,转为种植经济效益高的圣诞树。Governmental authorities in Mexico are trying to convince local farmers to stop planting corn and wheat and to get into the booming business of Christmas trees. The move also aims to avoid erosion and raise farmer's incomes.The Christmas season is a boom time for many Mexican farmers. Hundreds eagerly wait to start planting this holiday cash crop.The town of Amecameca, 65 kilometers from the capital Mexico City, boasts of having one of the most successful Christmas tree plantations in the region. It has three fields with 400 hectares of forest and thousands of trees to choose from.The forest opens during the last days of November, allowing families to personally venture into the woods, choose and then cut down their tree. Prices range around 30 US dollars.Customer Carlos Lopez said, "There's a lot of people here having a good time. They arrive, park their cars, and then cut down their tree. Afterwards they have a picnic that unites people. It's nice because this is a time to give love, happiness and to get together."Statistics show this Christmas tree forest creates more than 300 direct jobs for the region, generating more than 30 million pesos each Christmas season.Christmas tree plantation fields first appeared in Mexico back in the 1970's, and has become an important asset over past decades.12/92995

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