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无锡/第九人民医院治疗直肠脱垂价格The foundations of early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) palace buildings have been found at Beijing#39;s Forbidden City, Beijing Times reported.根据《京华时报》报道,近日,北京故宫内发现了明代(1368-1644年)早期宫殿建筑基址。Archaeologists found the remains at Changxin Gate of Cining Palace (The Palace of Compassion and Tranquility) in the west of the compound.考古学家是在故宫西部的慈宁宫长信门发现的这一遗址。The ruins, in a pit 2.5 meters wide and 5.4 meters long, showed evidence walls, pile caps, layers of mud and bricks etc..此遗址在宽2.5米、长5.4米的探坑内,显示有墙壁、桩承台、夯土夯砖层等遗迹。This was the first time such large scale Ming ruins had been found at the Forbidden City, although the exact size of the wall base remains unknown.这是首次在紫禁城内发现明代大型遗迹,不过目前墙基遗址的确切规模尚不清楚。Archaeologists believe the ruins would be valuable in studying the history of Beijing and the Forbidden City as well as China#39;s ancient architectural technology.考古学家认为,此处遗址对研究北京、紫禁城和中国古代建筑技术具有重要价值。 /201606/450537无锡/屁股流血治疗医院要多少钱What#39;s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?别人曾为你做过的最浪漫的事是什么?This might sound like a very silly answer, but here goes.这个回答听起来好像很蠢,但还是要讲。Whenever we eat out, he picks out all the paneer from any of his dishes and puts it on my plate. And when he does it, he does not have even a slight smile on his face or a lovey-dovey look. All his concentration is on the food. If we are in a group, he just keeps talking or does whatever he is doing. It is more like something that he does subconsciously.每次我们出去吃饭,他都会挑出他盘子里的奶豆腐然后放到我的盘子里,而且他做这件事的时候,脸上一点笑容都没有,更别提深情款款了。他所关注的只有食物,我们在一块的时候,他只是维持说话这个动作或者做他手头上的事情,就好像他是潜意识做这些事。The first time he learnt I loved cheese or paneer in any form was probably 8 years ago when we first ate out somewhere. Since then, he has been constantly doing this - so much that it is now a habit. It makes me feel really warm inside.大概是在8年前,我们第一次外出吃饭的时候,他知道了我喜欢吃各种各样的奶酪、奶豆腐。自那以后,他就不间断地做这件事,做得多了以至于成了习惯,这让我觉得心里暖暖的。So yeah, lifetime paneer supply over diamonds on anniversary!所以就是这样,一辈子的奶豆腐供应要胜过那些纪念日的钻石!My ex wrote me a computer game! I never told him, but I think good programmers are super sexy.我的前男友为我写了一个电脑游戏!虽然我没告诉过他,但是我觉得优秀的程序员真的很性感。My wife and I went to see a movie. She wanted to see Fitoor and I wanted to see Deadpool. She was forcing me to take tickets of Fitoor and I decided that we should watch Deadpool. We discussed on the same topic till we reached the theater. As it was an opening day of both the movies, the possibility of us getting tickets were less.我妻子和我去看电影,她想看《雪域之恋》而我想看《死侍》,她逼着我去买《雪域之恋》的票而我坚决要看《死侍》,在我们到电影院之前我们一直就此争论不休。刚好那天两部电影都是上映第一天,我们买到电影票的可能性更加渺茫了。I didn#39;t park my car to avoid parking charges, as there were possibilities of not getting tickets. So, I waited in the car and she went to take tickets. As she went, I opened Bookmyshow app and started checking out whether Fitoor tickets were available or not. As I thought, if I could book Fitoor tickets and call her back from ticket window to surprise her, it would be fun.因为不太可能买到票,所以我就没找地方停车,这样就不用交停车费。我坐在车里等着而她去买票。她离开的时候,我打开Bookmyshow(印度的在线票务平台)开始查询是否能买到《雪域之恋》。我是这样想的,如果我能订到《雪域之恋》的票然后把她从买票窗口叫回来给她一个惊喜,这会非常有意思。Immediately, I booked two tickets and called her. She didn#39;t pickup my phone and within a minute she opened the car door and sat inside. I asked her ;did you get the tickets;? She said ;yes, but Fitoor was full, so I bought two tickets for Deadpool;.我立马订了两张票然后打电话给她,她没接我电话,过了一分钟,她打开车门坐了进来。我问她:“你买到票了吗?”她回答说:“买了,但是《雪域之恋》满座了,所以我买了两张《死侍》的票。”I smiled and hugged her. She was exclaimed and asked me ;why, what happened?; I showed her Bookmyshow message and said her that I know there were many empty seats.我笑着拥抱了她,她吓了一跳,问我:“干嘛,怎么了?”我给她看了Bookmyshow的信息,告诉她其实我知道《雪域之恋》还有很多座位。 /201608/458395无锡/八院治疗直肠疾病价格

无锡/惠山区治疗痔疮多少钱常州中医院治疗直肠脱垂价格Finding a four-leaf clover, carrying a rabbit#39;s foot, and crossing your fingers are considered symbols of good luck by many. Athletes famously engage in superstitious rituals—basketball legend Michael Jordan reportedly wore the same pair of shorts under his NBA uniform for every game, and tennis star Serena Williams ties her shoelaces the same way before every match and always bounces the tennis ball five times before her first serve. Good luck superstitions exist in cultures all over the world. Here are 13 of them.找到四片叶子的三叶草,随身携带兔脚,交叉手指在许多人看来都是好运的象征。坊间热传许多运动员都喜欢搞迷信仪式。据说篮球传奇人物迈克尔#8226;乔丹每场比赛都在NBA球衣里穿同一条内裤,网球明星小威廉姆斯每场赛前鞋带都要系成一样,第一次发球前总要把球弹地5下。关于好运的迷信各种各样,以下是世界各国关于运气的13种迷信做法。1. THROW BROKEN DISHES AT HOUSES // DENMARK丹麦:往房子扔碎盘子In Denmark, people save their broken dishes throughout the year in anticipation of throwing them on New Year’s Eve. Danes chuck the broken plates at their friends#39; and family’s houses as a way to wish the recipient good luck in the year to come. Some Danish children opt to leave a pile of broken dishes on the doorsteps of their friends and neighbors, in a less aggressive manner of wishing prosperity.在丹麦,人们在新年夜把存了一年的碎盘子扔向朋友和家人的房子,祝他们新年好运来。一些丹麦小孩会把一堆碎盘子放在朋友和邻居家门口,这样不会那么暴力。2. SWEEP DIRT AWAY FROM THE FRONT DOOR // CHINA中国:清扫门前的尘土In China, it#39;s believed that good fortune enters your life through your front door. Just before the New Year, Chinese people follow a tradition of thoroughly cleaning their homes to bid farewell to the previous year, but to avoid sweeping all that good luck out, the home is swept inward and collected in a pile to be carried out the back door, never through the front. In fact, no cleaning is performed at all during the first two days of the New Year so that no good luck can be swept away.中国人认为好运是从你家前门进来的。在新年之前,他们会彻底打扫卫生,告别过去的一年。为了避免把好运扫走,他们从外往内扫,把尘土扫成一堆再从后门清理出去,绝不走前门。而且,在新年的头两天不能打扫卫生,因为好运会被赶走。3. EAT A DOZEN GRAPES AND WEAR RED UNDERWEAR TO RING IN THE NEW YEAR // SPAIN西班牙:吃12颗葡萄,穿红内裤迎接新年When midnight strikes to usher in a New Year, Spaniards eat 12 green grapes for 12 months of good luck. They eat one grape at each bell toll, chewing and swallowing quickly, and they wear red underwear while doing so. The superstition involving grapes dates back to a century ago when there was a grape surplus, and the red underwear originated in the Middle Ages, when Spaniards couldn’t outwardly wear red clothing because it was considered to be a devilish color.当新年钟声敲响,西班牙人会吃12颗绿葡萄代表12个月的好运。每敲响一下吃一颗,快速咀嚼吞下,同时还要穿着红内裤。这个关于葡萄的迷信要追溯到一个世纪前的葡萄贸易顺差,红内裤则来源于中世纪,那时不能把红色衣穿在外面因为红色代表邪恶。4. BIRD DROPPINGS ARE A SIGN OF GREAT THINGS TO COME // RUSSIA俄罗斯:头上落鸟屎,好事要发生Rather than view a bird defecating on them as a disgusting surprise, Russians welcome it as a sign of good luck and fortune. To Russians, bird droppings on you, your home, or your car signifies that money will be coming your way. If multiple birds defecate on you, you’ll supposedly get more money.大多数人认为被鸟屎砸到是一件恶心的事情,但俄罗斯人却认为这是好兆头。如果鸟屎落在你身上、你家或者车上,预示着有大钱要来。如果你身上落了好几坨鸟屎,意味着钱更多。5. SPILL WATER BEHIND SOMEONE // SERBIA塞尔维亚:往别人背后浇水According to Serbian folk stories, spilling water behind someone is a great way to give them good luck. Serbians spill water behind their friends and family members who are preparing to take a test, face a job interview, or go on a trip.根据塞尔维亚民间故事,往人背后浇水是给他们好运。考试、求职面试或者旅行之前,塞尔维亚人会在朋友和家人背后浇水。6. HANG UPSIDE-DOWN TO KISS A ROCK // IRELAND爱尔兰:倒挂亲吻石头The legendary Blarney Stone at Ireland’s Blarney Castle attracts visitors who kiss the stone to get the gifts of good luck and eloquence. Visitors who want its good luck must walk to the top of the castle, lean backwards, and hold on to a railing so their lips can reach the stone. Kissing the inconveniently located stone is a risky enough process that castle employees help visitors by holding on to their bodies as they lean back.位于爱尔兰布拉尼城堡的巧言石充满传奇色。无数游客们前来亲吻它以祈求好运和口才。他们要走到城堡顶部,握住把手同时身体向后倾,然后亲吻石头。石头的位置不太好够到,而且这么做风险比较大,所以城堡的工作人员会在游客后倾的时候扶住他们的身体。7. BRIDES SHOULD PUT A BELL ON THEIR DRESSES // IRELAND爱尔兰:新娘要在裙子上系铃铛Irish brides wear small bells on their wedding dresses or jewelry, or they put bells in their bouquets. The bells are worn as a symbol of good luck because the ringing allegedly discourages evil spirits intent on destroying the union. Guests may also ring bells during the ceremony or give bells to the couple as a wedding gift.爱尔兰新娘要在婚纱或珠宝上系上铃铛,或者放在花束上。铃铛被作为好运的象征是因为铃声可以阻止恶灵破坏婚姻。在婚礼上,客人也要摇铃铛或者送新人铃铛作为礼物。8. SAY THE WORD ‘RABBIT’ WHEN YOU WAKE UP // UNITED KINGDOM英国:醒来时说“兔子”A good luck superstition that originated in the ed Kingdom involves saying “rabbit” right after you wake up on the first day of the month. Whether you say “rabbit,” “white rabbits,” or “rabbit, rabbit,” the ritual will supposedly give you good luck for the rest of the month. The superstition has been around since at least the early 1900s, and even President Franklin Roosevelt reportedly said “rabbit, rabbit” to usher in each new month. If you forget to say it in the morning, for the same results simply say “black rabbit” or “tibbar, tibbar” (rabbit spelled backwards) right before you go to sleep instead.英国人有个迷信,在每个月的第一天早上醒来时要马上说“兔子”。不管你说“兔子”,“白兔子”还是“兔子兔子”,这都会让你在这个月得到好运。据说这个迷信做法在上世纪初开始存在,甚至连罗斯福总统在每个月开头都对引座员说“兔子兔子”。如果你忘记在早上说“兔子”,你在睡前说“黑兔子”或者“tibbar,tibbar”(兔子英文rabbit反写)也会有同样的效果。9. RUB SPECIAL INCENSE ON YOUR ACHING BODY PARTS // JAPAN日本:用香熏身体疼痛的部位The front of the Sensoji Temple in east Tokyo, Japan has a giant incense burner that visitors go to for a “good luck” smoke bath. This ancient Buddhist temple, the oldest in Tokyo, was founded in 628 CE and Japanese people view the incense as holy for its healing powers. Visitors come to stand around the incense, waving the smoke around their bodies, to receive good health.东京东部的浅草寺有一个巨大的香炉,游客们纷纷前往那里“浴香”以寻求好运。这座东京最古老的佛寺建立于公元628年,日本人认为里面的香有着神圣的治愈力量。游客们站在香雾之中,往自己的身体上招,希望获得健康。10. THE NUMBER EIGHT IS GREAT // CHINA中国:数字8最好Speaking the number eight in Chinese sounds similar to the word for fortune and prosperity, so people in China love anything having to do with eight. Chinese people schedule marriages on dates involving the number, and everything from flight numbers to phone numbers are more lucky if they have eights in them. With this superstition in mind, the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing started at 8:08 pm on 8/8/2008.8在汉语中的发音跟发财和发达的“发”很像,所以中国人喜欢一切和8有关的东西。结婚日期要有8,航班号要有8,手机号要有8,任何数字有了8就更加幸运。因为这个迷信,2008北京夏季奥运会的开幕式就定在2008年8月8号晚上8点零8分。 /201605/444712A phone call that brings great news could come from a friend today. This could involve the success of a project of some kind that you#39;ve both been involved with. The news should definitely be significant enough to merit a celebration of some sort. You and your friend could ring up some others and go out on the town. Have a little fun! You can start on the next project tomorrow!今天你的朋友可能会给你打电话,告诉你一个好消息。可能是你们俩共同参与的某个项目获得了成功。这则好消息十分重要,足以值得你们为之庆祝。你和你的朋友可以打电话给其他好朋友然后一起进城庆祝。玩得开心点!可以明天开始新的项目!Your well being horoscope幸福运势Today you might make a new friend. You#39;ll be in a social, outgoing, and chatty mood. You could find yourself talking with a stranger and discover that the two of you have a lot in common, or you might get to know your neighbor better. You#39;ll feel good if you open up to other people and explore light conversation. Some helpful ideas or information could be revealed to you along the way, so pay attention!今天,你可能会交到新朋友。今天的你想要社交、外向、也很健谈。你可能会与陌生人聊天,并发现你俩有很多共同点,又或者你对你的邻居可能会有更深的了解。如果你能对他人敞开心扉并聊一些轻松的话题,那么你会觉得很棒。在这一过程中,可能你会得到有益的想法或信息,所以留神点哦!Your finance horoscope财务运势Career and money matters continue to go well as new opportunities keep appearing. Today you might find yourself faced with paperwork that needs to be finished, but you#39;ll be more than glad to do it since it might pave the way for financial benefits. Relations with people you work with are congenial, supportive, and open, though someone may be in a very gloomy mood. Don#39;t let their malaise affect your mood!随着新机会的不断出现,你的财务和事业状况持续攀升。今天你可能会发现自己需要完成文件,但因为这能带来金钱利益,因此你十分乐意去做。你与同事相处很好,他们都很持你,也很开放,虽然有些人可能闷闷不乐。不要让他们的萎靡不振影响你的心情!Your love horoscope爱情运势Your sensitivity will be greatly appreciated today, and you#39;ll find that there is a great force that#39;ll help keep your emotions balanced. Try not to be too stubborn, especially with things having to do with love and beauty. A fixed attitude will most likely run into a great deal of opposition. If a certain someone gets uptight, you#39;ll have a difficult time getting your point across.今天人们会十分留意你的敏感,你会发现有股十分强大的力量帮助你保持心绪平衡。尽量不要太固执了,尤其不要对爱和美这两件事固执。一成不变的态度很有可能会遭到别人的反对。如果某个人感到紧张的话,你也会很难表述自己的观点。Your career horoscope事业运势A number of frantic communications involving business or family affairs could have you feeling scattered and unfocused. Too many important concerns have hit you at once, and it can be confusing, but you need to take them one at a time and not be tempted to try to accomplish everything at once. Your mind is especially steady and analytical today, so don#39;t panic. Go with the flow and all will be completed.一系列有关事业和家庭事务的疯狂对话可能会让你觉得有些凌乱、无法集中。你一次性要面对太多的事情了,可能让你感到困惑,但你需要一个个的解决,不要试着一次性解决所有的问题。今天你十分稳定、分析性很强,所以不要惊慌。顺着潮流走,所有的事情都会得到解决。译文属 /201609/464081无锡/人民医院治疗直肠息肉价格无锡/肛门息肉手术

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