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东莞东城华美整形美容医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱广州省华美整形医院去胎记多少钱Tom: Jess, you were talking before about mistakes that your Hungarian students always made, and how some students from the same country all make the same mistakes again and again and again. Well, I work here in Thailand and they have a very cute phrase, ;same, same; which I think means to describe something as being the same as something else, I spend five — ten minutes talking to a student explaining that instead of using same same, she should use ;the same as; and I was trying to get this phrase over to her and finally she understood what I meant and she looked at me and said, ;Ah, same as same same same same;.汤姆:杰西,你之前说过匈牙利学生常犯的错误,同一个国家的学生经常会重复犯同样的错误。我在泰国工作,泰国有一个非常可爱的短语“一样一样”,我想那是形容某样东西和其他东西一样的一个短语,我花了5到10分钟和一个学生解释,我们不应该用same same这个短语,而是应该用the same as来表示和……一样,我努力让她理解这个短语,最后她终于明白我的意思了,她看着我说,“啊,same as就是same same的意思啊”。Jess: In Spain I think the most common mistake was that in Spanish the noun people is a singular noun. You would say ;le gente es; so when my Spanish speakers would use this noun they would always say, ;Oh the people is very hungry; or ;the people is very quiet; and I spent most of my time in Spain going ;are — are — are; after these, the people even upper intermediate, advanced learners will still making that mistake. In France, one very common mistake was the pronuciation error. The sound ;Th; at the beginning words, for example, ;there; or ;those; that the French would pronounce with a zed sound, so ;zere; or ;zose; and I was very reluctant to correct it because its such a sexy accent and it sounds so much more gorgeous with the French ;ZZ; but I did have to correct it and I was always in France sticking my tongue out of my mouth to emphasize to them that there tongue needed to be forward to their teeth to make the correct sound. You said you worked in Libya. What were the common mistakes for Libyan students?杰西:我认为西班牙学生最常犯的错误是,在西班牙语里people这个词是单数名词。你要说:“le gente es”,所以我的西班牙学生用这个单词时经常会说,“哦,人们非常饿”或者是“人们非常安静”,我在西班牙的大部分时间都在纠正他们要用表复数的are,而不是is,甚至中级以上的学生和高级班学生还会犯这个错误。在法国,一个非常常见的错误是发音错误。举例来说,开头单词“th”在法语中会发“z”的音,我非常不愿意纠正这个,因为这是一个非常性感的口音,法语里的“Z”音听起来更华丽,不过我必须要纠正,我在法国时,经常要把舌头伸出来,向他们强调舌头要抵到牙齿发出正确的音。你说过你曾在利比亚工作过。利比亚学生常犯的错误是什么?Tom: One that always made me smile was when a cheery student or the security guard at the school or people that I met around the compound where I was living would give me a cheery wave and say ;How are you? Im fine; and it took me a good month or two before I realized that in Arabic the question and answer to go together. It just sounds strange in English. I thought they were jumping the gun by answering their own question.汤姆:会让我笑的一个错误是,我在学校里碰到的活泼的学生和警卫或是在住宅楼里遇到的人们,会一边开心地向我挥手,一边说,“你好吗?我很好。”我用了一两个月才明白,在阿拉伯语里,问题和回答是要一起说的。这在英语里听起来很怪。我想他们是通过自问自答抢先行动。Jess: Sounds like they were talking to themselves. And how about in Japan?杰西:听起来他们在和自己说话。那日本的情况呢?Tom: Now, Japanese have another common phrase which I think it used both in Japanese and because it comes from English they use it in English to. Its ;so-so;. Im not quite sure when you might use it. Its when things are not quite good, not quite bad, so if you say, ;hey, how are you doing?;, they will say ;so-so; or if you say, ;Hey, hows your food?; theyll say, ;so-so;. Its not English and the first few months I had of hearing that, I really couldnt quite work out. I understood the meaning, but I knew that it was not something I would ever say, but the difficulty there is trying to think of a good alternative. Its that kind of non-committal, I dont really care answer. I like strong opinions. I love it. I hate it. Lets leave this so-so.汤姆:日本的常见错误是另一个,我想日语和英语里都用这个词,因为这个词来源于英语。那就是“so-so”。我不太确定什么时候用这个词。事情不好不坏时,你可能会说,“嘿,你最近怎么样?”对方可能会答:“一般吧”,如果你问“嘿,食物怎么样?”对方可能会答:“还行。”英语并不这么说,前几个月我听到这种说法时,我实在是不能明白。后来我理解了这个词的意思,可是我知道我不会这么说,不过很难想出一个准确的替代词。这是种含糊的说法,我不太在意回答。我喜欢有力的观点,比如我喜欢,我讨厌。我们忘掉这个so-so吧。Jess: I agree. Its like over use of the adjective nice. It just sounds really bland.杰西:我同意。就好像是过度使用nice这个形容词。听起来非常乏味。 译文属 /201604/439550东莞华美美容医院割双眼皮多少钱 Todd: OK, so Julia, I thought we would talk about social unrest.托德:朱莉娅,我们来谈谈社会动荡吧。Julia: OK.朱莉娅:好。Todd: So recently in the news there has been a lot of protest, theres been some riots and I believe in your country you actually had riots recently.托德:最近新闻报道了很多抗议和骚乱事件,你的祖国也有骚乱发生,实际上最近就发生了骚乱。Julia: We did, yeah, in the summer last year, yeah.朱莉娅:对,去年夏天。Todd: That was in London?托德:是在伦敦发生的吗?Julia: That was in London and in a few of the other cities around the UK as well. It sp to other cities but mainly centered in London, yeah.朱莉娅:在伦敦和英国一些其他城市。那场骚乱扩散到了其他城市,不过主要集中在伦敦。Todd: So what was your perspective of the riots?托德:你怎么看那些骚乱事件?Julia: Well we, actually, we were just visiting home and so we just arrived in London right as that all kicked off. So actually I was quite shocked and of course a lot of my friends here were a little bit worried because they knew we were flying into London and London is suddenly all over the news and not in a good way. A lot of violence and quite shocking imagines. You dont think, when you think of London you dont think of people wearing balaclavas and smashing windows and behaving in this violent way.朱莉娅:实际上,当时我们正好回家乡探望,我们刚抵达伦敦就爆发了骚乱。我非常震惊,我在这里的朋友很担心,因为他们知道我飞去了伦敦,而伦敦突然成为了新闻焦点,而且还是发生了不好的事情。当时有很多暴力事件,非常令人震惊。当提到伦敦时,你不会想到人们戴着巴拉克拉法帽,乱砸窗户,做出暴力行为。Todd: So it was pretty shocking?托德:非常令人震惊?Julia: It was quite shocking but after being there I think within a week it had calmed down and I think the response from the police was very good and from the public was very good and from the media generally it was also very good so it wasnt such a big deal in the end. It was, it wasnt a political movement, it wasnt people protesting anything specific, it was just a kind of unbridled violence so it didnt gain any support.朱莉娅:非常震惊,我想大概一个星期以后,事态平息了下来,我认为警方、公众的应对都很好,总的来说媒体的反应也很好,所以最后并没有造成严重的后果。那并不是一场政治运动,人们没有具体的抗议目标,只是极端的暴力事件,所以没有得到任何持。Todd: Right, so it was just basically kind of releasing maybe youthful angst or kind of built up aggression?托德:好,基本上来说, 就是年轻人的焦虑,或是累积的攻击行为?Julia: Tensions of some, yeah, some kind but because it was all focused around consumer goods and a desire to rob stores of products like shoes and TVs and nobody really took it very seriously. You know, I want a pair of Nikes so Im going to smash this window doesnt really gain much momentum as a movement.朱莉娅:形势有一些紧张,因为他们的焦点是消费品,他们想抢劫商店,获得鞋和电视这样的商品,没有人把这当回事。就像,如果我想要双耐克鞋,那我就砸了橱窗,这种行动并没有发展下去。Todd: So there was a lot of opportunism?托德:有很多投机主义?Julia: Absolutely. I think thats pretty much all it was, yeah.朱莉娅:没错。我认为基本上是这样。Todd: So do you think its going to happen again in the future?托德:那你认为以后还会发生吗?Julia: No, I dont think so, no, because of the way the public responded and the way it was handled, I dont think its the kind of thing that would gain momentum again. I dont, I think it was a one off.朱莉娅:我认为不会,因为公众的应对方式以及事件的解决方式,我认为这类事件不会再发生。只会发生这一次。Todd: Yeah, a one and done deal?托德:好,一次性的?Julia: I think so, yeah.朱莉娅:我是这样认为的。Todd: Well thats good.托德:这很好。Julia: I hope so.朱莉娅:我希望如此。 译文属 /201610/473619东莞华美整形美容医院胎记多少钱

东莞塘厦清溪凤岗镇切双眼皮多少钱东莞哪里可以纹眼线 萧华,我刚才见到我一个几十年没见的高中同学。几十年不见,你还认得他吗?认还是认得的。这位同学当年是个书呆子,大家都笑他。可是前几年他发明了一个电脑软件,一下子就成了百万富翁。美国人有一个习惯用语是形容这种情况的:laugh all the way to the bank。Laugh是笑,bank是, to laugh all the way to the bank,按字面来解释就是一路笑着去。但是,这个习惯用语的真正含义是,一个人一开始被别人看不起,可是后来正是这个人发了财,飞黄腾达,十分得意。我们来听一个例句。有个年轻人决定把钱投资在一部电影上,家里人都笑他傻。结果呢?我们来听听他是怎么说的。例句-1:My brothers laughed at me for investing in a movie called The Matrix. They said I would lose all my money while they got rich in real estate. Well, let me tell you, The Matrix turned out to be a huge success! Now Im the one whos laughing all the way to the bank.这个年轻人说:我几个哥哥都笑话我把钱投资在The Matrix这部电影上。他们说,我的钱会赔光的,而他们的房地产投资一定会发财。我告诉你,结果这部电影一举成功,现在发财得意的是我,而不是他们。说来也是,当初谁也不知道这部电影的卖座率会如何。可是它居然一炮打响。这年轻人当时可能也只是孤注一掷吧?******萧华,你知道to laugh all the way to the bank这个习惯用语的出处吗?Laugh all the way to the bank是20世纪六十年代开始流行的,所以是一个比较现代的说法。你知道吗,另外还有一个说法,那就是:cry all the way to the bank--哭着去。我知道。但是不管是cry,或是laugh,这两种说法的意思是一样的。对,只是说cry all the way to the bank是具有讽刺性的,而laugh all the way to the bank是直接了当的,也是大家普遍使用的。我们再来听一个例子。在美国有不少理财公司,这些公司的专业人员专门给人们提供投资的建议。我们来听听一个投资者是怎么说的。例句-2:I lost a lot of money due to their investment advice. The stocks they recommended were disastrous. But, what do they care? They still collect their fees. Theyre laughing all the way to the bank!这个人说:由于他们的投资建议,我损失了很多钱。他们推荐的股票一败涂地。可他们才不管呢,照样收费,他们现在肯定很得意呢。******股票经纪人的收入是有保的,因为他们是靠收费,投资者就不同了,全靠股市行情。说到靠不靠得上,美国人常用的一个习惯用语就是:to bank on something. Bank一般是指,但是这里说的bank是用作动词。To bank on something,意思是依赖,依靠或指望。一个妻子经常受丈夫虐待。这个妻子的弟弟非常不满。他抱怨说:例句-3:I hate how he is treating my sister. He came home drunk again last night and started swearing at her. Then this morning he acted so sweet and apologetic, but you can bank on him doing the same thing all over again.这个弟弟说:他那么对待我让我非常痛恨。昨晚他回家的时候又喝醉了,然后就骂我。可今天早晨,他又表现得很殷勤,表示道歉,可是你敢肯定他一定会故技重演的。******To bank on something这个习惯用语是19世纪后期开始出现的。 为什么用bank这个词呢?因为把钱存在里通常是比较可靠的。所以,如果我们说you can bank on it,那就是说,那是可靠的,有指望的。下面我们再来听一个例句。有个人对邮局的快递务非常满意,他正在向他的朋友推荐。他说:例句-4:Dont worry about a thing. Theyll get it to Beijing on time and in one piece. Ive used them many times before and Ive never had a problem. You can bank on them doing a good job.这个人说:别担心,他们会把东西完整无损地按时送到北京的。我多次使用过他们的务,从来没有出现过问题。你可以肯定他们会做得很好的。 /201501/352018东莞隆鼻哪里医院最好

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